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ZONE FAM: Shaka Zulu on EM!

ZONE FAM: Shaka Zulu on EM!

This group has just reached another level of Swagg! Zone Fam has been around the industry for a while but it is now that their hard is truly starting to show off and getting credit for it. They started this year and gave us ” Shaka Zulu on em” Ndine chikali” and now “Mbama” to top it all up, they have been nominated for “Best newcomer video” at this years channel O Video Music Awards and EZM Magazine just had to interview and start off the September hip hop Issue with “Ba kali

” We consider ourselves Zambian and African Ambassadors”


“EZM”Which rapper influenced you  guys the most both internationally and nationally.
“ZONE FAM” Internationally one of the most influential Rappers to us is Jay-Z; Locally we inspire each other.
“EZM”What was the hardest to step out in the Zambian Hip Hop Industry?
“ZONE FAM” Well a few years back Hip Hop was not widely excepted but we kept at it and the hard work is finally paying off!
“EZM” Zone Fam first started rapping in English then now you have switched up to Nyanglish, what was the cause for this?
“ZONE FAM” To appeal to a wider market both at home and abroad, we want everyone to have a feel of what we are trying to put across in our music.
“EZM” Hip Hop beef? Is it natural if you are rapper that beef is always there and how do y’all handle the beef.
“ZONE FAM” Beef has been a part of Hip Hop from the inception, but a lot of rappers get it twisted as to what is lyrical beef and what is personal. Rappers should never go the route of making beef personal. Otherwise as a crew we do not condone beefing all the time cause it can be detrimental to an industry still in it’s infancy like the Zambian one.

“We have our differences but our passion for the music and drive to aim for the top keeps us going.”

“EZM” What is Zone Fam’s place in the Hip Hop industry now?
“ZONE FAME”We believe we are leaders of note in the Game that should be taken as an example of where hard work and pure talent can get you. What we plan to do is stay as an ever growing fixture of colossal potential.

EZM” Are you KOPALA or BERG?
“ZONE FAM” Non of the above…we consider ourselves Zambian and African Ambassadors.
“EZM” Are Zambian rappers rich?
“ZONE FAM” Define Rich? Are Zambian Rappers comfortable enough to make a living out of Rap,not yet! Are the Artists getting love and are rich with a healthy fan base…yes!

“EZM” Where is Hip Hop heading to now, according to Zone Fam?
“ZONE FAM” Hip Hop has a bright future in Zambia and as Zone Fam we plan to be active in all facets of Zambian Hip Hop now and in the years to come.
“EZM” How do y’all work together without fighting or without going your separate ways like some other artists HIP HOP groups we know?
“ZONE FAM” We have our differences but our passion for the music and drive to aim for the top keeps us going.
“EZM”What is your message to your fans and listeners?
ZONE FAM” Lookout for our Debut album “The Business (Foreign Exchange) – We shall announce its release date soon.
“EZM” WHERE IS ZONE FAM headed to?
“ZONE FAM” All the way to the Top, Grammys Baby!
“EZM” Who is lyrically running Zambian Hip Hop now apart from ZONE FAM?
“ZONE FAM” There are a lot of Dope Lyricists and Spitters out there, but rule number one in Hip Hop is blow your own horn the loudest and it is safe to say we are the best!
“EZM”Words to the other rappers, fans and AFRICA?
“ZONE FAMLet’s keep the movement growing, African Hip Hop is now getting noticed overseas…so lets show them how it’s done in the Mother-Land.

NANA: Swagga Rapper

NANA: Swagga Rapper

Booty Call, Kaduda? well you must have heard this new rapper in the Hip Hop industry. Nana has emerged from being a high school graduate to a rap sensation in the industry. She already has worked with some of the big producers, artists and songwriters in the industry and for our Issue we wanted to find out is there more to Nana, “Namwaka Mungandi” than just booty calls and Kaduda and what she has to say about the Hip Hop industry as at now.


EZM”Tell us briefly about you, background, and age.

NANA”I am 20 years old,  currently studying PR,grew up in chelstone,pretty brief.

“EZM” When did you start doing music?

“NANA” Professionally I started  January this year,but I have always loved music.

“EZM”Who has been your biggest influence in music?

“EZM”You have a pretty solid and great voice as a singer why did you choose to start rapping?

“NANA” Thank you but rapping is very fun as compared to singing and it is only now that its being recognised in Zambia and I really wanted to be a part of it.
“EZM”Do you see the male rappers as competition to you?

“NANA”Yes coz my style is very gangsta so yeah I do.


 “EZMWhat does Nana Bring to the game?

NANA” I bring edgyness,a unique style.
“EZM” How has Nicki Minaj influenced u in your rapping?

NANA”She doesnt,I know its shocking but am more into Eve and Trina,she just doesnt do it for me.
“EZM”Who run the Hiphop game now?

“NANA”Besides me?lol XYZ  is still running this game.
“EZM”What do female rappers need to do to get noticed and respected?

“NANA”You have to be talented and have your own unique style
“EZM” Where is Hip Hop heading?

NANA”I am not really sure, but hope we can take it as far as we can.
“EZM” Your first song was Booty call and now you released Kaduda, seems like Money and sex is what you will be rapping about?

“NANA”I rap about controversial stuff,things that happen on a daily basis but people are too afraid to come out and sing or rap about them,they fear criticism,if its controversial best believe ama talk about it.

“EZM”What challenges do you face and have faced as a female rapper?

“NANA” Every guy wants to get with you,it is very annoying,it is very hard cause some people stop helping you out if you turn then down,women should be given an equal chance regardless of what they look like.

“EZM”Which female artist do you think are doing well in the game?

“NANA” Kay is doing very well,Mampi is still doing her thing and my girl Franciar.

“EZM”You wear very revealing stage performances, what does sexuality mean to you as a rapper?

“NANA”I spent most of my teen years in Namibia and revealing clothing is not an issue over there, women should be comfortable in there own skin and should dress however they want.


“EZM” You are only 20 years old, where do you get your inspiration to be rapping about booty calls, Money and men?

NANA” 20 year olds can be bootycalls and can date men so why pretend like its not happening.?

“EZM”What is the way forward to Nana? 

“NANAI cant really predict the future but hope I keep making good music and I wanna be rememberd as the girl who changed the game.



Dj Tabs Chauke: The African Mixer

Dj Tabs Chauke: The African Mixer

EZM MAGAZINE caught up with Dj Tabs Chauke. Most of you readers might not know him but he has played and is playing a very important role in promoting Zambian music and artists in Southern Africa. He has promoted shows with one of the biggest names in the industry, Mampi,P’Jay, Dalisoul, JK,Danny,Kay just to mention a few. We wanted our readers to find more about Dj Tabs whose real name is Tabene and why he does what he does and what makes it all worth it.

  “EZM Magazine” What are your real names? Tabene Mfune Chauke


“EZM Magazine”  Tell us about your back ground, age, education.I have a very interesting background. I was brought up in Chililabombwe Zambia, went to school at Kamenza Primary and moved to Lusaka when my parents retired and moved to Malawi. I was fortunate enough to have relatives around to look after me whilst I did my education in Lusaka at Kabulonga Boys. My uncle Duncan Mfune and Uncle Shubert Mfune were very kind to shelter me and support me financially. It would be very unfair not to mention my sister first cousin Triness Nyirongo and the Husband MR Nyirongo who also supported me financially and encouraged me to complete my studies. They were instrumental in finding me a place at a boarding school in Ndola at Chiwala Secondary School. I did my Grade 10 to Grade 12 at Chiwala Secondary School.  I think you would have noticed by now that I have dodged from making  mention of years in my story because I would like people to keep guessing my age. All I can say is that I qualify to be called a legend…Lol On a serious note; I would like to thank God Almighty for being there for me in all that I have achieved and for keeping me young and healthy especially in these challenging times.  These blessings include my beautiful wife Mirriam and my two kids Donice and Mahara… I’m a very blessed guy!  I did further my studies right here is SA at the Gordon institute of Business Science affiliated to Pretoria University where I studied fundamentals of Business Management and Program of Management Development. I also did some IT studies in Network Security and Information Security Management. I have recently done a Diploma in Data Privacy and Information Security Management with Deloitte.  All these studies are due to my corporate work which I’m still fully involved at ABSA Private Bank in a Governance role.


“EZM” What made you want to become a DJ? From my young age I loved dancing to good music and my mum told me I was going to be famous one day and I believed. One thing to mention as well is that I am a man of talents and that is why I said I’m a blessed guy. I was an athlete (100 m & 200 m sprinter & was always NO.1), I played soccer during my school time and many friends believed I was going to be a famous soccer player in the European League and when they hear I’m a professional DJ, they wonder where this came from though they connect it to my life style of loving music as I was growing up. I continued playing soccer when I came to South Africa and played for big teams like Jomo Cosmos, Amazulu and Wits.  Even if I played soccer, there was something in me that made me continue loving music. At one point I thought maybe I can sing but that proved to be wrong as I don’t have voice to sing. But every time I went clubbing, I was emulating the DJ’s and I could suggest the next song and it would work. Every time there was a house party, I was always close to the music system to play for the people around and that was using tapes and not even CD’s. To rewind or forward a song, I used to use a pen so as to keep the music flowing….phew, those were the days.            


“EZM” Which places and people have you worked with? I have mostly worked here in SA. However, because of the events I do, I have had opportunities to come to Zambia to open Club Vegas in Kitwe alongside Lusaka’s finest DJ Bizzy Wizzy & Cash money from ZNBC and I also went to Malawi and played at Chez temba  Blantyre and Menstang Club “not sure about the spelling” also in Blantyre. I have also worked with DJ Dino Bravo who has been my inspiration over the years as I used to watch him play in the clubs here in SA and hustle him for music which he always shares. I have also worked with Club Cantare in Fourways Monticasino, Club La Lunar Brynston, Café De Oasis in Rosettenville  South of Johannesburg and my first Show was at Club Moloko now called Hush.  And Now I’m doing my Dance Parties on Friday Nights at the News Café Sandton and Chill Out Sessions on Saturday Nights and Sunday Afternoons for the Soul Sessions at the Bushveld Lounge in Craighall.


“EZM”  How did you find yourself in S.A.? South Africa is my second home because I have roots from  Northern part of SA in Giyane. Hence the name Chauke. When I came to SA I was coming back home and at the same time to look for opportunities.   



“EZM” What made you want to introduce Zambian musicians to S.A?. My introduction tells it all.Being brought up in Zambia and knowing that there is talent which is not properly represented around the world, I thought the best place to start would be SA as I’m already here. I think my dream to expose ZED music in SA is coming true because people of all races are responding very well. I’m the first DJ to play Zambian music in cosmopolitan places. I currently play at the biggest most popular News Café in the country and I make sure Zambian music is on my play list. I have actually brought the African feel to News Café as I do blend in African music in my sets and people of all races are enjoying what I’m doing. I guess this is why I’m called DJ Tabs The African Mixer!  If it comes to Bushveld lounge, every Zambian living in SA knows the African mixer because that’s where they get to listen to Zambian music old and new starting from Mulemena Boys or Paul Ngozi  music to Oga Family,  Kay, PJ, B1, Chika, Afunika, Dandy Krazy, Dalisoul, Mampi, JK, OC, Ozzy, Petersen, MC Wabwino, Exile, Leo Muntu, Maya, B Flow, C Flow, Danny or Crisis Mr Swag himself. I know I have left out a lot but I tried.Lol



“EZM” Which shows will you always remember? All my shows have been very successful in terms of the support I receive from the Zambians leaving in SA and other supporters of Zambian music from Malawi, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia and SA to mention a few . Apart from being successful with the shows, there is a lot to learn.




“EZM” Why do you think that Zambian artists have a very hard time getting shows out side the country? Firstly, we need to get more Zambians believing in their product and most importantly Zambian companies are not doing enough to support Zambian talent.  I must mention though that Zambezi Airlines has always come to the party when called upon. The Artists themselves are not united. They need to start having healthy competition and not breaking one another. I have observed that there is no unity amongst the artists. My one ngwe advice to the artist is that they need to be focused in this game and you need to be consistent. I see most of the artists without mentioning names; they lose very quickly as when they make a hit. Artists must also start working closely with the DJ’s as without them, their music cannot be heard.  They must not only think Zambia, they must think big… collaborate with other African artists or even Overseas artist like the Nigerians are doing. Big up to JK for his One8 project which was a success. We need to see more of that. I saw Danny connected as well with some SA Producers to which I was impressed. I’m just waiting though for the results from that project. When I play Zambian music, people think its Nigerian music until I mention to them. So in a nutshell, Zambian Artist must start believing and doing the right thing.       



“EZM” Who is your Zambian favorite artist? There is a lot of talent in Zambia and it will be unfair to single out one or two artists. However, it is worth mentioning the ones I have worked with. My personal opinion is that JK’s vocal ability is out of this world. Unfortunately, that ability cannot be taught as it is a God given gift.  I’m not saying everyone must sing like him because God gives different vocals although some vocals can be similar. But having had said that, I have enjoyed working with all the artists I invited to SA  as they stood out in their own respect i.e. K’millian, Ozzy, Petersen, Mampi, Dalisoul,PJ, Danny, Afunika, Kay, Chika and of not forgetting my man DJ Bizzy Wizzy.  I’m happy to mention that the artists are also getting the exposure in SA and many local artists have shown interest to work with them. It’s up to the artists to follow through on such opportunities.



“EZM” What motivates you to do what you do? The exciting part of my life journey is to knowing that God is on my side. Life is full of challenges and without God nothing can be achieved.   Apart from waking up and knowing that you are the bread winner, I’m also a self motivated individual. I never give up on my dreams no matter what negative I encounter. If anything, when I encounter negativity, I transform it into a positive. 


Dj Tabs has a show this Saturday September 3rd with diva Mampi, Dalisoul, O.C and one of EZM’s own favorite Dj Bizzy Wizzy.

New Talent on the block : Trizzo

New Talent on the block : Trizzo



Name: Trizzo (Mark Makungu
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Lusaka, Zambia
Tribe: Tokaleya
Influences: Wyclef Jean, 2Face, and Notorious B.I.G

Movies:Scarface,untouchables,God Father trilogy



Books:Music:Hip hop, RNB, Reggae
Hobbies:Reading, watching TV.
Family:Number 8 out of family of 9 siblings.
Marital Status:Not married ( Dating someone though)
Label signed to:LS Kreation eQualize Studios (2010—

Genre: Hip-hop, Dancehall, Kwaito, Rhythm
& Blues (Songs done in Nyanja, English
and Bemba)

Discography:  Public Venom (Full Length Studio
album scheduled for release on
August 13th 2011. With wide range of
production styles provided by Jay Rox,
Mas-1, AK,eraze,DJ Pee wee and F1.


Here is the link to one of his songs.

I’ve found love

and our favorite




 The FAZ / MTN Super Division season enters Week 20 a crucial stretch with 10 games to go before the league title is decided.Leaders Red Arrows travel to Ndola to face second from bottom Lime Hotspurs looking to maintain their lead at the top of the table.Arrows beat lime 6-1 in Week 5 and how the Ndola side will overcome that psychological experience and show some character at home could mark a turning point in their quest to survive a very tight relegation fight.Meanwhile, two teams this weekend are a threat to Arrows domination at the top of the table as coach George Lwandamina chases his first league title after winning it in 2005 and 2006 as an assistant at Mufulira Wanderers.Arrows lead the table on 37 points, three less that Power Dynamos and Konkola Blades both on 34 points in 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.Power have a tricky tie away to 10th placed Roan United who beat them 2-1 in Kitwe in a Week 5 game last April.Blades on the other hand are at home at Konkola Stadium in Chililabombwe where they host 5th positioned Nakambala Leopards and are looking to better their 1-1 draw from the first leg meeting in April.Relegated bound Green Eagles will host the one time “Magnificent” Kabwe Warriors in the mountainous town of Maamba in Sinazongwe District.And on Sunday, defending champions Zesco United are away to Nkana. Will Nkana switch off Zesco in Kitwe on Sunday in this hot north neighborly derby only the grass will tell after 90 minutes.While the match between Nkwazi vs. Zanaco has been postponed.





  • Black is the perfect color and it goes well for almost any occasion. It makes you look slimmer and gives you that chic elegant look. Make sure you have in your possession a black outfit, better yet the LBD…perfect fashion weapon!


  • Unless you are a size 12 or below, stay far away from horizontal stripes. They make you look a whole lot wider and dare I say, fatter! Not sexy!!
  • Wearing one color clothing will make you look taller and slimmer


  • If you are wearing detailed and amazing statement earrings- leave the matching necklace at home!! When you decide to display your necklace, the earrings must stay back…we all know how horrible it is to over-accessorize.


  • Do not fear color. We are headed for summer so purple, turquoise, yellow or honeysuckle will make your complexion come alive. There’s a shade for everyone, find one which suites you best.


  • Match your slacks or tights with your shoes and this will make your legs look longer.


  • Some lipstick or a little gloss and some mascara can go a long way!!


  • We have all heard this before…if you are going to display your legs, put your boobs away…if you are show casing your boobs cover up your legs. Simple logic!!


  • Shoes, shoes, shoes…Prada, Christian Laboutin, Jimmy Choo, Dorothy Perkins, Manolo Blahnik and much, much more!!!! Good shoes make you feel good!! However, if you don’t own a car please buy shoes that fit well and are comfortable to walk in, unless of course you take taxis everywhere.


  • The belt thing…hate me not but I must say belts under large boobs is not a so good look. The belt’s purpose is to accentuate your waist and give the appearance of one rather than a ‘boob’ shelf look!! Careful with these fashion trends; they are not meant for all.

Finally ladies, don’t forget to put on the most important item in your wardrobe every single day- Attitude. It’s that factor that boosts your confidence level. Like I always say, “Be creative, be fashion smart”. Bless.

By: Kafula Mutale

Mampi, O.C, Bizzy Wizzy,Dalisoul to perform in South Africa.

Mampi, O.C, Bizzy Wizzy,Dalisoul to perform in South Africa.


EZM Magazine has gotten an exclusive from the man himself DJ Tabs that O.C, Mampi, Dalisoul and Lusaka’s finest Deejay, Bizyy Wizzy will be heading off to South Africa to have a performances at PLACE IN RANDBURG MALANSOF CNR PHILIP LE ROUX & HANS SCHOEMAN GREERE’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE with the African Mixer Himself, DJ Tabs

All our South African Based readers ,make sure that you attend the show and support.


We have a full interview with DJ Tabs coming up soon.

Mirriam Baxton: Up close

Mirriam Baxton: Up close
 I always watched this beautiful young talented actress in the many soaps which Muvi TV offered,believe you me I never missed an episode for anything. I just could not get enough of her killer acting skills,I give credit were it’s due and this actress sure deserves all the credit one can give. I may not be an expert in drama and acting but I can spot a talented actor/actress when I see one. And this particular actress is unique and gifted. Who am I talking about? You must be wondering. Well,I am talking about the one and only Mirriam Baxton,claim to fame Flat 6 a comedy which aired on Muvi TV a few years ago,you all probably knew her then as Rosemary or is it Losemaly as she would confidently and proudly call herself. She started out small but look at her now,she’s setting trends in the film industry. EZM caught up with her in an upclose and personal interview here is what she had to say.

NAME:Mirriam Baxton
D.O.B:16th January
RESIDENCE:United Kingdom


MIRRIAM.  I started acting when I was doing my 11th grade at The Kamwala High School. I was introduced into the industry by Mingeli Palata,it was during this time that I worked with big names such as Malumba Malumba who was one of the men behind the production.


MIRRIAM. Mingeli inspired me to get into the industry.



MIRRIAM.  Sphiwe Milanzi,Bridget Malumba,The late Joemwa Msinje Mwale who happened to be my art teacher.



MIRRIAM.. No,I always wanted to be a journalist.



MIRRIAM I will be coming back to Zambia some time this year and am planing on doing a lot in the Zambian arts,i wont be specific as to what am to work for now,but be on the look out.



MIRRIAM.. I have done about 6 which where viewed on TV but i have done some which were not a success,I will just tell you about the ones viewed,I did the 1st ever sitcom in Zambia which was Flat 6,i featured in Banja and constable,I was one of the led characters in survivors and Brothers.I have also done a movie called When The Curtain Falls which also stars Malumba Malumba.



MIRRIAM People tend to mistake your character from the real person,It becomes a bit difficult to live life freely in public,because people always expect more from you.It becomes difficult for you to go to certain places.



MIRRIAM.Wow!my husband is the best thing that’s happened to me,He makes me happy,treats me like a princess and he is the world to me,he is my best friend so I would say marriage life is great.


MIRRIAM.. Am working for an NGO here in the UK and doing some training in social work.


MIRRIAM.. Accidentally getting burnt with a cigarette when we were filming WHEN THE CURTAIN FALLS and blacked out due to a lot of running when filming one of the scenes which required me to run.



MIRRIAM If you mean fitness work out,i guess my gardening is my workout,am anti sport but i like to watch my diet.


HAPINESS IS?  Knowing Christ and his love for us,and sharing his love with others.

WHAT IS DYSFUNCTIONAL ABOUT YOU?Nothing, apart from my sight which makes me wear spectacles….lol.






MIRRIAM. Take care and stay real,God bless.

By: Memory Kalima