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Chicken with peanut butter sauce

Chicken with peanut butter Sauce.
Portions 4.
350g,chicken breast, cut into cubes.
2big bellpeppers, red,yellow,or green.thinly sliced.

150g,grounded nuts.

50g,Onion, sliced.

200dl, water

Salt, Pepper.




In a hot pot with oil, add the chicken cubes and fry very well untill golden brown, remove and put aside on a plate.

– Add the groundnuts,onions, sliced bellpeppers and fry well.

-Add the water to remove all the flavourful meats that has stuck to the pot.

– Add back the chicken breast to the grounded nuts soup.

– season with salt,pepper, thyme and garlic and let simmer for 20 -35 minutes on low heat.

Serve with the Sundried tomato Rice reipe I featured in May.

By: Lillian Elidah

All is fair in love and relationship or is it??


All is fair in love and relationships…or is it??

Case # 1: The Creeping Man…

After years of nothing but romance and the best man in world making my every day so special and worth waking up for, I discovered a tragic secret that crushed my heart and made me wish the ground would swallow me.  The man it took me so long to fall in love with, the man who took away my fears and took me a haven I never dreamt existed was not who I thought he was.  Those few moments after I discovered every single text, email, phone call and even romantic outing had a ‘C.C’ to not only Carol, Sinyinda, Mutinta, Chizya and Joan  but a few of my very own friends as well were the most excruciatingly painful moments of my life.  At that very moment, I wanted to own a gun; in fact, I wanted two guns, and a box of grenades.  My heart cringed in a way I’ve never felt before and for just one second I saw the light, and walked towards it.    I wanted so badly for this discovery to be a dream; I pinched myself countless times just to be sure.  Mon Cherie, my angel, and my love was cheating on me with a string of women.  I was crushed!

So I turned to my friends for a shoulder and they did and said all they could to make me fill better and move on, and it really did help, but one thing they said struck a nerve in me, they all agreed that men always cheat, and that it was up to women to deal with this fact by either moving on in hopes of finding a faithful man or accepting this tendency of men to creep because no matter how happy you try to make a man, one woman is ‘just not enough’.   I was so mad at them for knowing that their men are with other women and they are comfortable with it.  I couldn’t understand how knowing that the man you love doesn’t only want to be with you but a string of other women would let you stay with him and stare into his eyes and say ‘I love you too’.

Apparently, my friends were not the only ones that thought the creeping man was a norm, it not only is a culturally accepted ‘phenomenon’ in many different parts of the world, it has been biologically, and psychologically proved to be true. A famous Bemba saying even goes on to say “ubuchende bwa mwaume tabonaula ing’anda” which translates into English as a “mans creeping ways will not break a home.” Kal Hertlein PhD…Professor of Human Development at University of Nevada-Las Vegas and a marriage and family therapist says that men not only seek sexual attraction and variety outside their relationships but can be attached to another woman and not feel guilty about it because their physical, mental and emotional state of being was meant to be just like that.

After learning that most men do not have the ability to stick with one partner, a little research on why men say they cheat, discarding all the science behind it showed that 80% of them think that women often drive them into the arms of other women because we like to nag, become less interesting after a while and of course, it all about the ‘S’ word, SEX! You just have to get it right and give it up as often as they want it and most women just don’t.  When asked for a comment about how they would feel if their women were to cheat on them, 96%  of the men we at EZM spoke to responded in the same way that women feel when they do, HURT!  Men believe that a woman must keep herself for one man but a man was not built to have only one partner and this goes back to Bible times.

Are they saying we as women should allow them to break our hearts and spread their love in all directions and we should just deal with this?  It appears so.  I say it’s not fair and it has nothing to do with gender equality but has everything to do with dignity, love, respect and concern for the other person’s feelings.  Despite the bag of reasons that may be given to support creeping, it is just not right.  The decision one makes to be with one person should be reason enough to remain faithful to them.  And men that do not cheat on their partners would agree with this.

Ms Hertlien says women were built to be the vessel that carries children, cares for these offspring as well be the helper to our partners and be emotionally attached to just about every person that walked into our lives but not to have multiple partners.  It just doesn’t go with our genetic makeup.

This is not to say that women do not cheat on their partners, 72% of the ones who do cheat, believe it or not blame it on men claiming that the knowledge of their men cheating makes it easy for them to seek comfort in the arms of other men and is generally great for revenge.

This sounds to me like a game of cat and mouse that has been allowed to continue from the days of Noah and needs to be set right by a few of the upper thinking individuals who regard dignity and respect for the ones they love as important or maybe men should be allowed to fulfill their genetic calling just like it has been done for many years after all.  What do you think?

By: Namonje Chimwala

This is the first day of the rest of your life


That day when a phonecall, message changes everything you believed so strongly in, believed in, lived for and worked hard for. That day you think you going to bed and it shall be a regular day and you go to sleep with everything but you wake up to just you and your faith.

You have been thinking, why I, I worked so hard for this, I fought untill my tears dried my exhaustion and my fears, I prayed untill I slept with my knees on the floor,I believed.

you life changes in a second of breath,all you have is to stand by your faith and everything you have ever learnt untill that very day,crying out, burging, praying, singing, screaming but seems noone can hear you, even worse feel your pain and emotions and you stand there alone and want to give in and let it take its course.

Everyday is a harder day to take, every step feels like its chained to you, every morning and sleep is yet another chance for your heart to be put into pain again. your mind is not on one place, you soul is wondering off, all might seem lost and frail but your faith never.

Today is a day to start life again, to live out the lessons life has taught you in the good and the bad,in the laughter and tears, sorrows and happines, today is a day for you to determine how the rest of your life will look like.

 We never at first understands Gods will, eventhough we pray for it to happen, we deeply inside wish that it never happens,but God is a faithful God, He’s there, so when you pray for his will to happen, pray for courage,strength and wisdom to face his will cause it is always the unexpected from what you want.

Find the inner strength within you, appreciate the little blessings of life, like a child,the heavens, the flowers, read inspirational books, find mentors, every person on this earth has a purpose and that purpose is for you to find your destiny and live accordinly.

Now you think people dont know you, you doubt yourself and your success, noone will understand, the world aint ready for you, but if you arent ready for yourself, when will the world be?

Maybe that phonecall, that message, that email or THAt happened so that you can let go of it so that you continue to live Gods purpose for you, for you to call out your dreams, live your destiny, search for your treasure, seek guidance.

Most of the times, when we are involved with people or involved with things, we tend to forget about ourselves and our dreams and put aside them so that we can help the ones we love or believe in achieve their, but God loves us too much and as we believe in others, so does he believe in us and if he sees we are sacrificing our own dreams and destiny on others, he might take them away so that you can search for yours and continue your destiny no matter how much the pain or dissappointment,.

There are millions like you, going through a divorce,death, failure, reccession, depression, addiction, poverty in all its shapes, there billions of you out there, dont give up just yet, please dont.

Take this change as a lifes way of telling you, it has better things for you, nomatter how shallow, painful., uuseless, doubtful,regretful, hatred, sorrow, nothing happens by accident, its all in planned for us, Gods plan. Pray, sing, draw, do what you love, anything, you will make it through, I promise, if I can, if she can, if he can, if grandmother, grandpa, auntie, uncle, niece, nephew, Jesus then you also can.

This is the first day of the rest of your life. cease it, appreciate it, its time to remove the evil,negativity, badmind, time to show the worl you and let your voice be heard!

 You cannot change what you did in the past to why it led you here, you cannot stop time and rewind back, you cannot, you CANNOT, you simple cant, but what you CAN is change this moment here, and the ones to come, the happines you want to feel, the love you want to love, the sight you want to see, the strength ,courage and wisdom you want, its here, its here! waiting for you to take charge of what it has taught you, just embrace it, cry a lil if you ought to, but do wit with faith. Today is indeed the first day of the rest of your life. See you in happines, future  and joy and God.





Gemini are extremely independent people. They need to expirience the world of their own. Change and freedom are important to Gemini and they will never let anyone dictate them because freedom is essential to their mental well being. Gemini tends to disperse their energy on different tasks thus their cleverness and intelligence allows them to complete projects with success and creativity.

They pocess the ability to motivate others with enthusiasm because their ease of communication allows them to be clever and make a comeback to anything a person says. They can easily justify any move they make and explain any action because they enjoy communicating intresting opinions and thoughts on things and are not afraid to speak their mind.

Gemini loves to experiment and a relationship with a Gemini is full of novelty and excitement, trying anything and everything nearly anywhere. Gemini is not for the faint at heart or the shy and secretive lovers. They are charming, witty, funny, energetic, adaptable, creative, adventurous and have a stimulation to provide demands to the opposite sex because they also need to be nurtured, loved and catered to.

By:Mwenya Yudah Ntenga

Bizzy Wizzy: Illest Deejay in the nation




Popular among the Klub Vegas freaks, Bizzy Wizzy has killer disc jocking skills that are so undescribeable. He has won a number of competitions and achieved quite alot,it seems he has magic hands,cause the way he does his thing behind the mixer is extremely amazing. Bismarck is undoubtedly heading places,his future is so bright. If you think you’ve seen the best,think again,this is just a tip of an iceberg,you are yet to see the best from him.

You can always catch him at the famous Klub Vegas in lusaka or the newly opened Klub Vegas Kitwe.

Names: BISMARCK TEMBO (aka Dj Bizzy Wizzy)
Age: 33 YEARS

EZM” –  Is there any reason why you decided to become a club dj?



 “EZM” – Who really inspired you?

“EZM” –  Are you a romantic?

“Bismarck” –  OH YES I AM..

“EZM” What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?


“EZM” –  People are going to be most surprised to discover that ?

“Bismarck” –  I LOVE HIP HOP MUSIC.

“EZM” – If you ruled the world what would you ban?


“EZM” –  Where do we see you say 3years from today?

“EZM” –  Why is Zambia the best place to be?


“EZM” –  Does it hurt to be such a talented handsome man with killer deejaying skills?


“EZM” – Are you romantically involved?


“EZM” –  If it all ended today you’d….?



Favourite Artist….?

Favourite Song…..?

Favourite Drink….?

Favourite place to chill…?

Favourite thing to wear…..?


By: Memory Kalima

Meet Jemah! RnB


Living in a country where talent most of the times goes to waste and people spend their lifetime doing something that they do not love and envy those who are living their dreams. EZM Magazine has since day one been proud to highlight these talents and make the rest of the world aware that just because you are not on T.V,Radio or seen that does not mean that you impact on the world is not felt and definetly not appreciated.

Meet Jemah. An aspiring RnB artist that has been working on his music career for a few years and every year he is closer to his goal and doing better for himself.

Now that he has an album and cd out for the people to hear and the fans to grow, EZM Magazine decided to take a bit of time to find out what inspires this young talent and how he has managed to keep hi focus on his dream.




“EZM”- Tell us your name, age, occupation,zodiac sign

“Jemah” –  My name is Jemah (James’ Erasing Memories About Her) but was born James Banda. Am 26 going on to 27 on September 24th.

I work for a construction company as an IT personnel/Administrator. Libra is my Zodiac sign.

“EZM” – Why did you choose to be an artist?

“Jemah” –  I feel like the industry chose me. It is because I feel this is what I was born to do and it heals me of all the pain inside me. Not everybody can sing but we can all listen so I also chose it to do it to help those that experience the same pain from every circle of life and most of all because I really enjoy doing it.

“EZM” – What do you want to change?

“Jemah” –  I really can’t change anything by myself but world like to join and be joined by others in the fight against illiteracy and also would like to change the attitude that some Zambian artists have of using music as an escape route of their failures in life but instead use it as a means of communication. I think every artist should be an example to our society by getting an education first then sing edifying songs. I would also love to work hand in hand with organizations in fight of HIV and AIDS as well as those that are fighting against racism. Change is good.

“EZM” – Are you signed to any label?

“Jemah” – Was but no anymore I just rep me.

“EZM” – Whom have you worked with?

“Jemah”  I have worked with quite a few well known producers in Zambia. I have worked with Abraham of VS studio in Kitwe, Ben of Blazzer, Baska of Dangerzone (Chingola), Skillz of Phat Jam records (Lusaka), Ronald of Raising sounds(livingstone), then I have worked with artists like B nell, Ra4, Jonny C and Baska. I also have international Djs who are looking forward to my stuff for their mixtapes.

“EZM” – Who would you want to work with?

“Jemah” –  I’d like to work with the best of producers, singers and Rappers. I don’t just mean local but international as well because I love singing for my country but I also want reach out to the world of which we are all part of.

“EZM” – What do you think you bring to the Zambian music?

“Jemah” –  I bring a new style filled with enough excitement and enjoyment to connect Zambian music to the    outside world and represent my country at a very high level.

“EZM” What is your worst fall?

“Jemah” – The time when my business failed, it just messed me up and to make it worse no record label wanted to sign me up but am good now.

“EZM” – What can we expect from you?

“Jemah”  – Expect the best because fresh is my way of life, everyday is a new beginning and it brings with it a new song and music from me.

“EZM” – Give us your favorite songs from the album?

“Jemah” – I like Sugar (album title track) which is the second in the album then there is Track 3 (make me come), track 4(Ecstasy ft Ra4 & Jonny C).track 8 (ama feeling) and track 11 (wanna be with you).

“EZM” Your inspiration in Zambia and International.

“Jemah” – I get my inspiration from the old timers of Zambia PK Chishala, pongozi and Daddy Zimus Boyz II men fan as well as R.Kelly, Naughty by nature, 2pac, and usher, Avant, Winans Phase two and Craig David.

Fear of falling in love? Dont, have Faith


The Fear of falling in Love


The 5 Simple steps that will help you overcome the fear of falling love and find happiness…..

Finding that special someone who you’re head over heels in love with is a beautiful experience for most people, but for me the thought of going through this journey was like a giant monster with 4 big teeth and one large eye.  I ran away from just about every single guy I met as soon as realized I had started to like him a little more than I usually allowed myself to like people or he showed any signs of being a serious loving person.  It took a lot of therapy from not only my friends but my mother as well to make me realize I was running away from something that could not only turn into a beautiful thing, but could change my entire life and make me really happy.  So why was I running away for all those years?  The answer is simply that I was afraid. 

The Fear of falling in love had taken over me and I was afraid of just about everything that spelt out those four lettered words.  I was afraid he wouldn’t be the right person, I was afraid of getting my heart broken, of making a fool of myself if it didn’t work out, I wasn’t ready to share my life with another person, to sacrifice my girls night out for night for a night in with “him”, I had a list of expectations that none of the people I met could meet.  I hated the pressure of starting from “hi” and the struggle between giving him my number and letting him know where I live, and to top it off, any guy who looked like he needed a prayer to get through the day wouldn’t even get to as far as “hello”.

Looking back at those years, I realize just about every person I know was going through the same emotions, and having the same doubts and fears.  So I came up with a 5 step reciepy that can cure the fear of falling in love and change your love life forever if followed positively.    

1.   Dealing with the past

Sir Isaac Newton, a famous scientist stated and I quote “an object continues in its state of motion unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force”.  He of course was referring to objects but this law applies to just about everything.  If you dwell in the past for instance, you will definitely continue to dwell in the past until you do something that helps you look into the future and considering a fresh start.  It’s not easy to face someone that hurt you or go back down memory lane and make peace with the things that ripped your heart out but if you can’t deal with the past, you’ll always live in it. 

Start by simply accepting that things didn’t work out and thank God that you have a chance to find someone great in the future.  If your fear is caused by someone else’s past, you need to understand that no two people are the same, your dad may have hurt your mum or ‘that girl’ may have cheated on your friend with his best friend, that doesn’t mean the next person you meet will do the same to you.  Be positive about the future and don’t let the negative things of the past weigh you down.

2.   Deal with yourself

Dealing with the past is one thing, dealing with you however, is a lot harder.  The reason for this is that people do not always see what they are doing wrong or if they are doing any wrong at all.  The wisdom to see the difference unfortunately is not in abundance, this is evidently shown by the number of people who make the same mistakes over and over again. 

Reflecting and meditating on the things that drive you in life and most specifically your love life not only helps you realize the things that keep from falling in love and nurturing a friendship into a relationship but also helps you deal with these issues.  It could be some crazy stereo types, past experience or someone else’s experience that keeps you afraid of letting go and being able to connect with people, whatever it is, it has to be dealt with!

After the process of reflection and meditation, allow the feeling of being free from these barriers to love creep into your life, be positive and happy and even a little anxious to fall in love.  As a matter of fact, fall in love with yourself, this will boost your confidence and confidence is one of the most important assets you need in any situation.   Also, be willing to deal with the emotions that go into finding someone who you could potentially fall in love with.  Remember, you get out of something what you put into it.

3.   Baby steps come first

A great number of people trying to find love mistake infatuation for love because they want to jump the initial steps of a great relationship and get to the “I do’s”, and when it doesn’t work out, they blame themselves, their failed partners and God that they’re hurt…again! When all they needed to do was take it slow and look out for the red, orange and green lights.  Good hunters don’t run blindly and impatiently towards their prey, they watch and wait for the right moment to pounce.  Wait a little while before you have your first kiss, or say “I love you” or even let the one you believe you have fallen in love with meet your parents, otherwise you’ll have a string of people meeting your parents and people who ‘love you’  but ‘just can’t be with you’.

 Instead of jumping straight to the wedding details without proper knowledge of who this person really is, take some time to figure out who they are and how they feel about you.  The fastest way of knowing if someone likes you is to hint that you like them.  Their response will help you make a judgment of their feelings.  If cold feet get the best of you, simply become a ‘best friend forever’, if things don’t work out the way you wished they would have, you can always be friends.

4.   The checklist belongs in the clouds!!!!!

We all have expectations and things that we want our ‘Prince Charming’ or ‘Cinderella’ to be like, but in reality, the tall, light, handsome, well mannered bad boy or church boy is hard to find.  He’s either taken or has really bad breathe, a terrible accent or some weird trait that you can’t stand and as soon as you realize this you’re ‘on to the next one’.  The tendency to grade people against a bunch of impossible requirements and expectations is a draw back in trying to fall in love.  Stop being unrealistic and throw away that check list because the possibility that a lady dressed in white and gold with a pair of wings will show up at your  window and turn a pumpkin into a carriage and guarantee you a meeting with ‘Mr./Ms Perfect’  is honestly zero! 

The check list will keep you from having an open mind and you might miss out on a great person because they weren’t ‘your type’.  Even though it is gravely important to know what you want, flexibility, open mindedness and falling in love walk hand in hand.  You never know, ‘The One’ could have been right under your nose and you never even looked there.      


5.   Have a little Faith

The opposite of fear is faith and faith even as small as a master seed can move mountains.  As hard as it is to have faith in something that hasn’t really worked for you in the past, it’s worth the try.  The great scientist responsible for inventing the light bulb tried to make it work 99 times before the bulb finally went on at the 100th time.   If he had quit at 60, or even at 99, the world would probably still be in darkness this very moment.  Don’t stop trying to fall in love, it is NOT impossible.  Use the thing s that didn’t work out right as a case study to learn from, remain positive and just believe that you will fall in love and you will.  

And there you have it!  The easy steps to falling in love and finding someone you could possibly share the rest of your life with.  Falling in love is only the first step, being in a relationship requires a lot more effort than just confidence, and great smile but for now, just let loose, let it be and dare to fall in love.

 By: Namonje Chimwala




The prominent characteristics of taurus are strong determination in the face of difficulties, strength of will to follow accepted and reliable patterns of expirience and will willingly and loyally follow a leader they trust. They are generally dependable, steadfast, prudent and lovers of peace who pocess qualities of law abiding citizens. As they have respect for property and a horror of falling into debt, they will do everything in their power to maintain security of material values and physical possessions.

In their, work, taurus are industrious and good crafts people, and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They are reliable, practical and ambitious within a framework of obidience to superiors. They are at their best in routine positions of trust and responsibility where there is less risk of change, and a pension at the end. They flourish in seeking a channel to demonstrate commitment hence they need someone to stroke their egos with a frequent, “well done!”

When in pursuit of love, they strive to secure sound relationships where they spend as much time as neccessary to cement a lasting faithful relationship. They make constant, faithful, home loving spouses and thoughtful, kindly parents demanding too much of neither their spouses nor children.

By :Mwenya Yudah Ntenga