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Two Zambian clubs Zesco United and Nchanga Rangers were in action on the weekend of March 18-20 as the seek for glory and honours in CAF continental games. Nchanga Rangers as Zambia’s representatives in the CAF confederations cup were in action on Friday 18th march in The Democratic Republic of Congo against Lubumbashi giants Lupopo in their first round match and lost 0-1 in front of a partisan Congolese crowd.Zimbambwean striker Carrington Gomba scored the only goal of the game in the 25th minute. The Chingola outfit mounted a serious quest for an equaliser but couldn’t find one and will take a lot of positives from this match as they prepare to host Lupopo in Chingola for the return match.
In Ndola, Zambia’s league champions Zesco united went on rampage thrashing Young Buffaloes of Swaziland 5-0. Humphrey Luputa scored a hat-trick and Kangwa Chileshe and Nicholas Zulu made sure that Zesco travels to Swaziland this week for the return match so certain of next round qualification. The Zambian champions looks set to meet the six time African champions, Al Ahly of Egypt in the next round after they beat South African champions Supersport 2-0 in cairo.
By Mwandama Arnold Chanshi

Massive wins for the Zambian National football teams.



The senior Zambia national team and the under 23 recorded massive wins on Sunday 27th March to keep alive the country’s dream of competing at the 2012 Africa cup of Nations to be hosted by Equatorial Guinea and Gabon and the 2012 London Olympic games.
The senior Chipolopolo rebounded back from a 0-1 defeat suffered at the hands of Libya in the last qualifier with an impressive 2-0 victory over Mozambique at Estadio Machava stadium in the north western part of Maputo. China based professional James Kamanga got Zambia’s first goal in the 18th with a clinical finish after the inform Collins Mbesuma opened the Mozambi can defence apart with a splitting pass.
Mozambique cheered on by 45,000 fans tried to hit back with slick moves in the midfield but the Dario Bonetti tutored Zambian team stood firm at the back where Chintu Kampamba, Stophira Sunzu, Francis Kasonde and Joseph Musonda were impressive.

In the second half Bonetti made three tactical changes to bring life to the Zambian team which was evidently struggling and its lead seemingly fragile.

 Noah Chivuta was pulled off for Nyambe Mulenga to strengthen the backline. Goal-scorer James Chamanga was rested for Congolese based Given Singuluma of African club champions TP Mazembe and Collis Mbesuma for Switzerland based Emmanuel Mayuka .

When the game was set to end with a lone goal and Mozambique pushing for an equaliser, Chris Katongo sent a long ball in front searching for the live-wire Mayuka.

Mayuka who was closely marked by a Mozambican defender overpowered the defender and managed to keep the ball in play before cutting across the penalty box and from a tight angle fired the ball into the net.

The win sees Zambia jump to six points in group C as by press time Libya was playing the Comoros Island in Bamako, Mali. The match was supposed to be played in Tripoli, Libya but CAF changed the venue to Bamako because of the current political unrest in Libya.

In Lusaka, the under-23 thrashed Rwanda 2-0 in the London 2012 preliminary tie with goals from Israel based Roger Kola and Rodrick Kabwe. Zambia travels to Rwanda in two weeks time for the second leg.

Viva Chipolopolo.

Support Your Local for real!

By :Mwandama Arnold Chanshi

Finger Lickin'. KFC opens in Zambia


Manda Hill has upgraded and stepped up a lot these past few months. First we saw the reconstruction of the parking places and the area itself and now, theyhave introduced KFC,Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Chicken is truly an African best food and I see the popularity will be gained.

KFC has lot of offers that families also can enjoy and personally as a chef, this will be a great competition and challenge for the rest of the fast food chains in Zambia to upgrade and serve their customers the best.

Go to Manda Hill and start lickin your fingers.

Please do let EZM know your thoughts of the new KFC restaurant.

Petersen and Sue Chintu Married!


 One of the most loved and talked about couples have gotten married.

The wedding has yet happened, but marriage certificate has been signed and legally offically Mr and Mrs Mundia.

Congratulations to the Happy and married couple.


May your marriage be filled with happiness and joy.

5 simple ways to cater to your partner!


Of course we all love nights out,expensive gifts and trips from our loved ones,but most of the time when we are home and there are so many ways you still can shower your partner with love and care.

EZM has listed down 5 simple ways.

1. Help with the small things.

More and More couples now are working,both indepedent and serious career people and there are sometimes when they have errands or a paper to print out or mail to post, take some time off your schedule,ask your partner what small things they are stressing over and ask them if you can do those things for them.

2. Massage your partner.

Massaging your partner is an intimate and very sensuel time of bounding but also at the same time you help to losen the tensity and stress they are experiencing. A very simple and intimate way of saying, “I love you”

3. Cook for your partner.

I know most of you are thinking that this is a womans job to do,but as more women are being career women,it is now acceptable and very sexy when a man cooks for his wife. Even if it is eggs and bread,or just vegetables,it shows you care and ladies, if you always cooking, ask your man what food he would like to try out eating,find the recipe and try making it for him.

4. Sex role play.

This is for the sexually active couples. Its time to start admitting that when you dress up like a nurse, or firefighter or any sex role games,doesnt make you a hooker,slut or boring, these roles and games are well needed to have a change of feel in the bedroom, to have fun together both on the streets and in the sheets.

5. Remember!

Most of the times in relationships,we forget what made us fall inlove with eachother and the things we used to do.

Take some time and go back to that place you first met, or the things you once did.

Aint I a beautiful Woman?

Aint I a beautiful Woman?

At 23 years old, she walks tall in the streets of Livingstone, as beautiful as can be. Marilyn is the world’s definition of beauty, with smooth natural skin, long dark hair, size C breasts, a small waist and a butt that would make a stripper jealous. She is 5’4 inches tall and dresses like she has goldmines in her backyard. Everywhere she goes, heads turn, old men whistle and kaponyas can’t help but give a comment, “ba sister muli ba suma.”

She’s met them all, local men, foreign men, tall men, short men, handsome ones, rich ones, American, Asian, and African American men. They all want to take her out. Every once in a while she agrees to go out with one of them.

During the first date as they are getting to know each other, she brings up a game she likes to call 21 answers, where each person will say 21 things they would like the other to know about them before they go further. When it’s her turn she says it, “I am 23 years old, with a diploma in Hotel Management. I work for the Royal Livingstone Hotel while doing my Degree in Hotel and Event Management part time. If you are wondering why a beautiful hardworking girl like me is still single, it is because I have not found a man who is ready to date an HIV Positive 23 year old.”

She has said this so many times and looking up to see his reaction is mere formality but nevertheless she keeps her face straight and lets out no emotion while hoping with every bit of her body that the reaction will be different. Then she sees it, the confusion in his eyes. He does not know what to say and he is judging. His whole outlook on her has changed and she is no longer beautiful, just a girl who played around and got this ugly disease. He makes a clean break, (like they all have done in the past) and says he is sure there is one guy who will accept her the way she is and love her inside out.  She smiles because those words hurt her so much but she has learnt to keep her composure. How much she wished he would have said he would be the guy to accept her the way she is.

But she understands him. She can almost read his mind as he thinks about how much he wants to have fun, probably get married and have children some day. His asking himself would he manage to always have to use a condom, besides a condom is not hundred percent effective…and what about kids? How will they have them? Will he be stuck with a girl who has signed her death warrant? What he doesn’t understand is that in this day and era, being HIV Positive is not an immediate death sentence.

With love and care she can go on living for up to thirty more years. There are also ways to prevent the transmition from mother to child and using a condom is a small price to pay for love…Love. That is all she wants. But he has judged and made his decision that this beautiful girl is not the one. He has judged without even knowing his own condition, his never been tested before and doesn’t plan on getting tested yet he judges a girl who knows. Dinner ends and they leave. She continues to walk the streets of Livingstone, Tall and Beautiful…waiting for the man who will accept her. Who are all these men to judge her? Besides all she did was tell the truth, there are many other women who would hide their status or worse still not know it. Isn’t it more dangerous then? Isn’t she a beautiful woman who deserves to be loved?

Who are we to judge?

By: Sata Stella Mutale

*This story is fictional to bring out a point. The photo was just put because the woman in the photo is beautiful…not because she is the character in question

Mwangala Mwangi, Fashion Diva


EZM had the chance to meet up with one of the youngest,talented and skilled designers in the country. Every single designer we feature in our magazine we truly cherise and appreciate their creativity and design in so many ways and Ms Mwangala is one of those who stand out.


Seeing her creations and designs,they truly are up to date and more inspired by the western world also very focused on african fabrics and designs.


Mwangala is definetly one of the designers to look for in the coming years of the fashion industry.




FULL NAME: Mwangala Luhila

AGE: 24


 UNIVERSITY ATTENDED AND PROGRAMME OF STUDY:Vaal Unversity of Technology – Fashion and Design



– Ladies never ever leave without your hand bag!! Absolute no no!


Les Nubians, Erykah Badu, Beyonce knowles, Boris Kodjoe, Tinie Tempah, I just love them!

–  David Tale, well because I know he is very talented and I look up to him.


– I love listening to music in my free time ,old school pretty much my favourite *smiles*.


– America’s got Talent!


– I’m very diverse when it comes to music, i listen to anything that sounds good basically lol, but, my favourite genre’s are RnB, Neo Soul, Hip-Hop, Soft Rock and Zouk.
– To me, glamour is bling, eligance, a great ‘cut’ outfit that eccentuates your body and a great pair of signature shoes ;).


 – Do not over do your accessories because that might just spoil your whole outfit. 2, A great pair of shoe compliments your outfit so be watchful and wise when selecting your shoes. eligance is glamorous so pick a dress that is graceful and chic if you want to experience that wow moment…short is ok but too short is trashy.


– Hmm well, i guess i don’t set any limitations or boundaries when it comes to my creations, i can go wild with my imagination. Whats the point of dreaming if you don’t dream BIG!!
– hmm, my most memorable moment….it was when my mum and dad and practically my whole family came to watch me model at the Zambia Super Model finale 2010.  That was realy overwhelming for me because it had been the first time in my modelling career that they had ever attended. It made me realise how much love and support i had in my life from my family, and it realy brought my family closer, that for me was just the best present i could ever have for christmas. 
– lol, that I clearly remember like it was yesturday.  I ‘had’ a tendancy of carring too much laguage when travelling so this one time my laguage actually beat me down to the floor. I fell flat on my bum while trying to reach my passport at OR Tambo International airport infront of a whole lot of people. I could not believe i FELL. I couldnt do much about it but sat on that floor and laughed at myself, it was soo hilarious *laughs*, oh well c’est la vie!  
Contact Details.

 Eccentric couture House
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By: Kafula Mutale.