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CAMSTAR: Came for the money

CAMSTAR: Came for the money

Camstar has been one of the few rappers have held his ground from the beginning. One would think that maybe rapping in English would be  a major hinder for him but his fans and the public has reponded well to his international rapping and now when you hear Camstar you associate him with that talented rapper that raps in English. Over the few months he used to be signed to Diamond Chain which is owned by CRISIS, and then he left DC and is now working with another producer and also managed to get Nkandu Kataya aka Dj Stretch as his new manager. EZM Magazine sat down with the talented rapper whose rapping style can be compared to the legendary Jay-Z to discuss the future of his music, his views of the music industry and what he has to say to the young people.


Real name: Mwila mfula,

Age: 22

“EZM”      When did you started listening to Hip Hop and Rap Music?

“Camstar”   I grew up with my cousin, my cousin listened to hip hop and rap all the time. I was in the 2nd grade when I started listening to rap music and I got inspired to any music that happened to rap by the time.

“EZM”       Which artists were your influences?

“Camstar”  When I started listening hip hop and this was the early 90’s, Ice- cube, Tupac, Jay-Z amongst others where most popular by this time and they had a big influence in my music.

“EZM”      What made you start rapping in English?

It has always been my style and I used to listen to English rap as an influence, guess it came naturally. The fans accepted me rapping in English and it was something that they could always relate Camstar to unlike other artists like Slap Dee,rapping in English did not work out for them. I have started to do more songs in vernacular as it more acceptable and people can relate even more. Yet most of my songs are 80% English and 20 % vernacular.

“EZM”How come you split from Diamond chain and Crisis?


“EZMwho are you now working with?

“Camstar”  I am now working with TAZ at GOEMI.

 ” EZM “ Everyone seem to belong to a crew, do you have one?

” Camstar”  You cannot really call it a crew or click but something in that direction. I’m now working together with Cesar, Cognac, Toxiq More to come from us.

 “EZM “ What is Camstar’s position in the hip hop industry?

” Camstar  is competing with vernacular rappers, cannot compare to them. I am my own competition. My goal is to take my music international and in different countries.

 ” EZM”  Kopala or Berg Swagg?

“Camstar”  I was born in Ndola but lived 90 percent of my life in Lusaka so Berg swagg!

” EZM “ How is the beef between you and Slapdee?
“Camstar “ That beef was over years ago, in fact Nkandu Kataya aka DJ Stretch who used to manage Slapdee and XYZ is now my manager and I have done a few tracks with Ruff Kidd.  

“EZM “  Where is Zambian Hip Hop industry heading to?

” Camstar” We are taking it everywhere, taking it international

“EZM”   What do you have to say to younger rappers looking up to you?

 ” Camstar”  Talk about issues that people can relate to and things people understand.

Dambisa engaged!

Dambisa engaged!

Last week on our Facebook page we announced that the Diva had gotten engaged to her longtime boyfriend Chanda Brian Mulenga and now we have some exclusive pictures for you to watch and view as Mr Mulenga proposed very publicaly to an overjoyed and suprised Dambisa.


The now engaged diva announced that “Game” gave her engagement gifts. We can wonder what they were!


Congratulations Dambisa

EZM Music Chart: Zone Fam still leading the charts

EZM Music Chart: Zone Fam still leading the charts

We are coming close to the end of the year and a alot of artists are now bringing out their hits and videos for the years Born and Bred Awards to mention a few.

Zone Fam have been extremely impressive this year with their hit songs and videos and still are leading the charts with their major hits, “Mbama” Ndine Chikali” Shaka Zulu on Em”.  This has even earned them a nomination spot with this years Channel O’s awards which will take part in November and not to mention the release of their first studio album ” Foreign Exchange” . Slapdee has also been impressive this year and diva Kay who has proven to be one of the best females the industry has had has also taken the radio waves and TVs by storm.

1. Zone Fam

2. Slapdee



5. JK

6. P’jay

7. Macky ll

8. Mampi

9. T-Sean

10. Dandy Krazy


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On saturday the 1st of october all roads lead to Longridge Junction in
Chilanga for the Zed Experience 8th anniversary party. The event was a
 success, there was a huge turnout of people, the organisers Dj
Showstar and Master LT had put in much effort in ensuring that all
went well and it sure did go well.

We saw young talented rappers show case their skills on stage, it was
awesome to watch the young talents. The crowd cheered,chanted,danced
and rapped along with the young talents. Which was really good.
Some of the artistes who graced the show are;
Dalisoul,Brisky,Shipanzi,Alpha Romeo,Nana,Slap dee,T-Boy,Chika and 1

The crowd went wild when Nana stepped on the stage to perform her hit
number Kaduda,her dancing skills made the fans to go even more wild.

Slap dee had fans following him to his car as he left the stage, it
was really amazing to see how fans love and support the artistes.

By: Memory Kalima