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Afunika, The eye of an eagle!







“Where there is a will, there is way”;  so the saying goes.

This past year,you must have heard at least two  of Afunika, hit songs such as malinso malinso, darling, Te Fumo yandi, to mention a few.

EZM just had to take this opportunity to set down with the talented singer and get more of him.

Afunika was in Chipata coming to perform for the traditional Ngoni Ceremony N’cwala on the 26th February 2011, and it was a perfect set up, people where happy, celebrating and the interview went smoothly and each minute of the time of our the interview, I just wanted to know more about this Eye of an Eagle,very intriguing indeed and also managed for this spread was going for the nature look,and decided to just take pictures there and then and use them.

 Afunika Frank Chirwa, his rise to fame in Zambian music was fraught with so many frustrations and obstacles and almost gave up singing.

Afunika is currently firmly establishing a permanent foothold in Zambian music circles 5 years after he embarked on a journey to become one of Zambia’s acclaimed musician.

‘’My Music was not well received in Lusaka. Some people said that i sounded like Kmillian and wasn’t just too good to be a musician.’’

History of our eye of the eagle.

 One can say that Afunika had his vision and goals set already for him  because after leaving high school and having the  legendary Peter Kalumba Chishala’s works as his inspiration, Afunika set out to realise his dream of becoming a musical artist. However as all things in life, the will and goal might be the easiest but what comes that will be the hardest and Afunika had his taste on the obstacles of life as his hunger grew more the beginning wasn’t rosy and here is his story about fame, career,challenges.

Like many Copper belt artistes  who are seeking to have their works and dreams acknowledged, Afunika traveled  to the  capital city Lusaka to promote his videos, music and show people that he was the “it” man  and ultimately hope to get the much needed recognition and exposure from radios,T.V, fans and the media, but that wasn’t to be.  He recalls ‘’My Music was not well received in Lusaka. Some people said that I sounded like Kmillian and wasn’t just too good to be an artist.’’  Nobody ever want to get their dreams shattered and  this was the most trying moment in his career,Afunika went back to the Copper belt so frustrated and almost gave up on his dream.

What has been your biggest musical inspiration?

– Peter Kalumba Chisala, I just love the way he used to sing and bring out his music, he has definitely played a major part in my career.

What challenges did you face when you just started your musical career?

– The hardest challenge was me breaking through, and I was living in the Copperbelt and for me to gain the exposure and for my music to be heard, I had to go to Lusaka and whilst there, it was tough, I was being compared to K’millian and that I was not cut out of being an artist. Anyone who has had their dreams shattered will know this is the hardest thing to hear and it sure was because I almost gave up music hadn’t it been for the support of my mother and close friends.

“You need 5 good songs or more to take to Lusaka for you to be appreciated”

Eye of an eagle?,  where did that phrase come from?

– One of my favorites,if not the my favorite animal,the eagle. Im moved by its keen eyesight which enables it to spot potential prey from a long distance and from there,that is where the  ‘Afunika the eye of an eagle’ came from. The eagles strategy is what I use to approach my music and my targets, I see my goals at a very long and far distance,I study them and then attack them.

You lost your mother,how does that affect you as a man and your music.?

– As for any man, his mother is his queen. She meant a lot to me as her son but also in my music. She always encouraged me from the start until she had seen her son succeed. Every song and album I do is dedicated to my mother in a way as it is my way of showing her the pride and reward for the strength,support and love she put in me and when I wrote and sung ‘’Tusheni’’ (Rest in peace) it came from every inch of love I had,have and will always have for her as my queen.

– Now you working with studios in the CopperBelt and producers such as Chingola based producer and singer Baska Baska and Macky 2,how do they influence you?

– They have always supported me, matter of fact,they encouraged me to pursue my dreams when I wanted to give up. The music always influenced by the people you work with and  definitely you can hear it has the “Kopala” feel to it,but we do music for the entire nation.

How do you tackle your career and the competition from other artists?

– I’m very observant just like an eye of an eagle,  he is always observing and looking out for new areas to improve his career. ‘’There is so much competition but i sat down and came up with my own unique style which i felt people would appreciate’’

What do you have to say about this whole Kopala and Lusaka separation going on right now?

-The distance between the Copperbelt and Lusaka as the major hindrance to career progression of most Copperbelt artistes. “You need 5 good songs or more to take to Lusaka for you to be appreciated”.I have worked hard to be where I am because it’s not easy but I do think that the mushrooming of privately owned radio stations on the Copperbelt such as FLAVA FM, and YAR FM in Kitwe will help in exposing talent but we all need each other in some way or another.

What genre would you say your music is?

– My music is modern day Kalindula, that is how I come to think of it and that is what out-stands me.

You have a track ‘Te fumo lyandi which has everyone laughing and dancing at the same time and people are speculating that it is a real life story,any truth in this?

– Artists are always targeted for their message in the songs they bring out,most of it is personal but some of it you see from other people and you get the inspiration from the surroundings and what is going on but let state here and now that ’It’s not a true story, i was just imagining how the whole situation can turn out to be

In a relationship,single,married,engaged?

– Being an artist is needed but also I do have time nourishing my private life and I’m indeed in a relationship with someone in my home town of Chingola.

Where do you want to be as a musician say 5 years from now?

-5 years from now, I want to build myself up as an artist, I should be able to be a role model for many up and coming artistes. 2010 as a very successful year and I’m hoping that 2011 will be continued in the same spirit.

 Is there a  new album anytime soon?

– I’m currently working on my new album at Bravo Studios in Chingola, will be ready for release in April and  I’m also producing for new artistes under bravo records, Chico Wise and Eric Toya Toya.



In the name of Love so many people are living very frustrated. The warning signs are too vivid to ignore. They pay a blind eye to the deadly traits that afflict a relationship. And so many people live in Denial. Hence I have taken this challenge to explore these Traits. Walk with me as I explore the following traits:







1.       You are the only one who makes Deposits in the Relationship

Relationships are deposits driven and for the relationships to survive each partner has to make these deposits. You must be on the lookout when you are the only one who is making deposits.

  • You make deposits of care, but your Partner doesn’t.
  • You make deposits of time, but you partner doesn’t.
  • You make deposits of Gifts, but your partner doesn’t


2.       You introduce your partner to your family and friend but they don’t

if you are in a relationship where you are the only one who make steps of introducing your partner to your family and friends then you are in trouble, if your partner is not keen to introduce you to his family, he is not playing the cards right.

3.       Your Partner has you on the Chain

Any relationship where you feel like your partner is an FBI agent should give you concerns, everybody needs “freedom” to explore and also associate with friends and family but a relationship where you are under the strict chain of your partner, sends wrong vibes, they will call you 24/7 not because they miss you, but want to know what you are doing or maybe you are with another man or woman!


4.       You are the Sole Heartbeat of the Relationship

If you don’t beat or breath the relationship is gone, hence you are under pressure to keep this relationship alive! You are the Lifeline of its existent. It’s very Life depends on!

5.       You are the only one who is excited about the relationship

If there is any noise and joy of that relationship you are the only one making it! You are so excited and sharing how much you love your partner and how the future is bright for your relationship!

6.       You give excuses for their rotten  character

They will steal and act in a disrespectful manner toward you their family, you will defend them “am the only one who understand him/her” come on! Get some sense. They cheat and abuse you and you still defend them?


7.       It’s a Bata system kinda Love

This is business and not love at all! They only call you when they need Brazilian hair and mark powder. You are simply an ATM and he only calls when he wants some evening goodies! Yeah you guessed right SEX! All you are to him is a place of releasing himself and yeah you are simply a bank! Its Bata system at  its best! And exchange of goods and services!

If you have enjoyed reading and would like to benefit from our services? We offer Premarital Counseling, marriage disputes and any relationships difficulties. And you can Listen to my Radio Shows on ZNBC Radio 2 95.7 Sunday 20:45hrs & Wednesday  18:15hrs and on ZNBC  TV Smooth Talk  every other week on a Segment called Love Strokes on Fridays @ 22:15 & Thursday 13hrs (Repeat) 

God bless you!

Stay @ your Game!

Coach Steady Divine

Steady divine Phiri is a Trainer, Life and Relationship Coach, Leadership Strategist, Pastor, Entrepreneur, and a Radio/T.V Writer and Host. He is C.E.O of Icon Management solution and Afro Gospel, he is also the founding President of Motivated Generational International and Life Makeover Ministries. His passion and Life mission is “Helping People Find Their Purpose! Motivating and Equipping Them to Achieve It” +260-97-7888532 +260-95-5996691,,

For the football lovers! Zesco United and Nchanga Rangers in The African Club Championships

The African club championship is once more under way with Zambian clubs in hunt for the prestigious continental honours.
Zesco united and Nchanga Rangers as champions and runners up respectively in the Zambian premier league,are the two representatives.Zesco,after making history in 2009 by becoming the first Zambian club to reach the group stage of the Orange Confenderation of African Football (CAF),Champions league are back in the same competition while Nchangs Rangers are Zambia’s representative in the Orange CAF confenderation cup.
Zesco united unlike Nchana Rangers,have kicked off their campaign with a preliminary round tie against Mozambican champions Liga Desportiva Muculmana whom they walloped 4-2 on goal aggregate.The Ndola giants beat Desporiva 3-0 in their first league encounter played in kitwe at Arthur Davies Stadium before losing 1-2 in Mozambique.Swaziland champions Young Buffaloes will now face Zesco in the second round.
The Swazi champions who are coached by a Zambian coach George Chikokola booked a place in the next round after beating Saint Mitchell of Seychelles 4-2 on goal aggregate.Like Zesco,Buffaloes beat Saint Mitchell 3-0 in Swaziland before losing 1-2 in Seychelles.Zesco host Young Buffaloes on 19th March and the return fixture will be played in Swaziland on 2nd April.Buffaloes coach Chikokola is relishing this confrontation against his countymen.He was quoted in the local papers saying ” They are a team like us.We have to train hard and beat them.
His Zambian counterpsrt Fighton Simukonda will be so rejuvenated going into this game after signing a new 3 year contract.
The winners of this potentially thrilling fixture will face the winners between Egyptian giants Al Ahly and South African glamour club Supersport for a spot in the group stage.
Nchanga Rangers meanwhile start their quest for glory on march 19th with a tricky away.

Exile:The living Legend.

“There is no direction in Zambian Music.Our friends in South Africa have Kwaito and the Nigerians have their own.Its high time we had our music.”
Kangwa Kapamba also known as Exile,is undoubtedly one of Zambia’s most accomplished singer,producer and song-writer.
He has worked with almost all seasoned artistes within and was last year recognised as the most featured artist.He came to the scene with an album he named “So lucky”,a classic album which is still selling well 8 years after its release.He has since released 3 more albums namely “Siku Yalelo”,”Nkungulume” and “7 days”.He looks back at his 4 efforts stating that
“Each album had a different feel and through those 4 albums I found my music”
Exile is always growing as an artist and after working with so many recording labels,in his 8 year career,he has come up with his own recording label ‘Backbone Entertainment’.
He says the objective of coming up with his own record label is “To establish a direction for Zambian music.
I feel there is no direction in Zambian Music.Our friends in South Africa have Kwaito and the Nigerians have their own.Its high time we had our music.” He also believes that he has now matured to have his own record label “Its time for me to have my own thing and stand on my own feet.In the past i was more concerned with just coming up with an album,I didn’t want to get involved in other logistics like distribution and marketing. I now feel I have matured to handle such challenges.
Backbone Entertainment is fully operational and auditions are still going on as Exile,the living legend goes out to discover talent to nurture.He discloses that that even accomplished artistes are so willing to be under his label but he states “we can’t work with everyone and our aim is to work with fresh talent.” Brian well known for his debut album ‘Breakthrough’ which had an anthem ” Lyonse nganakumona'(Everytime I see you), was used to market backbone record label with his song ‘Nganali kombweke’ which is a hit in his latest album ‘Volcano’.
  “we can’t work with everyone and our aim is to work with fresh talent.”
The song was produced at backbone entertainment and like ‘lyonse nganakumona’ written by Exile.Exile’s forthcoming album will be the the first full project for backbone entertainment.When pressed to disclose when the album will be out he was coy and laughed before stating that “Good things come to those who wait”

Clare Chona! Meet the designer behind "Ubuntu Designs"



Clare Chona is an average Zambian who grew up on the copperbelt in Kitwe. She later moved to Lusaka where she worked for Ridgeway Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel. At both hotels she wowed the guests with her musical talent of playing the piano. Yep! Bet you didn’t know she could play..
Clare is married with five beautiful children; four boys and a girl of whom two are in lower primary, two in secondary school and the oldest of the five just completed high school.Besides being a mother, a wife, an inspiration and a marvelous fashion designer Clare Chona is a fashion and beauty advisor. She is also into the Advertising business, her major clients being Shoprite and Pep Stores. She is currently building another outlet on the Copperbelt, Kitwe, where she hopes to wow many with her skills and give back to her home town.
Another thing you probably didnt know about Clare is that she plays the piano and sings in her church choir.Talk about being multi-talented.Her creativity is displayed once again on her village-themed light blue dress that saw itself scooping the first position at the 2009 Redds Competition.

 Full names: Clare Bwalya Chilombo Chona
Any nick-names: Nope, don’t have any
 What would you say is the most important fashion item that one should never go without?
(She stops to think about it)..uhm…I think earrings.. Do you ever have bad hair days? If so how do you cope with that?
Yes I do..lots of bad hair days (She laughs). On such days I tie a “duku” or just have it plaited.
 Which international designer would you like to work with and why?
I would like to work with Italian designer Michael Kors because his outfits are for all occasions and normal outings. They are not only meant for stage performances and runway.
 What is your favorite pass time activity?
Watching television..
 Which is your favorite T.V programme?
Uhmmm…there’s lots of them; the Style Network, Home Channel, Fashion TV and Gardening programmes.
 Do you have any pets?
Yes I do. I have 4 dogs; Sara, Bruno, Buttercup and Blossom.
 How would you define Glamour?
Glamour is from the inside mostly, how you present yourself. For outward (clothing) glamour, keep your outfit simple but pleasant. Do not over-accessorize. (I hear you loud and clear!)
 What differentiates you from other women out there?
That’s easy, my hair!!! (We both laugh…I must say she has very beautiful hair) 

 When did you get into the fashion industry and what inspired you to do so?
– I joined the industry in 2003 and I never really anyone I looked up to in the fashion industry, well, maybe my mother because she used to sew a lot. I got my inspiration from magazines and catalogues. I would reap up my mother’s cushions and make something else out of them..(She laughs as she recalls). 
 Is Ubuntu designs for a specific age group? Like the elderly?
Take a look at these..(She shows me some still pictures of models in her clothes). Now tell me, how old do they look? ‘In their twenties’ is my response. Exactly, so Ubuntu designs is for everyone who love traditional outfits and are proud to be Zambian. I also have foreign clients that order my outfits. 
 How has it been so far? What challenges do you face seeing that it is very difficult to survive in the industry?
It has been pretty slow. The major challenge I have faced is finding workers that are equally as passionate as I am. Most of them just work for the money and are not really passionate about fashion. 
What do you think are the fashion trends for 2011 in Zambia?
Hmmm..people are diverse. Most people love to wear western made clothing as compared to African clothing so for 2011 people will most likely wear western clothing but I hope this changes as the years go by..(We hope so too..)


 Where do you get your motivation to aspire to be a fashion trend-setter? 

Like I said, I have a deep passion for fashion and that’s what drives me. When you have a passion for something you can do anything.

 How do you think Zambia is fairing in fashion as compared to other African countries? 


Well, I think we are still lagging behind a little as compared to countries such as Nigeria and Ghana when it comes to African fashion because there are very few that are proud to wear traditional outfits unless they are attending a kitchen party or traditional function. When it comes to western fashion we are doing well. 
8. Where do you see Zambian fashion in the next 10 years? Will people preserve our culture and begin to proudly wear our traditional outfits or will they stick to “American-European” imported clothing?
There is hope that people may begin to appreciate our Zambian culture. It may take some time though so we just have to be patient and not rush for the “American Dream”. 
 Are other local designers helpful? Do you work hand-in-hand or do you consider one another to be pure competition?
Of course other designers are competition. Your line is your line and you cannot share your ideas with other designers. However, when it comes to national projects we come together and put our minds together so that we can come up with a master-piece. 
 Finally, what advice would you give to upcoming fashion designers and all fashionistas in general?
Be passionate about what you want to do. This passion must start when you are really young and build up as you grow. I for one never attended any fashion school but I managed to bring my line to life because of the passion I have for fashion and my mother’s sewing machine. Don’t do it for the money, cash should just come as a bonus!

Here we have displayed extra pictures from the Ubuntu Designs

Prices depend on how detailed the outfit is and what fabric is used. If it has alot of involving details it will be quite costly. Custom-made outfits are also alittle expensive. Prices range from K250,000 to K2,500,000.
Ubuntu Designs is located at Number 21, Manda Hill Road, Olympia. Or you can call Clare Chona on: +260977842682

 By: Mutale Kafula

Men!How to last longer and lust stronger.


How do I keep my stamina and lust longer and stronger?

The answer is quite simple!

Many of the men asking themselves this question often have a bad eating and drinking habbit.

All the fries, fast foods, beer drinking, alcohol splurging that you put in your body eachday slowly reduces your stamina and kills your lust.

Drinking water works wonders, not just to quench your thirst,but water is great for your skin and bodily fluids. It naturally cleanse and is high in calcium and PH. An average human being  should drink about 2.5L of water daily and if you want to get a more quicker results, there is nothing wrong with drinking more than 2.5L.

Eating healthy. Having a healthy breakfast is not just tea, butter,white bread and jam.

There are so many different ways of enjoying a nice cooked meal and breakfast. “Sampo, cheap and easily prepared gives you all the fibers you’ll need.  A hard boiled egg with freshly pressed juice (Not talking about Mazoe), buying brown bread gives you a lot of nutrients and very important to note that  in between the meals have a snack of a brown bread sandwich with no low sugar content  or water and a fruit, walk at least 15 minutes to work and back. Eat before 19hrs.


When you are doing your exercise  doesn’t necessary mean it has to be boring, it can be with your spouse, or even friends going out to check on the ladies but as most men do, early bells in the morning, they put on their jogging shoes and run or early evenings and ran for about 40 minutes and more.


Reduce on your alcohol in take.  Beer, (lager and ale)has alot of sugar in it and it increases those inches around your waist. Ever wondered why you dont  eat too much junk foods and fatty foods  but yet get the beer belly? You can subsitute lager or ale with other alcohol brands which are abit healthier, Red wine is one good example, 1 glass of red wine is recommended for you and it is also said to be good for your heart.


Some of yourselves are telling yourselves, I cant do this, my wife cant manage, or I’m too busy, I’m a hustler, or I have no money. Where there is a will, there will be a way. If your wife cant cook or dont know how, don’t be scared to get in touch with EZM, we have qualified chefs who can help out with a menu, and tips for your wife to help you out cause at the end of the day she is going to be the one really benefiting from it, doubt she will say no.

If your schedule is too busy, next time you go for lunch, choose a more healthier food choice, brown bread, water and fruits, and if you have stairs, walk them stairs, if there is a distance, leave the car for 10 minutes and walk and show off yourself whilst exercising. There is nothing sexier than a successful man walking by with confidence.

If you are a hustler then you will understand hustlers got to have the full package. You are a hustler  but there is a heart and a soft spot for your woman too, create that time, reduce on your alcohol, tell your boys,that on the weekends you have reduced drinking.

Having financial problems is what we all go through but should that really get in way of you enjoying a great sex life with your partner? Most of the times you might not have money but we still see you in the bar with a Mosi in your hand. Prioritise.


 Changing your lifestyle as you grow older and adjusting it to your age is very important, if not ;you are giving yourself an early grave. There are certain things you can do when you are 26 that you used to do when you were 20.

Grow and take care of yourself and body more the older you get, your kids and wife will certainly appreciate it. A happy man is a wealthy man in all areas.


 The way to make sure you’ll last longer and stronger for years to come, is to use protection at all times you have sexual intercourse with anyone whom you havent been tested with. It will not benefit you having done all of this just to find 6 months later you wont be able to enjoy it.

Confusion at FAZ delaying the Football Premier League

The situation and incidents that has been occuring  over at  the National football house and association  FAZ is delaying the league of the national football premier league.
Games that were scheduled to start playing and players that have been training for the season have had to be put on hold untill further notice and clarifications have been made with FAZ.

Confusion has rocked FAZ for the past 3 months.

It all started in october when 3 committee members namely Pivotty Simwanza,Viole Bwalya and Henschel Chitembaya resigned citing mismanagement of FAZ by President Kalusha Bwalya.

FAZ later on co-opted Kelvin Mutafu,Lime Hotspurs chairman Happy Mukondya,Elijah Chileshe the owner of Kitwe based Mining Rangers and Zambia Football Coaches Association Chairman Patrick Kangwa.However,when pressure mounted from the camp opposing FAZ that the executive dissolved itself when the 3 executive commitee members resigned the three members turned the appointment throwing the operations at Football House into dissaray.

Some clubs called on FAZ to convene an emergency council meeting to discuss the protracted prolems at FAZ and some resorted to boycotting games.An emergency council meeting was called on 27th November only for opposing camp to hold its own conference

At the petitioners meeting in Lusaka,a parrallel FAZ executive was elected headed by Businessman Andrew Kamanga.The Kalusha Bwalya executive held its own Emergency council meeting the following day in Kabwe which was attended by a FIFA representative.The council ractfied the appointment of Matero united srongman Miles Sampa,Mazabuka boss James Mapoma and Chileshe Mutafu was ractified.The election of the parrallel FAZ executive threw the local game into more crisis as teams became divided as who to support.This prompted Republican president Rupiah Banda who is also the patron of FAZ to intervene.He personally phoned FIFA president Sepp Blatter to help mop up the mess in the Zambian game.Fifa responded by inviting the two parties at a meeting in Zurich,Switzerland.Government was represented by sports minister Chipugu while the National Sports of Zambia was represented by its chairman Chifumu Banda
Fifa ruled that the Kalusha Bwalya executive is the legimately elected one and advised the other party to take any outstanding issues to the FAZ annual general meeting which included a vote of no cofindence against the Kalusha Bwalya executive as long as all the constitutional guidelines were adhered to.The vote of no confindence item can be included on the agenda 21 days before the AGM.FAZ has since announced 26th March as the day for the AGM to be held in Kitwe.
Under all the negativity, the good news still comes that  The FAZ AGM will be on the 26th of march and we play Mozambique on the 27th march.


By: Correspondant.Arnold Chanshi Mwandama




Necklaces, bracelets, and rings, oh my! Putting together the perfect outfit for a night out can
be daunting if you are suffering from a case of accessory indecision. We’ve all had those
moments when we should’ve put away that scarf or left the brooch at home. No one wants to
look like a walking, talking jewelry box. So when do we say enough is enough?

[Take one thing off before you leave the house. — Coco Chanel]

I love accessories. Sometimes, they completely revamp an outfit, saving it from being sent
to thrift store heaven. They can also be very inexpensive. It’s easy to see how a person can
overkill. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned when to put that extra ring back, but it was not
always so easy.

Hi, my name is ________ . And I am an accessorholic.

It started in middle school, when Barbie’s wonderful world of fashion and beauty became less
amusing. As my relationship with my plastic play pal started to deteriorate, I started to ditch
her for something new — the mall.

The mall was a wondrous place to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’d been there before with my
parents, but I was seeing it through sharper lenses. From the smell of the pretzels baking to
the free samples of bourbon chicken, the mall was my new playground. It was here where my
love for accessorizing started, after stumbling upon Claire’s and Six.

Wall to wall accessories filled the store in different colors and styles. I couldn’t believe my
eyes. Affordable and fun, I grabbed everything that caught my eye. Because of Claire’s my
accessory collection out grew my Barbie collection box and spilled onto my dresser.

Unable to decide on just one, I wore several different pieces to school. Two necklaces, a
string of bangles, a ring, large earrings, and a headband all piled onto to my short frame as I
headed to the bus stop. This style continued into my freshman and sophomore years in high
school until I learned that less is more.

As an adult I’ve learned to master the art of accessorizing. It has been a long winding road,
full of fashion fails and triumphs, but one thing is certain — I take off at least one thing
before leaving the house

The Reality Behind Stretch Marks


The Reality Behind Stretch Marks

Have you ever had that moment where you’re standing in the mirror trying on a bathing suit
or new dress with a plunging neck line and then notice—ah! Over there! A stretch mark—or a
field of stretch marks. It’s one of those natural aspects of life that make us want to shrink back
into a hoodie and jeans to hide them. Well, have no fear. Stretch marks are a part of life and
a part of being a woman. According to, 90 percent of women acquire stretch
marks during pregnancy, while 70 percent of women develop them during puberty.

Stretch marks develop when skin grows at an abnormally fast rate, hence why adolescence or
periods of weight gain are notorious for allowing these lines to shine. Skin is naturally elastic,
but when it stretches too quickly, the skin is unable to react quickly enough and the middle
layer of the skin, called the dermis, rips. These tears basically turn into those lovely lines that
we all know as stretch marks. Stretch marks are most often found on the breasts, stomach,
hips, or buttocks.

Although unsightly, they must be embraced because stretch marks are bodily scars that do not
go away–they simply fade slowly with time. They are also in many ways a symbol of birthing
and life through their association with pregnancies. Surgery is the only way to have them
removed however there are some safer options that help to reduce the appearance of stretch
marks. Although many over-the-counter creams claim to make stretch marks disappear, there
are some that lessen their appearance. Sunless tanning products and body makeup can also
be used sparingly to cover them up for one-time events or photo shoots. However, the best
bet is good old fashioned diet and exercise to maintain weight; this is your best preventative
measure from gaining unnecessary stretch marks.