EXCLUSIVE J.O.B! The mind that gave birth to the predator.


Meet J.O.B aka JOB, aka Jay oh.

Name: Job Mwanamwalye aka J.o.b/ Jay oh


*Famous for his song ” Going Higher” ,  J.O.B  is a smart and a crazy 21 year old with great ambitions of becoming an influencial and internationally recognised artist.
 What you also might not know of him is that  he is a proud father of 10 months old handsome twins ASHLEY and SASHA and they are boys, dont let the names confuse you.
*He started his music career in 2006 and has released a number of tracks,going higher being the first song to hit the radio air waves and as also worked with some of the most well known artists and producers in the industry, Slapdee, Ben Blazer, Bobby East, Macky 2.
* He once chose music over a stable job and was chased away from home by his parents because,they never wanted him to be a musician.
* He comes from a family of two,his young sister plays 4 different types of recordings.
As you may be  reading this , you must be as equally confused as we were when we asked about his name and he gave us three different names, here is the explanation. 
–  J.O.B is the guy who loves to read,study,think and better himself.
–  J.O.B  on the other hand is the unstable,crazy guy,who is not afraid of anything.
 Jay Oh is the hip hop guy who is influenced by LUDACRIS.
There you have your explanation of his alter egos and next time hope you know which alter ego you are talking to.
* He is most inspired by the  iconic Danny lyrical wise and is also  greatly influenced by the cartoon KING JULIEN.
*J.O.B would love to study marketing,business administration,animation and sound engineering as he believes knowledge is power.
* Before deciding to blow off the music industry with his massive talent,J.O.B was for a year studying the following; sound engineering,Zambian artists and the music industry as a whole.
* He hates Nigerian movies with a passion.
* If he is not at the studio,then he is either performing or at home with his family and kids.

 And all of you wondering if he is married, taken or single, He is in a relationship with his wife to be but he still have us a little scope

of his ideal date and that is:
* His ideal date is a pretty,smart & intelligent girl.
You must have heard the new song ” Hallelujah” if not you must hear it. This song has been getting massive air wave plays and is loved by most Zambians and when asked what inspired him to come up with a song like this and why?

*He wrote the song Hallelujah so he could address the chronic issues that needed to be straightened. He was uncomfortable with things happening around and thought he’d talk about them in a way that would show more impact.

 People think artists are dull, J.O.B is here to clear all these misconceptions.  He is a real definition of a smart,intelligent artist that is here to make history.
By: Memory Kalima

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