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Wondering where to hangout this weekend?  Well,wonder no more because This Saturday October 1st Hone FM is yet again bringing one of it’s biggest radio shows closer to you. It’s the ZED EXPERIENCE 8th ANNIVERSARY PARTY. Yeah you read right!! Expect great performances from your favourites artists; Slap Dee,Dalisoul,Samba,Nana,Alpha Romeo,Ruff Kid,Impi. The list goes on and on.

It will be massive. Miss at your own RISK!  EZM Magazine will be there,Everybody who is somebody will also be there,you too gotta be there. Let’s do this!!!


VENUE: Longridge Junction in Chilanga(Opposite Munda Wanga)

Time: 11:00pm till late




Zambia has tumbled on the latest Fifa rankings released today in Zurich.
According to the Zambia has fallen 7 places from 76th to 83rd in the World.

Furthermore, Zambia is the 20th ranked team in CAF.

And Zambia’s 2012 Africa Cup qualifier Group C opponent on October 8, Libya, have moved up two places to number 62 in the World and are 12th in Africa.

Other Group C team’s rankings have Mozambique at 115 in the World and 29 in Africa, a fall of 16 places.

Comoros has moved three places up the table despite losing 2-1 to Zambia on September 5 to 179 on the Fifa rankings and are 47th on the CAF charts.

Meanwhile, Cote d’Ivoire is number one in Africa and 16th in the World, followed by Egypt at number 36.

Zambia’s 2014 World Cup Group D opponents Ghana are third in Africa and 37th in the World.

Another Group D opponent Sudan is 103 in the World and 29th in Africa.


Kamanga Group Will Take NFL Affiliation to FAZ AGM

Kamanga Group Will Take NFL Affiliation to FAZ AGM



Andrew Kamanga has said his faction will table the affiliation of the National Football League (NFL) at the 2012 FAZ AGM. This follows the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) announcement this weekend that the NFL does not exist according to the laws governing the NSCZ. “For the National Football League to take effect it would require an amendment of the FAZ constitution,” Kamanga told disclosed. “Until we have the FAZ constitution amended at the next AGM we want to follow the due process of the law.” And Kamanga said he would only bring forward presidential candidature at the 2012 FAZ AGM if he was asked to. “Am available to stand should the FAZ councilors ask me to,” Kamanga said. On Saturday, NCSZ made a shock u-turned that it had registered the NFL adding that no two associations can be registered under it to control the same sport.

South Africa will host the 2013 Africa Cup tournament

South Africa will host the 2013 Africa Cup tournament

The South African flag


SA To Host 2013 Africa Cup

By EZM Magazine Sports Reporter


South Africa will host the 2013 Africa Cup tournament.

CAF announced today that the decision was reached during Tuesday’s executive committee meeting held in Cairo.

The development will see South Africa swap hosting of the Africa cup with previous bid winner Libya.

“The Executive Committee also decided on the swapping between Libya and South Africa for the 2013 and 2017 respectively, considering the current political situation prevailing in Libya.
This means that South Africa will host 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and Libya, 2017 Africa Cup of Nations,” CAF said in a statement.

South Africa will also host the 2014 CHAN tournament instead of Libya.

Meanwhile, CAF also handed the 2014 Africa Women’s Championship to Namibia.
Niger will host the 2015 Under-17 Cup while Madagascar will stage the same tournament two years later.

And Senegal will host the CAF Under-20 Championship in 2015.

Funky and Fresh Styles


Men, this year get ready to be spontaneous this summer!!  This year’s summer Trends are looking for you to be daring enough to get out of your comfort zone and try some new and very fresh styles.  This year we are saying bye bye  to the lumpy and loose look of the 90’s and 2000’s and welcome the trendy slimmer and shorter clothing.  Be the first to rock this year’s summer trends in complete style living you looking extra sizzling HOT!!



These very Retro 50’s and 80’s inspired trousers have an immaculate style to them that give you that relaxed, airy and comfortable feeling this summer.  These trousers are lengthen till above the ankle so as to give you more air space while you are out there relaxing in the sun.  It is a must have this summer and can be paired with a great fitted tailored shirt with a great pair of shoes that compliment the outfit with definite less accessorizing.  So chic!





Ms  MWANGALA LUHILA: eccentric couture house (ceo and entrepreneur)

Flexville: Extra ordinary


Apart from being Franciars brother, Flexville is one of the newcomer in the music industry. He has been releasing heavy Dancehall songs and has so far worked together with some of the most talented producers, singer, and songwriters. If you do not know him that much here is an exclusive interview to for you to do so.

“EZM” What does flexville mean and what does your music stand for?

“FV” Well FlexVille means the complexity of my skill level flex comes from Flexible and Marley stands for my ability to fuse Reggae n Afro Dancehall with Hip Hop. See I’m here to stay even I’m gone I’m still gone be here. My music that is; 25 30 years after I’m gone they still will be playing my music.


“EZM” What are your future plans and the future for Flexville?

“FV” Firstly I’m representing my family and my hood Chunga. Represent Lusaka when I’m outta town. Represent Zambia when I’m out of country then am represent Africa and then the world. I want to promote young artists I tell you there is a lot of talent in THE young and I’m going to give them a platform to showcase their talent let them do real music.


“EZM” What do you have to say about the beef in music especially Hip Hop”

“FV” The way beef affects me is seeing talented artist’s wit international appeal wasting their careers in beef. Quite alright controversy is entertaining but we are basing our whole careers on that. Others want to be noticed they do a funny song dissing a famous kat or replying to a hit local song ” nah san you do you and let he do he. I got a problem with people that try to take credit for hard work they never helped out it. I think the Zambian industry is still young for beef. Beef is destructive look where it took 2pac and big fans from the east become enemies with fans from the west coast. When you an artist you have a following that you influence kids that look up to you so I’d like to urge fellow artists inspire they fans with positive things.


“EZM” What does Hip Hop mean to you?

“FV” Hip hop means a lot to me. Been Listening to it since childhood always thought I could rap I mastered melodies and rhythm then made my first rap it was NICE and I was told not to stop my brothers and sisters loved it too. So here i am i didn’t stop this is just the making o history am here to put flavor that has not been there with a style.


“EZM” Which artist would you want to work with?

FV” I’d like to work with all artists, so long as you understand music we can drop bombs.


“EZM” When will your album be out?

“FV” My album will touch the stores in March 2012 filled with none but good music that will touch the world. I’m in THE studio at the moment and I’m working with different multi-talented artists and producers. So come March you Got to be ready for Marley Till then its song after song after song and of cause the people should expect to see some good videos o bobby job Franciar and yours Truly.


“EZM” How is it working with your sister?

“FV” Working with my sister was great we made the studio our home that night Franciar is the best singer ever she moves you when she sing you drop a tear every time she do her thing. I’m blessed to have such a good singer for a sister.


“EZM” Shout outs?

“FV” Shout out to my manager miss YaZmin, my Blazer Family, No intro, K AMy, 428, Romaside fellow Artists thanks to Ben Blazer, Petersen, CQ n Joe, Danny Bashi Niza kaya, i got mad love for all you. Let’s make some noise!


“EZM” Thank you for your time


“FV” Thanks ma this is an honor. On behalf of Blazer Studios I’d like to say thank you to the magazine for giving me such an opportunity to be in EZM Magazine.

 By: Memory Kalima

Sophie Chinkumbi: Strongheart

Sophie Chinkumbi: Strongheart

The very beautiful and humble Ms Sophie Chinkumbi sat down with EZM Magazine and gave us an exclusive interview and an insight through her life as a model and her future plans. She is truly a stronghearted women.


EZM” Who is Sophie?

“Sophie” Sophie is not a very outgoing person I spend most of my time at work and home watching TV. I love to have fun and laugh a lot though. I can be very dramatic at times. I love my friends and family.

“EZM” Family background?

“Sophie” I am the second born in a family of three. I have an elder sister and a young brother.
I lost my parents when I was quiet young it was not easy but I learnt how to deal with it.
“EZM” How did your modeling career start?

Sophie” I started out with beauty pageants in Kabwe 2002, and then in 2008 I was introduced to the catwalk by a friend.

“EZM” Were your parents cool with the idea of you becoming a model?

“Sophie” Well my biological parents were already late when I started modeling but my uncle and aunt were very supportive, I remember her giving me some jewelry for a show LOL!!!

“EZM” Have you ever taken part in any major contest? How was the experience? Do you hold any titles?

“Sophie” Don’t know if it can be considered as a major contest but I did Miss Zambia China Mulungushi in 2004.
I was the youngest there, I was in grade 12 the others were College girls and the lady who was in charge of the models did not keep it a secret that she did not think much of me. But that did not bring me down in fact it made stronger and more confident, I emerged 2nd Runners up. At the moment no but I was Crowned Miss Kalonga High School, Miss Pep, Miss Summer and 1st and 2nd Runners up for couple of other pageants.

“EZM” What is the best/worst thing about being a model?

“Sophie” People judge you before they know you


“EZM” How do you stay in shape?

“Sophie” Honestly, I do not work out but I wish I did more.

 “EZM” What are your hopes and dreams?

“Sophie” I would love to excel in my modeling career, I would love to open a home in order to support vulnerable children in memory of my beloved mother.

“EZM” What fashion rule are you constantly breaking?

“Sophie” I don’t think I follow any LOL! I mean rules are there to be broken right?

“EZM” Anything you wish you could change about your career?

“Sophie” I wish I could change the perception people have of models.

EZM” Which established Zambian model would you love to work with?

“Sophie” I have never really thought of that

“EZM” Apart from modeling what else do you do?

“Sophie” I work for a local Airline.

“EZM” Challenges/achievements that you have faced in you modeling career?

“Sophie” Finding good modeling jobs and a proper agency.

“EZM”  How was it like working with Roberto on his video” save our love”?

“Sophie” It was a great and fun experience Robert and I have been friends for a while so it was easy to work with him plus they made me comfortable as that was the first video I featured in.

“EZM” What is your life philosophy?

“Sophie” Everything I am today I owe to God, therefore I trust in him and hard as it may be I try to live a life pleasing in his eyes. Working hard, helping and taking care of others

“EZM” If you were crowned Miss Zambia today, what kind of projects would you involve yourself in?

“Sophie” The ones that have to do with helping orphans, vulnerable children and upcoming models.

“EZM” What does it take to be a successful model in Zambia?

“Sophie” It takes a lot of hard work and commitment

“EZM” What is the one thing you  wish people knew about you?

“Sophie”  I can’t think of anything right now.

By:Memory Kalima


The Legendary Jr. Tiye- P

The Legendary Jr. Tiye- P

We have been hearing new music on our CD players at the EZM Magazine offices and undeniably Tiye -P has gotten our ears to the top. We wanted to find out more with this renovating new artists who recently got signed to a new management but has been in the game industry for a while and is now back, better and ready to show his place in the industry. We had so much fun interviewing Tiye-P and also we asked the questions you our readers have asked and wanted to know.


“EZM”   Where does Tiye-P stand in the hip hop industry?

 “T-P”    Every time I look at me in da mirror, I see me first. That is where I stand in da game first!

“EZM”    What is different with you?

“T-P”   A lot z changed and a lot z still changing about me, I am different from da others because I am me.

“EZM” You used to sing with Macky II before, now you are with another management, what happened?

“T-P” I cannot say anything about me and alpha entertainment or Macky II. I have my own reasons and I have no beef or anything negative to say about Macky II or Alpha entertainment only as an artist it is important to progress and keep moving forward.
“EZM” Who’s leading the industry game?

“T-P” I can’t say someone is leading the game, we are all playing our roll in taking Zed Hip Hop to another level.
“EZM” What are the challenges you have faced as a rapper?

“T-P”    There a lot of challenges that comes with being a rapper and wanting to be an artist in our Zambian culture and society. There have been times where friends and family have given up and left because they thing rapping and music is a waste of time. It is a whole lot to mention but my passion keeps me going.
“EZM” What was your inspiration?

“T-P” I have always loved music and a lot of people have inspired me, both locally and internationally.
“EZM” Where will you be in 3-5 years?

“T-P”   I will be very far. I am working with a new management now and I have done new songs which will start doing promos soon and some are already playing on the radio and soon I will start shooting videos for the songs. I will be as far as I possibly can be and hardworking and progress is what I am all about!
“EZM” Which song is playing on your player now?

 “T-P” Ama chicky song and my swagga, they got everything and they show my diversity.


“EZM” What is Tiye –P’s uniqueness?

“T-P”  I am me, Tiye – P! Like I said, I understand that people will always have something to say about someone but my uniqueness will never stop no matter what they will say.


“EZM” People have been saying that are you are trying to sound like Roxa from Zone Fam?

“T-P” I want to clear it now and for always. I respect and I think Roxa have mad talent in what he does but he and I are totally different talents and artists and NO I am not trying to imitate him.
“EZM” Which artists have impressed you a lot?

“T-P” Afunika, macky2, Slapdee, new kid on da block T-sean and Zone Fam. The list is long.

“EZM” When is your album coming out?

“T.P” I am in the studio working on my mix tape just to give something for my fans and later on start working on my album.
“EZM” Your new songs are out now, what’s different with them?

“T-P” My new songs are different from my old ones and there is a new swag, new feel and definitely also a new Tiye –P on it and everyone who have heard the songs playing will tell you like wise. I have grown as an artist and I have put my growth into music.  Look out for Tiye –P and be the judge.

“EZM” Kopala or Lsk swag?

 “T-P”  I rep Copperbelt because I was born and grew up there but that does not mean that I hate Lusaka.  I got mad love for Lusaka and being with a new management has widened my views and perspectives into working with different artists, song writers producers. Do expect to hear me work with a lot of different people


  “EZM”  Thank you for your interview

   “T-P” Big up to EZM and thank you. Le gooo! Tiye P- The legendary Jr.


CRISIS aka Mr Swagger: The legendary

CRISIS aka Mr Swagger: The legendary

    Fellow rappers should keep doing their thing and understand that this is not a game for sissy’s. You gotta be a man and learn to stand on your own.


Crisis aka Mr Swagger real name Chisenga Katongo has been in the hip hop industry for over a decade and for each year that goes by he builds his empire. He has held true to his fans, music and turned his music into a a business. He has been nominated and won several international awards and no doubt that he is one of the kings of Hip Hop that define it by success, fans and progress. We interviewed Mr Swagger to find out more about him and his hip hop throne.



 “EZM”    Crisis, you have been in the game for a long time, you are one of the pioneers of Zambian Hip Hop, what has kept you still on top of your game til today?

“CRISIS”  What has kept me on top of my game is, in my opinion the fact that, what I do is not out of the fact that I want to be like another rapper or make a name. I believe it’s because, this is one of the many gifts that God’s given me.


“EZM”   You have always rapped in English, why did you not to choose in Bemba or Nyanja?

“CRISIS” I rap in English because, first of all, that is Zambia’s first language. With that said, it simply means that you can use any Zambian language that you wish to but, you will always have to bear in mind that English is very instrumental in our society. There are also a few things that I discovered that I cannot discuss here.


“EZM”   What has changed in the game since you started?

“CRISIS”  The industry itself has changed in a major way. People seem to be taking music a little more serious and, we have more people  in the game now. Although, the sad part is finding the Pot of Gold is only meant for a few so, you’ll find that people get in the game and then realize that they have to deal with real life once the lights go out. The music industry is a game of Chess and Puzzle Pieces.
“EZM”    Whats the problem with the younger rappers today?

“CRISIS”  I wouldn’t really say that  younger rappers have a problem as such. I just think that, it takes a while and a lot of experience to learn the ropes. Some of them get to learn ways in which they can get ahead and some just don’t get it.  I’ve had to cut certain rappers out of my circle because of failure to present themselves professionally at work. At the end of the day, we call it the rap game but this is ‘The Music Business.’ Structures that do not fit in, will have to be taken down.   
“EZM” Who is running the Zambian Hip Hop?

“CRISIS” That question would be best answered by looking at track records, achievements and how that has impacted Zed Hip-Hop and the country as a whole.


 “EZM” Who was your inspiration?

“CRISIS”  I made a pact with God when I was young, and he has not failed me. Also, among the musicians, Dr. Dre has always been. This is because,of all musicians in the world, he’s the only one that I think has a mind like mine. He’s very unpredictable and loves to develop new talent while being in a position of power. His characteristics remind me of myself.

 “EZM” You have performed in a lot of places, which one has been your memorable?

“CRISIS” My most memorable moment was when I shared the stage with Akon and Sean Paul. I was in front of about 48000 people and the crowd started booing me when I got on stage because the show started late. It was supposed to begin at 12 noon and only started about 21 HRS. They threw empty cans onto the stage as I was performing my first song and then, they suddenly seemed to get into the music. By the time I was performing ‘The Fire Inside’ which was my second song, the crowd went crazy and they started reaching out trying to get a hand shake from me. It was a great feeling being able to turn around an angry crowd. By the time I finished, the whole stadium was saying my name. It was a good example of the power of one. Also because, Soosh Matix was with me on stage. He was always very supportive of my activity and, I’ve felt a great loss that he is nolonger with us.


“EZM” You were “beefing” with XYZ, and Slapdee, how are things now?

“CRISIS”  Things are good.


“EZM”  Diamond chain? what does it represent in todays Hip Hop industry?

“CRISIS” Originality and a never dying Hunger.
“EZM” C  Vin 2 Clothing line? true or false?

 “CRIRIS”   C Vin 2 is one of the brands owned by my company Diamond Chain Services


“EZM”  Whats the future for Zambian Hip Hop?

“CRISIS” She’s got a great future and, she’s definitely going to be successful and good looking. (smiles)


“EZM”  How does it feel being nominated for the best southern african video music award?

“CRISIS”  Being placed in a category where I have to compete, representing the Southern region is no joke. It’s an honor in itself. It feels good and reflects the impact my music is making on the African continent.
“EZM” Who is running the Hip Hop industry now?

“CRISIS”  The illuminati. Ha, ha!! Just Joking. I would say the American market continues to dominate this industry. It wont be long before Africa starts to get a piece of the pie. We all just need to be a little more informed about the key factors and players that matter most.


“EZM”  What is CRISIS place in the industry?
“CRISIS” Hip-Hop is like a club or party that everybody wants to get into and, the VIP Room is reserved for me. That’s the best way I can define it.
“EZM”  What should we expect from you?

“CRISIS” Only God knows. I never know what to expect of myself. I’ve surprised myself a lot and this has been happening for many years. All I know that greater things are yet to come while I appreciate and count all my current and past blessings.


“EZM”  Last words to your fans and fellow rappers?

“CRISIS”   Thanks to all my fans for the great support.Fellow rappers should keep doing their thing and understand that this is not a game for sissy’s. You gotta be a man and learn to stand on your own.


 EZM Magazine would like to congratulate you on your Channel O nomination, hope you win

“CRISIS”   Thank you