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August Issue of EZM 2011



Welcome to a brand new EZM Magazine, with news and more EXCLUSIVE  interviews, news and interviews ready for you!




Agriculture show!

 Exclusive Memories, stories and what has changed?




KANGONO BABY! Donchi Donchi Kubeba Nabadani? Kubeba! RUFF K.I.D

-Have had been in the music industry for over a decade now,

EZM Magazine caught up with Ruff Kidd to find out what made him a success,

his plans, controversial lyrics and the title of ” Zambia’s Lil’ Wayne”





Maya the DIVA! Exclusive

Read all about Mayas history, XYZ,

working with Slapdee, 

 Female comparasions, and the Born and Bred Awards,

 What really went wrong? Did it go wrong?

 What is the future for the diva and what can we expect!




Bikini Body just in time for summer!

Easiest ways to come in shape for summer. 




Klub Vegas:

Taking Zambia with storm and of course EZM Magazine is there to cover it all!

Read about what Klub Vegas will be offering you every weekend during the summer!




  The Sex has gotten too predictable?

EZM Magazine has tips on how to spicy up your relationship in the bedroom





  EXCLUSIVE Interview with LBC! 

 Find out what makes one of the most popular DJs’ known, His hard work, time in the UK, Future plans and Radio.




Summer Trends and Fashions,

Talking to the talented Mwangala Luhila owner of ECCENTRIC couture HOUSE and Clare Shona,

 EZM Magazine has an EXCLUSIVE  interviews with two of Zambia’s leading Fashion Designers on what you should wear for summer this year.



 Exclusive Divas!

Find out what  Exclusive Divas of Africa is and  stories from some of the Members.



 Ready for Marrige 3,

 How was the concept founded,

the goals and what will be with the ladies on the show 



Do not know which Lodge to stay at?

EZM  has Exclusive surveys of Lodges for your pleasure in Lusaka.




Leos, it is your time,


Customer Care 

 and Hospitality in : Zambia and how it can be improved,



Zodwa Khumalo:  Gives us hair styles and tips for the summer

This and much much more in our August Issue, look out for it.

Exclusive Divas of Africa introducing: "Divas Night"

Every wednesday Klub Vegas together with EZM Magazine and Exclusive Divas of Africa, will be having Divas Night for all the beautiful, hardworking Divas of the copperbelt, Cocktails, music and entertainment, surely guaraanteed for the Divas and MEN you are ALSO welcomed!. EVERY WEDNESDAY! Divas lets do this!





One big drawback to heels is that they can cause you to exhaust your legs and arch your
back which is unhealthy, painful and makes your belly really stick out. To avoid this you
might want to try this:

ü Do not bend your back.

 Heels improve your posture because they position your

body as if you were standing downhill and this prevents your body from hunching
forward. So to balance it up you compensate by pulling yourself backwards and not
forward because you will be creating an arch with your back and this can damage
your spine.

 Wear different centimeters of heels

. (oohh I remember this game on facebook…lol).
This ensures that your body does not get accustomed to one type of pressure. A
good height is 5-8cm especially if you will be standing in them all day long. No matter
how superb or great posture you maintain, spending hours in super-high heels will
exhaust ANY woman’s back, feet, legs and joints.

 Pull your abs in and up.

 Heels alter your centre of gravity by shifting your pelvis
forward and that can create back strain and fatigue. So tightening your tummy
muscles brings your torso upright and relieves some of the stress on your spine. All
y’all ladies better remember to pull your shoulders back and down and walk with
your head held up. As a consolation this boosts your confidence level.

 Lean backwards into your heels.

 This will shift some of your body weight backwards
instead of it being forced to the ends of your feet. This enables you to have balance
and stand more erect. Pretty cool if you ask me…

So there you have it!!!! Be glam but don’t stress it!!! Bless


 By: Kafula Mutale





Welcome to Exclusive Zambian Magazine. A glamorous lifestyle, fashion, hospitality and culture publication for the people of Zambia which covers unparalleled content of the Zambian social life hence we have established ourselves as a must read magazine to our readership. Our focus is on fashion and lifestyle, hospitality and upscale social events. Providing information about the social life, the hottest fashion trends, the splendour of the hospitality industry, and the thrills of entertainment life, we will be helping our readers by inspiring them as to how to protect themselves amongst the gifted and talented

As Exclusive Zambian Magazine, founded and established in 2010 and officially launched on 1st march 2011 by Miss Lillian Elidah Daka Mumba and Mr Darlington Chiiko, we aim to forge strong lasting relationships with all our readers and members of the general public and firmly believe in a service delivery that is based upon honesty, mutual trust and respect. For us, customer satisfaction equals customer loyalty equals customer retention.
Our genuine point of difference is our focus on the social life of the Zambian public. We will convey to our reader a sense of possibilities for unforgettable social adventures where readers will turn to Exclusive Zambian Magazine to peruse the most exclusive Zambian social events, read in-depth interviews with celebrities and review the hottest and sophisticated fashion trends.

Our approach and philosophy will facilitate strategic social planning which will be supported by our staff’s commitment, knowledge, drive and energy hence we feel confident that will become the social guide to our surrounding communities.

We are enthusiastic about our future hence we welcome advertisers and readers to Exclusive Zambian Magazine.

EXCLUSIVE J.O.B! The mind that gave birth to the predator.


Meet J.O.B aka JOB, aka Jay oh.

Name: Job Mwanamwalye aka J.o.b/ Jay oh


*Famous for his song ” Going Higher” ,  J.O.B  is a smart and a crazy 21 year old with great ambitions of becoming an influencial and internationally recognised artist.
 What you also might not know of him is that  he is a proud father of 10 months old handsome twins ASHLEY and SASHA and they are boys, dont let the names confuse you.
*He started his music career in 2006 and has released a number of tracks,going higher being the first song to hit the radio air waves and as also worked with some of the most well known artists and producers in the industry, Slapdee, Ben Blazer, Bobby East, Macky 2.
* He once chose music over a stable job and was chased away from home by his parents because,they never wanted him to be a musician.
* He comes from a family of two,his young sister plays 4 different types of recordings.
As you may be  reading this , you must be as equally confused as we were when we asked about his name and he gave us three different names, here is the explanation. 
–  J.O.B is the guy who loves to read,study,think and better himself.
–  J.O.B  on the other hand is the unstable,crazy guy,who is not afraid of anything.
 Jay Oh is the hip hop guy who is influenced by LUDACRIS.
There you have your explanation of his alter egos and next time hope you know which alter ego you are talking to.
* He is most inspired by the  iconic Danny lyrical wise and is also  greatly influenced by the cartoon KING JULIEN.
*J.O.B would love to study marketing,business administration,animation and sound engineering as he believes knowledge is power.
* Before deciding to blow off the music industry with his massive talent,J.O.B was for a year studying the following; sound engineering,Zambian artists and the music industry as a whole.
* He hates Nigerian movies with a passion.
* If he is not at the studio,then he is either performing or at home with his family and kids.

 And all of you wondering if he is married, taken or single, He is in a relationship with his wife to be but he still have us a little scope

of his ideal date and that is:
* His ideal date is a pretty,smart & intelligent girl.
You must have heard the new song ” Hallelujah” if not you must hear it. This song has been getting massive air wave plays and is loved by most Zambians and when asked what inspired him to come up with a song like this and why?

*He wrote the song Hallelujah so he could address the chronic issues that needed to be straightened. He was uncomfortable with things happening around and thought he’d talk about them in a way that would show more impact.

 People think artists are dull, J.O.B is here to clear all these misconceptions.  He is a real definition of a smart,intelligent artist that is here to make history.
By: Memory Kalima

Models for Change!


From Saturday the 17th of july to saturday 23rd of July, EZM Magazine, Exclusive Divas of Africa and Freetown Modeling Agency will give three winners a chance of a whole week filled with fun, work, charity and fashion in the Copperbelt, alongside the current Ms Botswana! All you have to do is be a female aged btwn, 18-28, reside in the copperbelt be availble the mentioned dates, inbox me, text me on 0979329359 or email me! registrating ends Friday 16th!



Friday, July 1st,

When new international establishment and big chain franchises as “Wimpy” opens, we expect the standard of customer service to be on a level of that can be compared to the establishment.

Having had ordered our breakfast, we had to wait up to 30 minutes minutes to get a simple order of  scrambled eggs in a wrap with onions and tomatoes. When tried to get the  refund back, in order for us to go and eat somewhere else, the cashier made it very clear that he did not want to lose his customers and kept referring us to the kitchen to have a look at the workers working and stimulate that the food would be done in a few minutes.

Finally after 30 minutes, our order arrived and when we took a look around at the people seated, we noticed a man that had been waiting long before we came and just as we were about to leave, that was when his order came in.

We are not blaming the workers at Wimpy but we do blame management.Every staff and member of a kitchen should be either qualified to be in the kitchen or at least trained and this is the job for the management to make sure that their personnel are qualified people and when hours such as lunch come, the service should flow like a river stream, instead the vision we saw in the kitchen was 5 employees on one wrap and the rest were still struggling to finish their orders.

This was 10 am on a friday morning, business was slow, and the rush hour still had not started but it still took 30 minutes to make one simple order.

As there were negatives, so where they positives. The personnel working at Wimpy are young people and Zambian,and they are finding means of supporting themselves but also being responsible citizens and greatest thing we mostly noticed was the warm hospitality that workers give, even though the service was the worst, at least we got away with the smiles of the staff and  we do surely hope that their salaries are also acknowledged well with the management of Wimpy.

We really hope next time we do choose to eat at Wimpy, the service will have improved and managment will have trained their staff even better!