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The gospel corner

The gospel corner




 “To the pursuers of Jesus he had given a sign,saying,’whomsoever I shall kiss that same is he:hold him fast,’i guess we know the story of gethsemane.because Judas was taken by the earthly riches he had a terrible death of hunging himself..due to that I say,”whoever attempts to live apart from GOD is wasting his substance.He is squandaring the precious years,squandaring the powers of mind and heart and soul,and working to make himself bankrupt for eternity and is a slave of mammon.brethren let you remember how Christ suffered before taking any action in our lives.We are bought pricelessly but we sold him and we are still sealing him with a price its terrible.



Galatians 5:14 for all the law is fulfilled in one word,even in this;thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself not forgeting that there are many who need our sympathy and advice,but not that advice which implies superiority in the giver and inferiority in the receiver

By: Doc Mulenga

Chali Mulalami: Producer of the decade

Chali Mulalami: Producer of the decade

 Chali Mulalami  has established himself both nationally and internationally as a household name and has even greater plans into taking his works international. He is one of the best musical producers Zambia has ever produced and is ready to take on Africa and work with more international artists. Here is THE EXCLUSIVE of Chali Mulalami.


EZM: Family background?

Chali:  “I am fourth in a family of 5, that’s 2 girls and 3 boys. We have lost
2 siblings. 3 of us remain. My dad was a librarian hence my love for
knowledge. I grew up around books about almost everything. My parents
(both late) had a massive collection of music as well. I was greatly
influenced by my older brother’s love for music and adventure. My
close friends are my family too. They helped shape me.”


EZMWho is the brain behind the opening of the music production house “Sling beats”?

 Chali:  “Sling Beats is my idea. It was unofficially called David Sling from
the bible story of David and Goliath. Am glad it came to pass that a
little known studio came from a humble background and influenced
Zambian music in a major way. Prayer works.”

EZM:  What made you venture into music production?

Chali  : “I always wanted to make music. I have always been a businessman but my
need to start a music label was fueled more by desire to create music
than commerce. Music doesn’t stop making itself in my mind. Its
irritating not having an outlet. I just had to get into the game.


EZMCan you sing?

Chali “I actually started out rapping (as Bravo). Then I started singing but
I couldn’t see how I could fit my rock sound (at the time) into the
industry so I started to write and produce local music in local
language. I still sing some of the songs I write first before I pass
them on to an artist. That deals with my singing crave.

EZM :  How many artistes have you worked with?

Chali : “Can’t really count. There’s me the label owner, producer, writer and
studio engineer- so “work” is a wide term. But I personally own (as a
publisher) one of, if not the largest music catalog of modern zed
music in Zambia with over 400 songs from 29 albums. Most of that music
is written and produced by me. So I have worked with quite a lot of
artists to develop it.

 EZM :What are some of the challenges that you’ve faced in your music production career?

Chali : “Lack of affordable professional equipment is a highlight in any
upcoming third world musician’s journey. The income for work is much
lower than in other countries. There’s less appreciation for the
profession so there’s no shortage of peanuts. The market in Zambia
isn’t very diverse so its creatively limiting.


EZM :  What do you have to say about the studios which are mushrooming? Are they competition to you?

Chali  “New businesses in any field are competition to existing ones but we
are not “a studio”. Sling Beats runs a recording studio as one of
things we do. We are a media production, digital content distributor
and marketing firm. Our focus is on becoming a household name in
Africa.Zambia will be proud to know we are now officially representing TRACE
in all anglo-african countries with the exception of South Africa and


EZM :  Which Zambian producer is doing it for you at the moment?

Chali  ” Quite a lot. I love works form TK (always), Ben Blazer, my own
producer/artist Magik Links, OC, Raydo, Will Bundu, KB and a lot more.
There’s a lot of good activity on the market right now. Its hard to

EZM : Which International artistes would you love to work with?

Chali  ” Its Africa now and the world later for me. Sling Beats is in the
process of working with a lot of African artists already like
Mocheddah, Naeto C (Nigeria), P-Unit (Kenya), Gal Level (Namibia),
Liquid Deep (SA), Radio & Weasel, Toniks (Uganda) and a lot more.

The artist am looking forward to working with is M.I. from Nigeria. I
will make it happen. You should hear his new album. Brilliant!”


EZM : How would you rate the music industry now compared to how it was when you just started out?

Chali : “Its really advanced sound quality-wise. Its certainly a lot more
commercial as well. Its quick served and very tasty. A lot of it is
fast food music though. The disadvantage being that a lot of it won’t
be remembered in a few years. We need balance. Make the fans dance but
find time to make them think of the important things because music
should imitate life.

EZM:  Why should the artistes choose to work with you!

Chali : Artists already choose to work with me because of my track record. Am
a good producer/writer/engineer but more than anything I steer them
right in their career and work to improve them as people. Its not just
about music with me. I also mentor. Plus I crack some VERY good jokes.

EZM : Where did the name “Chali Bravo” come from?

Chali  “I was a rapper in my younger days. I get the first idea for “Chali”
from my name (clearly) and the Bravo is from spy books (Robert Ludlum
novels) I was fond of reading. The spies would go “Alfa-Charlie-Bravo
when communicating. I some how found it very cool. Not much meaning? I
know right?!

EZM :Are you in a relationship?

Chali  ” Yes. Am married to a very beautiful Ngoni lady. We have 3 kids
together, 2 girls and a boy. They will run the earth in their own
small little way one day.

EZM : Are we expecting any hit songs from Slingbeats?

Chali: “Definitely. Look out for new works by K’millian, Magik Links, GYK, JC, Diane
Khuzie and a lot more. Sling Beats has recently signed a Nigerian
female singer called Valerie. We are also in the process of  bringing
a female group from Uganda on board.



EZM: What makes a successful producer?

Chali  “Pure passion and a good taste for music. An ability to judge the
market. A sense of adventure. Always put the song before everything
including yourself and the artist. Good songs never die. People do.
Stay true to the song.”



EZM:  Describe Slingbeats in a sentence?

Chali:  “Talent and creativity meet hard work and common sense, hello!



EZM:   Word to the people who look up to you?

Chali: “You will only go as far your mind can allow you to go so free your
mind. Venture out. I say “Dream it, Think through it, Do it. Ain’t
nothing to it!”. That’s my driving force. Fear is your worst enemy.
Fear of failure is the devil. Dare to place your talent back in God’s
hands and see how far He will take you. You have one life to live.
Make it count.

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By: Memory Kalima

Zambian fashion designer shines in Angola

Zambian fashion designer shines in Angola

Recently Zambia has being experiencing growth in the fashion industry. Zambian fashion
designers are show casing their collections that are not only creative but of high and
international standards. Our designers are representing not only themselves but also our
country at these high profile fashion shows. One such event in which a very talented Zambian
fashion designer Mickley Banda took part in is the Fashion Business Angola ‘11, one of the biggest

African fashion events in the world. The FBA ‘11 event took place in the lovely Angolan capital of

The event took place from 14th -16th October and it saw 40 designers each show casing 12
of their best creations. It also gave the designers an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded
individuals from across the continent, to share knowledge, ideas and skills and of course the
opportunity to build their businesses and to network.

A fantastic line-up of models for the designers was collected. The event had 42 models in total
that hailed from 10 different countries and were flown in from Paris, London, Rio, Cape Town
and Johannesburg.

Our talented fashion designer Mickley, who is the mastermind of the Colonial Collection
International Fashion Show set for December 2011 show cased a collection of class and
elegance. No stranger to high fashion couture shows, Mickley’s collection was undoubtedly a
good example of how far Zambian fashion has improved to international levels and standards.
To see more of the show and Mickley’s collection visit

By: Nachali Simukonda

Exclusive: Jerry D

Exclusive: Jerry D

Music producers are often the unsung heroes behind the scenes of many hit songs yet few people know
what they do and even appreciate them. Exclusive Zambia Magazine had a chat with local music magic
man Jerry D of ‘kekekeke kabin studios’, the producer behind many of the hit songs we dance to almost
each and every day. The shy but energetic producer who is one of Zambians modern day Mozart’s gives
us an insight of what music production is all about.



EZM: Tell me a little about yourself. Your background and how you got involved with the music

Jerry D: “My names are Jerry Mangwato aka jerry D and I am Ila by tribe I started music somewhere

around the year 1999 when I was doing my grade 11 at Kabulonga Boys High School. At that

time we started a studio called Starquest with my elder brother Howard at Simoson building

behind city market. With time we moved our studio home and decided to call it Kabin Studios

because it was based in the ‘cabin’ and that was somewhere around 2004’…Basically yeah thats

about me.”


EZMWhat does a producer do?

Jerry D: “A producer is a person who makes music. We are in essence the coach of the talents and

overall arrangers of songs. We are the people behind the music.”


EZM : Where do you draw your inspiration from? What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do
you see as your primary inspirations?

Jerry D: “I get inspiration from a lot of things and people but I have really been inspired by Jerry Fingaz and
Sebastian Mutale, those guys are hardcore on the production you know what I mean, they are good.”


EZM: What skills, qualifications, education or background do you feel is necessary to make it in this
area of entertainment?

Jerry D: “Being a producer does not necessarily require and advanced educational background

but there are a few functional requirements, for instance, one needs to be conversant with
the computer and they need to know how to play one or two instruments, nowadays we have
producers who are just fond of using the computer to plot music, you cannot really say one
knows how to play music, as for me I can play almost any kind of instrument. You also just
need to have the passion for music, I was working for ZESCO sometime back but I like music,
I had to follow my dreams so eventually I stopped and got back in the studio and now we aregrowing.”


EZM: When you start recording and producing, what gear were you using back then?

Jerry D: “Back then we didn’t have good equipment we had just started, we had one computer and

We used simple software such as adobe or cool edit but later we acquired Cubase and started

learning how to use it.”


EZM: What is your current equipment list?

Jerry D: “Our current equipment now is quite good although we are not quite there, now we use the

latest software’s like Cubase 5, Reason, and Santares, but basically speaking am a very flexible
person as I can use any software.”


EZM: So are you mostly software or hardware these days?

Jerry D: “both but depending on the kind of music software is efficient but like I said I can play almost all the


EZM: What does an average session cost?

Jerry D: “Our charges are not hourly but we charge per song and that is about five hundred thousand

kwacha per song.”


EZM: Some speak of a “renaissance” in Zambian music in recent years. Do you think that’s an
accurate description of the current situation?

Jerry D: “I wouldn’t really call it a rebirth, but you know music is like fashion, it changes with time.

We can’t still be stuck in the past where we used to play kalindula because now things have
changed. If you go in a club today it wouldn’t be fun to play kalindula and so artists are just
adapting to the existing situation.”


EZM: Do you have a favorite musical project you have worked on? Among artists you have not
worked with, who would you like to work with and why? Have you worked with any foreign

Jerry D: “I’ve made quite some good music but I don’t really have a favorite (laughs out loud) , am

not too choosey I like everything that I produce because I put my heart and energy to it. I’ve

worked with almost every artist in Zambia, the only artist that I haven’t worked with is JK. I

have recorded tracks with other foreign artists such as Mr. Flavor who featured in Utaka and

Benjimfwile, when he came to perform a show here in Zambia.”


EZM: What are your thoughts on the quality of music being produced nowadays? What are your

future goals?

Jerry D: “Zambian music is getting there but we are not really there, if only the government can come

in and support the music industry like our colleagues in Nigeria. The Nigerians are not better

than us in terms of music but because the government had come in to fund their music industry

and also provided incentives for musical equipment we have seen a growing sensation in that

part of Africa. There musicians and producers are doing fine now such that they can even be able

to go overseas and they have even managed to export their music to those places. Our mission as

kabin studio is to become one of the biggest studios in Africa”


EZM: Let’s talk income, how much can one make as a producer?

Jerry D: “wow! That is even embarrassing to disclose because it is not much but we just do it, we have the

passion for music.”


EZM: What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

Jerry D: I like to watch football a lot, am a Chelsea fan.


EZM: What is distinctive about a Jerry D production and what can we expect from you in 2011?

Jerry D: A jerry d production is unique, it’s about when you are good, you are good. Sometimes I

don’t even put shout outs in my productions. Most people feel when you put your shout out in a

song it will pull through. You can expect more from jerry D in 2012 am trying to do away with

these common up-tempo beats which everyone is using, Am now trying to fuse in some crank

beats try so sample P-jays tracks for 2012.


EZM: Let’s talk awards, are there any awards for producers? If so have you won any? If not why is it


Jerry D: “We are trying to team up as producers to spearhead a move that can enable us to be noticed

because we don’t get any recognition from the relevant stakeholders like ZAMCOPS. We don’t

have any awards for producers in Zambia and that is just a very sad situation. The producer

should be credited for any music, sometimes these musicians don’t even come with songs to the

studio and we have to make an instrumental for them, control them and sometimes even start

writing for them and at the end of the day we are not even recognized.”


EZM: Asides from talent, what qualities in an artist really stand out for you?

“Jerry D” When assessing an artist firstly I analyze the voice, a person who does not go off key, someone
who knows how to compose good music and who is very active.


EZM: What do you really enjoy about this job and what brings you down?

Jerry D: “I like the rhythm of music, you know what I am talking about right, the feel, it goes

down. Sometimes these artists run away with our money but it has its benefits we receive some

privileges of course being the makers of the music we get to go to shows for free.”


EZM: Finally what is your take on HIV/AIDS? Do you have advice for the young people who want to
be producers?

Jerry D: “Our job as producers and musicians puts us on the spotlight and it is very difficult. We face

too many temptations and that’s not lie, but if you are not strong enough to overcome that, the

end result is you being HIV positive. I just want to urge everyone especially my fellow youths

out there, lets refrain from having unprotected sexual intercourse or even better let’s abstain

because there is a time for everything, wait for your right time. I am a happily married man

myself and I stay faithful to my beautiful wife. To the young people out there who want to be

producers work hard, be focused, learn how to play one or two instruments it will be good for

you. This is a Jerry D production am out!!!”

By: Leonard Mangani Zulu

Dambisas inlaws want her to stop singing

Dambisas inlaws want her to stop singing


 Sources close to Dambisas fiancee and his family members have come out and said that they are not pleased about her career and lifestyle as a musican now that she is engaged and they want her to stop and start doing something else.


It is unfair that the family only CAME OUT NOW about their dislikes of her career and lifestyle  when Dambisa and her fiancee have been dating for three years.

The TOP Five Artistes

The TOP Five Artistes

EZM Magazine carried out a survey on who the Top 5 biggest Zambian Artistes are; Believe me it was’nt easy compiling the list, we have so many talented Artistes who are doing it big, but we only needed five(5). The Artistes are rated according to the number of votes we recieved. Does your favourite Artiste hold a spot on our Top 5 list?? Read on to find out:


 # 5 :MAMPI



This diva came on the music scene with the hit song Maloza, Mampi is doing massively she has earned herself international recognition, we at EZM are so proud of the Diva. She is with no doubt the true defination of a diva hustler. She hustled her way to the top and did’nt let any one bring her down because she knows exactly why she’s in the game.



#4 Pjay “The Future” and Chef

The #4 spot is being shared by Pjay and Chef.


 Has the voice to die for, he has’nt been in the game for a longtime but he is doing amazing things, when he features in a song best believe the song becomes a HIT instantly.











 On the other hand has brought a different touch to Hiphop, I am a huge fan of his music “Tutu” been my personal favourite. And did you know that Chef is MarkII’ Brother?











#3 SLAP Dee

 Claim to fame “So che” this song did wonders for him, it saw him climb the ladder of success. Slap dee won an award last year at the Born and Bred awards for his song Nichigwile we would’nt be surprised to see him scope another award this year he has some great videos to his name.










This group came on the scene with a Baaaaaang!! I can still feel it. With hit songs like; Shaka Zulu on ’em, Ndine Chikali, Man dem and etc to their name they are headed to the top for sure. Their style is unique and has so much creativity to it, they have brought a different feel to hiphop. They are doing something which we have never seen before.



#1 MARKII Aka Dj Buga


This dude can not only Flow he can sing too, that some talent right there. His handwork has made him the Peoples’ favourite, his music is so diverse it keeps you on the edge. I am eager to know what hes going to sing about next:-). MarkII’ music is making rounds everywhere. We wish Umupondo MarkII all the best in his music career.


By: Memory Kalima

The Zambian Entertainment Awards

The Zambian Entertainment Awards


Three major media companies have come together to introduce to you what we have decided to call  The Zambian Entertainment Awards”.

EZM Magazine, Zedbeats and Zambezi Radio online will be giving you the first ever Zambian Entertainment Awards and the catch for this year will be that they will be online.We have started the preparations and everything is being in full set and should be aired in December.

“We have so much talent in Zambia that should not only be based on music but also on the whole entire entertainment industry and this exactly what The ZEA will be doing every year. We want to give all our readers, the listeners, customers and also the public figures within the entertainment to know that their talent is appreciated and recogonized. We have all kinds of categories, everything from best song- best photographer, best reporter. This is the first step to something big”. – Spokes person for EZM Magazine

FAZ finally settles for Renard

FAZ finally settles for Renard



The Football Association of Zambia settles for Herve Renard as trainer of the Zambia National Soccer Team but subject to further consultation with various stakeholders including government The Football Association of Zambia is pleased to announce that it has settled for Mr Herve Renard as new head trainer of our Chipolopolo; the Zambia National Soccer Team stating that this follows a wider extensive consultations and deliberations with various stakeholders and partners.FAZ however says this appointment is subject to further consultation with various stakeholders including the Government and Mr Renard’s acceptance of the offer to once again coach the Zambia National Team.

FAZ says the Executive Committee (ExCo) arrived at this decision considering sentiments from well wishers and other stakeholders on the need to identify a National Soccer Coach who can take charge of the team leading up to Africa Cup finals 2012.

The ExCo also considered the time between now and the start of the 2012 finals and the need to select a trainer who would be in a position to settle in quickly and deliver a successful championship. Mr Renard was therefore considered the best option from amongst a very competitive group of coaches from around the world.FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya and General Secretary George Kasengele were also scheduled to meet the Minister of Labour and Sport Honorable Fackson Shamenda to officially brief him of this decision.Mr Renard, has been offered a one-year contract to compete for the Africa Cup title and commence the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in June 2012 will be assisted by Mr.

Patrice Beaumelle, while Honour Janza will form part of his local technical staff. Mr. Janza will be with the team for the period of the preparation and competition in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.Football House is very confident that with the selection of Mr. Renard, our Chipolopolo will be very competitive at the Nations Cup and will effectively compete for the title.

We keep our eyes on the ball and remain focused and steadfast in taking our game to the highest levels possible – goals and objectives of which are clearly spelt out in our vision and mission of being at the pinnacle of the game on the continent.As we thank the Government, partners, sponsors and all stakeholders for wonderful collaboration and support, we call upon the fans and nation to rally with Mr Renard and support the team which we have undertaken to prepare adequately for the 2012 finals so that we can have a successful tournament.Further, we wish to thank the dozens of coaches worldwide, including most recent expressions of interest from an Ivorian, who expressed interest in the job. Their willingness to take up the Zambia coaching job was a clear demonstration of the high rating and competitiveness of our team and football.


By Kapata Norman

Zambian Premier League and Football updates

Zambian Premier League and Football updates


“Sharp “Konkola Blades ended their four-year Barclays Cup semifinal absence after a 2-0 win over Nakambala Leopards at Arthur Davies Stadium in Kitwe on saturday.

Frank Mulambo scored a first minute own-goal to give Blades the lead before Graven Chitalu made sure of Blades first last four appearance since 2007 with the second goal in the 75th minute.POWER 7- LUENA BUFFALOES 0Power Dynamos cruised to the semifinals of this year’s Barclays Cup after a white wash baptism of FAZ/ MTN Division 1 South side Luena Buffaloes boys 7-0 at Arthur Davies Stadium in Kitwe on Saturday.

Power Dynamos` Luka Lungu scored a hat-trick as the 2009 Barclays Cup champions hurtled to their fourth successive Barclays Cup semifinal appearance.Lungu scored his goals in the 3rd, 9th and 55th minutes respectively to bring a wide cut smile to his technical bench .

Defender Govender Simwala scored a rare goal with Power’s third of the match in the 33rd minute before Gift Wamundila turned the ball into his own net in the 44th minute.Simon Bwalya made it 6-0 a minute before fulltime before Felix Nyaende completed the rout on the death.ZANACO 0- NKANA 2Eleven Time Champion Nkana will be making their first Barclays Cup semifinal appearance after beating 2010 runners-up the “Bankers” Zanaco 2-0 away at Nkoloma Stadium in Lusaka on Saturday.A brace from Evans Kangwa in the 48th and 89th minutes, the latter from a penalty he won, handed Nkana a deserved victory over the bankers.

This  win is Nkana’s first competitive victory over Zanaco this season after losing and drawing with The Bankers in the league.RED ARROWS 2- INDENI 0Red Arrows are the only Midlands side still standing in this year’s Barclays Cup after beating promotion chasing Division 1 North club Indeni 2-0 at Nkoloma.A brace by their impressive midfielder Mwape Mwelwa with a strike in the 5th minute and a 49th minute free kick secured Arrows semifinal place.ZANACO AND NKANA TO DO BATTLE IN THE RICH BARCLAYS CUP By Kapata Norman  BARCLAYS Bank (Zambia)  Limited has pumped K500 million in this year’s Barclays Cup tournament, which kicks off on October 22.
And last year’s finalists Zanaco have been drawn against sworn rivals Nkana in the quarter-finals of the competition while defending champions Zesco United will not participate after failing to make the cut.
Barclays Bank Managing Director Savior Chibiya announced at Football House on October 18 that his bank has pumped K500 million in the competition.
Chibiya said the winners of the competition will get K150 million while the runners up will be given K75 million.
There is no increment from last year’s prize but the bank has introduced an award for the runners up which was not there.
Chibiya said Barclays Bank will also reward coach of the tournament with K10 million while K5 million has been reserved for the best player of the tournament.
He said the financial institution heard the cries of the clubs and decided to introduce an award for the runners-up.
Last year, the bank staked a winner-takes-it-all award of K150 million which Zesco United got after defeating bitter rivals Zanaco in the final match.
The Bank`s MD says his firm  recognises football as a unifying and influential tool in keeping the youths away from negative vices by providing healthy lifestyle alternative and is pleased to support Government’s efforts in reviving Zambian football, advancing it to the high levels it enjoyed in the past and restoring source of national pride to the Country.
He said the sponsorship of the Barclays Cup is one way of paying back to the community in which the bank operates.
He said knock out competitions like the Barclays Cup give players mental strength to handle the pressure that comes with big tournaments like the Africa Cup.
Chibiya said Barclays Bank is proud to partner with the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) in promoting football in the Country.
He thanked FAZ for allowing his bank to be the sponsors of the Barclays Cup and he was confident that the relationship between the two organisations will continue and be beneficial to everyone.
He said Barclays Bank’s commitment to supporting football can be seen through its huge sponsorship of the English Premier League.
And FAZ Executive Committee Member Macha Chilemena said FAZ is grateful to Barclays Bank for financing the development of Zambian football.
Chilemena said the sponsorship of Barclays Cup will greatly benefit hundreds of Zambian footballers who will take advantage of the competition to expose their talents.
According to the draws conducted at Football House in Lusaka  “powerful” Power Dynamos will face Division One South side Luena Buffaloes and Red Arrows will slug it out against Division One North team Indeni at Nkoloma Stadium
“Sharp” Konkola Blades have been pitted against “the sweet sugar boys” Nakambala Leopards.
The quarter final matches will be played at two venues. Power Dynamos and Luena Buffaloes will play their game at Arthur Davies Stadium at 13:00 hours to be followed by the game between Konkola Blades and Nakambala Leopards at 15:00 hours.
The game between Red Arrows and Indeni will kick-off at 13:00 hours at Nkoloma Stadium while “the Bankers” Zanaco and Nkana will enter the pitch at 15:00 hours in what is expected to be the match of the day.
Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) communications Manager Erick Mwanza said champions Zesco could not make the cut because they were in the seventh position on the MTN Super Division league as at Week 15.


By: Norman Kapata



“I think those who will take this as a good thing will stick around but like the bible says, what good is it for a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul.



 Those were the words of Zambia’s sensational singer, producer and songwriter Exile when asked by this writer if his life changing decision to turn o gospel will result in him losing his fans that he has over the years melted hearts with mellow love songs.

After getting it from the grapevine, that Exile had turned to gospel, EZM had an exclusive chat with the living legend and its official Exile has now embraced gospel music more than ever before and it was not a decision that was made overnight. He revealed: ‘’

 I have been born again for a while now so it’s only right that I do what I feel in my spirit. The music will even be better now.’’

When asked further if his album which is set to be released soon will be purely classified as gospel.

 Exile declared- ‘’ I don’t want it to be classified as that because I think God has a big plan for this project so people will call it whatever they want. To me it is music for those seeking God but most of all it will introduce those who are lost like I was to Christ.’’

It is so evident that that Exile has grown spiritually thanks to Yahweh global ministries headed by bishop Nathaniel Banda where he congregates.


To his fans that he always moved with his golden touch every time he unleashes those soothing love songs there is this assurance from the legend, ‘’ I think the occasional love song will be there.’’

By Mwandama Arnold Chanshi