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Anthony Banda."Better Than Kalu".


Number 6“Always aim for the moon even if you miss you will land amongst the stars. Always have ambition, see it and you will have it.”

In the world where everyone want to gain fast and quick fame and forgetting that each hard earned fame has and will have to be worked for,it is easy to forget about the truly “Gifted and Talented” that make a change and difference everyday of their lives.

EZM would like to acknowledge  this very special feature on our page to give recogonition to the inspiring, aspiring and gifted people of todays society and giving people a chance to have a look into their lives, be inspired and to know that life is not just glitter on gold on the silverscreene but as everything earned in life you will have to work for it and you will have to start from somewhere to do so.

Anthony Christopher Chileshe Banda, mainly known as Anthony Banda is a true African dream.

– Born as the 2nd child of James Banda and  Bridget Banda 1991, Anthony Banda is one of most successful young football players that has emerged out of Zambia.
He has played in  numerous countries representing Zambia but currently in Spain playing for Pontevedr

Anthony started his career playing for the football soccer academy “Chiparamba Great Eagles” where such known names like Clifford Mulenga, Dominic Yobe and Boyd Mwila started their foundation.

After have trained and represented Chiparamba, Anthony continued his dream at a football soccer academy in South Africa, working hard, and aiming for the top. Today Antony is the captain of the Zambia National U-20 team playing for a football team Pontevedr  in Spain. Anthony also have his own Football academy in Zambia, Lusaka, where young aspiring players like himself work day in and day out to fulfill and achieve their dreams.

We caught up with the aspiring football star to find out how this soon to be 20 year old, manages to be a director,footballer and a young man at the same time.

“Many of the people who saw me growing up, would not by then believe that I would reach this far. I was a skinny tinny tall little boy and  most thought that I played football because I was bored and never wanted it as bad as they did;but I never gave up on my dream no matter what anyone had to say”


What made you want to become a professional  football player?

–  My grandad made me want to become a football player,then kalu inspired me from that day i have wanted to be better than kalu. Which i will be

what is the hardest part of being a football player.

-The amount of sacrifice that takes place, you sacrifice your family and your own life to be the best, and you have to be willing to look past that and focus on the very things which matters and that is to become better and grow as a player.

 In a country where there are alot of aspiring young football players,what makes you stand?

– Hard work makes me stand out from the rest, I make sure I do what no one does. I work harder, Irun faster from what the rest do and always make sure I analize myself after each game and see what I could have done better.

 You are one of the few successful young football players in Zambia and being the national captain, How does it feel being a captain by your age?

-Being a captian is an honour, I feel so honoured especially being a captian for my country, its hardworkbut its worth the job. I find it easier,because I think that Im one of the people who are born natural leaders but Im always willing and open about how I can develop my leadership skills and emerge as a leader.

What position do you play

– I’ma central midfield play and that is a alot of running up and down and I have to make sure that Im where Im needed.

 Jersey Number?

 – I wear jersey number 6

what is your dream team

– My dream team is Real Madrid because there are so many great players and being in Spain you feel the passion that every supporter has for their team and I basically its one of the best teams in the world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years

-In 5 years I see myself being one of the best players in the world, and every single day I work extremely hard to achieve this. I train and go through every step to the point and I make I do my best for the future to have the best for me.

Your football  academy school, how do you reach out to the players?

My academy is about producing the best people can be players or can be lawyers. It is about giving youth and teens a chance to life and path towards their dream and future.

How do you manage being an owner, director, football player, captian and other things we might not know of?

I do not know either, but guess when something is your dream, your life, your future and goals, you make sure that you give your absolute best in to it. The academy is about giving youths a chance and everyday that I wake up, I give them a chance and I manage, but mostly I pray and have faith for the best.

 Most people might recogonize you by your surname and your grandfather being the president of Zambia, have you benefited from that and how does that affect you and peoples thoughts about you?

 – Iam a football player, and everything for me to be here has been all in my favour. I work hard every single day of my life and have always done like wise and never depended on anyone than myself for the hardwork. About people and their interpretion about it,people will always say something cause they always want to blame something on  something but for me the most important thing is being the best player I can be and an inspiration for The Academy.
Few words to your fans and supporters?

– To the aspiring youth reading,what do you have to say.

Always aim for the moon even if you miss you will land amongst the stars. Always have ambition, see it and you will have it.

By: Lillian E.D Mumba

P'jay! The RnB Sensational Prince.

“People should  expect more from me,Im the future and together with the fans and support, we are the future. I work hard in what I do and give out the very best but  am also  humane, like everyone else. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect, just remember that. Fans, thank you and thank God for making me whom Im today, and everyone should  work hard and be the future.” 


With hit songs such as Piano Yanga,Love of my life, Chamene Changa, Epowaya,Walilowa, Nyegelele,and the multiple number 1 collaborations and songs written for many of our favorites artists, it is without doubt why  P’Jay  is called “The Future”     

P’jay has taken over the hearts of our motherland. We more than pleased to interview the one voice that keeps the love and lovers of the country alert and singles want to have someone to call their  future. P’jay started his career early on,but has come to grow big in our radios, ears and hearts.     

When asked which Artist would be the first artist of for our launch and cover of EZM Magazine, We undoubtedly could not have thought anyone better than P’jay. We wanted to find out what is beyond the love songs and the soothing voices that are so baby making and wedding danced. We took to our phone to have a phone view with the future and to have  this opportunity and get an exclusive  interview with one of the most happening and talented voices in the music industry.    

Name: Brian “P’Jay” Cheengwa     

D.O.B:1984 21 April,Kitwe    

Residence: Lusaka     

Zodiac Sign: Aries     

Where did you start from?     

I got started by the age of 8-9  yrs old but  got serious in 2008,2009 when I released the song “Nyengelele” Music has always been in me, it was born in me.  As I see it, it is a God given talent. I have never sang in any choir or done things  musically prior before started singing professionally and  before I started singing; I used to be a rapper. Early in 2001, I started writing songs for other artists, and always did choruses andwas behind the production but  2007, 2008 that is when I started    

 What has kept you going?     

– The fans, the acceptance and the love for my music has kept me going through the years.Now I get phone calls, emails and messages from  people all over the world  saying how much they appreciate and love my music, so that is a blessing.     

What is your main inspiration in Zambia?     

– I was never really into Zambian music, because by then there no artists who used to sing about the genre I’m love locally  to and I ended up taking my inspiration from international RnB artists  like Joe Thomas and etc. That is why my music is what I call Zambian RnB, cause it is not something which is very Zambian cause the way I sing, perform and write is different.      


What do you value most in life?     

-My mother!  the queen of me, but also my family,my fans and love.     

“My life is full of entertainment, have no beef with anyone. XYZ is my click, Digital  X is my recording label. it doesn’t affect me in any way cause I can differentiate between work and pleasure and as said I have  no beef with anyone, I love music and to  make friends. ”    

How has dating become now? is it still the same as before you got famous?     

– Its been hard,  back in the day when I was just Brian, I could do and live  as  a normal couple. Now people are asking who are you dating, are your songs about her, they want to know every single move and it has become hard in that way that privacy is not as it was but I guess it comes with the territory, though my current relationship with my partner is a good one.    
And talking about dating, is there ba “Mrs Future in your life” and if yes, how does she handle the groupies,your job,etc? and if Not what things do you look for in a girl?      

– There is a Mrs future and I’m truly blessed to have her in my life. she understands me, my work and life due to the fact that she is also in the media industry and works for ZNBC. There is indeed alot of understanding and authenticity to the relationships.( P’Jay is dating T.V Personality and Presenter BabyJay,from the ZNBC show Y-Zone)   

 You write a great deal of songs for other artists too,do you use the same inspiration when writing your own songs?      

– For me there is only one P’Jay, People can say that they want to be like P’Jay but not ” be Him”.  Helping  each other on music and writing is what makes me stand out personally, I like doing that and that is why I feature in many songs with various artists. I’m a hard worker and  when Im in the studio, am something else, the inspiration comes off naturally and its just a spirit the really gets in to me. I just bump in like crazy, and when I’m working with other artists, and I listen to their work and if I like the work, we start working together immediately and if not, I adjust the work and we try and help each other to come up wit the best master piece for people to buy and love the songs.,      

 How does the much talked about conflict or dispute between Digital X and XYZ affect you personally and professionally cause you work with both?      

– My life is full of entertainment, have no beef with anyone. XYZ is my click, Digital  X is my recording label. it doesn’t affect me in any way cause I can differentiate between work and pleasure and as said I have  no beef with anyone, I love music and to  make friends.   


Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?      

Family,  making my mother proud. I would love to and want to see  Zambian music get to another level, like other countries  for example Nigeria and thats what I’m planning to do. Make hardcore music that is P’Jay and bring up the game to another level cause I want Zambian music and talent to be appreciated more widely.      

 Who would you love to work with or write some songs for?      

 – I want to work with too many people but I wouldn’t  mind working with everyone and the song writing, as long as I’m comfortable with the artist, I will certainly work with them.      

You are mostly known for the love songs? Did you choose that this is what you would be singing about??      

– Its is not about love songs, it just happens to be what I do best at and give the people the music they appreciate to hear and love and if they love it then my job has been well done. I make music that people can relate and sing along to.  
What can we expect from you in the coming few years?     

– My 2nd album, “Breakthrough” will be coming up soon this year. It as more songs, more music and more love. You should just expect the best and P’jay on another better level. I have music videos, one is scheduled to be release in the next month or two, already working on the concept and the making is in the process. My schedule will be busy, I have Australia, New York and the UK to tour, have more traveling and work, so it is just to make the best and give my fans the very best of me where ever in the world they are.     

-Least but not last, what do you want to say to your fans, the people who look up to you and those who are inspired by you?      

People should  except more from me,Im the future and together with the fans and support, we are the future. I work hard in what I do and give out the very best but  am also  humane, like everyone else. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect, just remember that.  fans, I thank you and thank God for making me whom I’m today, and everyone should  work hard and be the future.      

Since there is a Mrs Future, any wedding bells soon?      

– I’m very much inlove and appreciating each day,but the wedding bells will most definitely happen in the future.      

Kopala or XYZ Swag?     

– I was born in Kitwe but XYZ is my click, always have been.     

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, being the future takes alot of hard work and energy but the most important thing is to focus and do what you do best and progress.     

We need to add that after doing the phoneview with P’Jay, we have respect for him on another level as a musician, man and song-writer. Make sure you get your copies of the 2nd upcoming album “Breakthrough”     

P’Jays music can be bought and downloaded on Zamtunes. com.     

He also has a facebook fan page:!/pages/PJay/252996862320  

Note:  Private pictures taken from the South African tour in 2010.

Michael Malambo.Dancing all the way to success

“My challenges has been workng with the most talentd youths who have it hard with there parents at home who think dance is a low life job or profession.  The other downfall is having to do shows without pay but still had to cover expenses from my pocket and with ths mentality,

 we have were everyone comes in the name of advertising.”


It was a hot summers day in 2009,just a few days after I had returned to Zambia for some vacation and previous to my arrival I had been speaking to Michael Malambo.

Most of you might know him as michael Salsa but he is more than just the salsa.

He has established himself as one of the very first  proffessional dancers in Zambia and has a blooming dancestudio with numerous of modern dance fusions, choregraphers.

He is ever busy on both  weekdays and weekends, with  atleast 2 wedding line-ups to choregraph every week, Michael is also  found at “Lusaka Playhouse and Intercontintal Hotel, Lusaka, where he teaches.  The growing intrest in dancing has increased both demands of qualified and disciplined dancers and choregraphers.But how did the 26 year old reach this stage and success.

I sat near the pool at Intercontinetal and found out.

 Brief History

Name:Michael O.J Malambo

Age: 25

 -Marital status:  single

– Occupation: Dance choreographer and event manager,full time father to a beautiful babygirl.

– Residence: Lusaka, Zambia.


  What made you start dancing, and more importantly taking it to a proffessional level?

  What made me start dancing was my mum and dad they used to choreograph weddings when I was around 8 and got me involvd as a knife boy.

 Its from there that I sought out to take it to another level.


How do you react to the Zambian peoples thinking that a dancer or being a proffessional is a waste of time?

and has this affected you and your family too?

– On how pipo perceive dance, I just had to do it through being successful.

For me dance is a vocation.

What downfalls have you had to face and go through as a proffessional dancer and Jiva CEO? 

 – My challenges has been workng with the most talentd youths who have it hard with there parents at home who think dance is a low life job or profession.

 The other downfall is having to do shows without pay but still had to cover expenses from my pocket and with ths mentality,

 we have were everyone comes in the name of advertising.

"The Dancers"

-You have worked with some major celebrities in Zambia, Mampi,being one of them,

how was this and how do you see the dancing in the proffessional music or cinema in Zambia?

 – Dancing for our local celebs was a very good challenge, as it helpd me learn alot from stage work management to choreography and managing an artist. I was an artist before was workng on my album before i abandond it to work with “Ma Africa ,then Mampi.

 I went on to work with jwyson. Funti k. Jeff kalunga. Mama nyongo. Stan chipuma and alot more.

What are your future plans for Jiva?

– Our future plans are to be leaders in dance entertainment and to continue with talent identification.

Finally, what do you have to say to the young aspiring dancers and those who want to also start their own dancestudio,

in the entertainment business or outside? what are your words to them?


 – My advice to future dancers is to take life seriously with practice and dedication the sky is the limit. Never give up and dont stop believing in self.

 Thank you and god bless the talented

K R "Hip Hop is Poetry"


Our editorial choice for this February is “K.R.Y.T.I.C”


“With a rap that goes well with  African legend songs and the rhythm of unbeatable beats, swagga of a college kid and talent of a hip hop Legend fits his name.

K.R.Y.T.I.C is  one of the rappers that should be watched very carefully.”


 There are alot of artists that do not get enough credit in Zambia. One of the “upcoming” or well in the way of getting established and making a name for himself as one fearful rapper in the industry is K.R.Y.T.I.C.


Born in Uganda and raised in Zambia, he seems to have the best of both worlds and so does his music.

Having met him in person, he is a quiet person and there is just something about him, I would not say anti-social but one can question. He is no doubt an intrging person and  and have a unique personality.

K.R.Y.T.I.C is one of the few artists in Zambia who can bring poetry to Hip Hop and few have recognized him for the music that he really brings out to his fans but he is on his way of getting a well established name for him in the rap game and  music industry.Once you hear his music, you understand why they say Hip Hop is poetry.

K.R.Y.T.I.C is signed to  So Good Ent and X.Y.Z Ent and has also worked with one of the most talented Producers such as , Nkandu “DJ Stretch Kataya ;collaborated with artists such Slapdee, Ruff Kidd, Buttah to mention a few.

Poetry in E Minor is great 12 track mixtape.  There are so many great tracks, everything that has a jazzy feel to the classical strings and one that has a bit of a faster beat to it. K R, truly gives you a test of his diversity.

  1. Intro
  2. The Black Parade
  3. Runaway
  4. Just the two of us
  5. Dysfunctional
  6. Acoustic Spaces
  7. Lost
  8. Waiting Ft Buttah
  9. Firefiles
  10. Stretch Interlude
  11. Stairway to heaven
  12. Goodbye

My personal favorites are “Stairway to Heaven”, “Fireflies“, “Lost”, and “Just the two of us” They really touch your ears and you start bouncing along to the beat and song. 

The Mixtape can be listened to and downloaded on K.R.Y.T.I.C’s Fanpages that I have listed down.

K.R.Y.T.I.C has a facebook fanpage:!/pages/KRYTIC/128534161384?v=wall


By: Lillian E.D Mumba

5 ways to Spend Less, Save More This Year


You could be spending a lot on a few bad habits.

 I  picked up 5.


  1. Take a walk:
    Why pay k1,000 to move from Mosio Tunya Bus Stop to Fir Road Bus Stop? Or from Kamwala to Kulima Tower when you can explore a few short cuts and take a walk instead? Next time you’re thinking of taking a bus (or a taxi) to a place that is within walking distance, take a walk instead. You’ll keep fit while saving at least k5,000 a week. (k20,000 a month or k240,000). I know it might not seem like a lot, but with the crazy economy we have, we need all the Kwachas we can keep
  2. 2 Finish the food in your Pantry and back yard:
    Instead of going to the supermarket to buy more food, check your pantry to see if there is any food that has not expired that you could eat. Some people go and buy meat when they have fish in the fridge. Develop a habit of finishing the food you already have before you go out and buy new food. You could also go and bend over and pick up some of that Kalembula that has grown in your back yard and cook it instead of going to buy Umupilu from the market. Infact start growing your own food. It is actually healthier.
  3. Carry Packed Lunch to School and to Work:
    When I was at Rhodes Park School, I was the kid who was given k10,000 a day for lunch (then I secretly cooked food for lunch so I could buy stuff I wanted during the weekend). I guess saving (which I used to call UKUBANKA) has always been my area of expertise. On Friday, I would have k50,000 and I could get myself stuff that I wanted. Time’s have changed now, one can spend k50,000 on each working day to get Nshima and T-Bone or Fish from Thorn Park Market shop or k25,000 for a cheese burger plus k6,000 for a drink from Chicken Inn. For the Nshima lovers that’s k250,000 a week, and k1,000,000 a month. If you love Nshima so much, why not just buy Isaka Lya Bunga (A 25kg bag of Mealie Meal) for k65,000. Invest in two or three food warmers and wake up a little early to cook yourself a small lunch. Carry it and save a million. Or you could cook, sphaghetti, noodles, samoosas to carry. It saves a lot in both the short and the long run.
  4.   Share Share Share
    Share a cab, get a room mate, ask the neighbor for his lawnmower…do whatever it takes to share for things you need not buy.
  5. Buy Quality Style, not Trends
    Instead of buying whatever is latest on the market, buy stuff that defines you, stuff that is strong and durable. There is a reason why our parents bought Bata shoes. You might believe the rich kids had enough money to buy new shoes every term but in actual sense what happened is that their shoes just got spoilt every term. Those of us who wore Bata shoes will testify that we could wear them for a year with no problems. That’s what happens when you buy QUALITY style instead of useless trends. Next time you shop, ask yourself, are you buying a trend that won’t last longer than a sneeze or are you buying quality style that will keep you going.

Mashed Potatoes with beef and crisp Okra.


Mashed Potatoes with Beef and crisp Okra

Cookin time : 45 mins.
700g, potatoes
500g, Mince Beef
200g, Okra,Fresh
1 large Onion
4dl, Milk
10g, Flour
50g ,Butter
2 dl, water
cooking oil

Preparation Method:

Mashed Potatoes
– peel the potatoes and cut into equally sized pieces and put in well salted boiling for 30 mins
-Drain the water
-Mash the potatoes,add 3dl hot milk and butter, salt and pepper
Fried Mince Beef
while the potatoes are boiling, finely chop the onions.
-Add it to the mince with salt and pepper
-shape the mixed mince into equally round balls and place in the fridge for 30 mins.
-shape the balls into equal squares and fry untill done.
 -remove the beef,add the 2dl water to the pan untill the bottom is clear of all rests.
– Add the flour and 1dl milk and let it simmer for 3-4 minutes.
Fried Okra
Cut the Okra in 3/4, fry untill crispy brown. Season with salt and pepper.