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Chicken cocoanut with pineapple and Rice

Chicken cocoanut with pineapple and Rice

Chicken cocoanut with pineapple and Rice

Cooking time : 50 Min

Portions :4


1  onion

Rice 400g

Water 8dl

Chicken 400g

Paprika 1 teaspoon

Curry  2teaspoon

Cocoanut milk 2dl

water 2dl

pineapple 500g


Pour oil in the pot.

–          Finely chop the halv of the onion and throw in the oil

–          Stir the onion and add the rice and 8dl of water.

–          Let it come up to a boil and let it finish cooking on low heat for 10 mins.

Chicken Cocoanut with pineapple.

–          Pour oil in a deep pan

–          Add the chicken, fry untill they turn golden brown on both sides

–          Add the remaining onion (Important to not let the onion get brown)

–          Add the cocoanut milk and the 2dl water

–          Let it simmer for 20 min

–          Cut half of the pineapple into small pieces and add to the stew and let it simmer for another 15 min.

Decorate the plate with the remaining pinapple.


                        Bon Appetit.



Chef Lillian Elidah

By: Lillian Elidah

Best and Worst dressed Zambian Women

Best and Worst dressed Zambian Women

Queen of Fashion?


 In Zambia we have seen an increase in celebrities and public figure emerging from all corners of the professional industries and there are some we admire the fashion, style, whereas there are some we kind of want to go ” What happened?” EZM had a survey of who YOU thought to be the BEST/WORST Dressed Female and Male Zambian celebs. Wasn’t an easy road but here we go.


Your Best Dressed females Celebs;

Jane Osborne

African Queen

African Queen

 shows that one only gets better with time. A singer and entrepreneur, Jane
exhibits elegance and grace every time she blesses us with her presence.




Sylvia Masebo

The queen of politics

 is a well respected woman in the nation who is an inspiration to most African
women. Clearly she doesn’t debate with her wardrobe every morning ‘cause her dress-code
leaves much to be envied.









Salma Dodia a.k.a “akapilipili”,

Aka pilipili

Aka pilipili

 definitely works those stilettos and glam outfits making
top models wanna bow to her. She surely knows what time it is and motivates mothers out
there to hit the gym.









Angela Mulenga of Queen’s Wear.

Queen of wear

The young and talented fashion designer doesn’t leave
her skills on the working table. Coupled with an even skin-tone, she makes her every outfit
do the talking. Need we say more???









Kay Figo

Futuristic Diva

Diva of Music

Famous for her hit song ‘Kanyelele’ definitely has the key to fabulousity. Her
combo of street, sexy and sophisticated brings out that exclusive look. It is no wonder as to
why she is dubbed as Zambia’s “Lady Gaga”!!









Your worst dressed Zed female Celebs;

Kachanana Simate,


Womans Paradise

 a young and talented degree holder who clearly needs ALOT of work in
the fashion department. The hair dos and most of her outfits are not rocking at all!










Mutolo Mwamba Ngenda.

She is well spoken and admired by many aspiring journalists.
However, when she steps out, all attention shifts to her HEAVY makeup. Sometimes
simplicity is the key.






 Young Energy’s Female Emcee seems to be having an identity crisis!! Whether she’s
a Diva or a Tom-Boy is not clear to us. A fashion consultant should be hired ASAP.







A WOMAN WAS CREATED TO BE LOVED, TO OWES BE TOLD THAT SHE IS CHERISHED AND BE ADORED BY THE MAN WHO LOVES HER AND WANTS HER FOR MARRIAGE AND TO BE FRUITFUL AS THE BIBLE PUTS IT. AS Tasha, a love coach who appeared on VH1’s Secrets of Aspen, says that when a woman proposes to a man, she castrates him. “When you take the proposal away [from the man], you cut off their ability to make you [the woman] the happiest you could be.”

TASHA is right. Men are meant and created to propose, no wonder the BIBLE in proverbs 18:22 says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from GOD. And not the other way round.
Letting a man take charge isn’t about letting go of your own self or conceding that he has more power in the relationship. It’s about allowing the person you love to make a grand gesture. There’s something important about that ritual of a man making that commitment to a woman. Women have the ultimate power – saying yes or no.

The problem I see in women proposing is that they give room to the man to misbehave and break their hearts. SINCE A MAN WAS created to find, once u as a woman finds him, he will never ever be satisfied coz he will still want to find. THESE are men who now want to go out and will never find pleasure in being with you always. There is something divine in a man finding the one he loves and wants to settle with AND EVENTUALLY MARRY.COMMITMENT LEVELS MOSTLY BECOME HIGH AND RESPECT WITH REGARD TO HIS WIFE AND THE HOME becomes his ultimate goal.
Most a time men who were proposed never respected their spouses, never cared more about the welfare of their partners.
For the best fulfilling relationships, ladies must wait to be proposed of course indirectly they can show interest but not direct interest. Men were made in such a way that they want to fight for the things they want, those that come without hard work are not valued with the utmost special essence of bonding.

My urge to the women folk is that even when you know that you love the guy, don’t be so loose to just let go of your pride by being a “yes” girl. No, show some mantle by being yourself and not easily accepting is the way to cement, bolster, strengthen and fortify the relationship and move it to the great heights. Let the men play their role of chasing after you and play your role of playing hard to get cautiously and warily.
Desperation is easily read and comprehended by MAN.SO don play the desperate one, play the shrewd one. You can be desperate but DONTI KUBEBA (don’t show it).

By: Francis Ngenda Sipalo




 The Executive Committee of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) met on Monday in an emergency meeting to review the performance of the Zambia National Soccer  team and have decided to fire coach Dario BonettiFAZ President Kalusha Bwalya said the decision was taken by mutual consent. “Though the team has qualified, there’s still more that the team can give.

The team has more potential than that,” the FAZ President said“We will go back to the drawing board, consult with stakeholders and make necessary changes in due course, ” Kalu added.However Bonetti has denied that he had agreed to leave. “My intention was to stay here,” he saidThe Italian 15-month reign has seen him preside over 8 victories,3 draws and 4 losses.

Bonetti said he was not bitter to have been dismissed just after securing Zambia’s place at the Gabon/Equatorial Guinea Africa Cup tournament which is three month away and to be held from January 21 to February 12.“I have done my work very well, I have qualified the team for the Nations Cup. This is a great opportunity for all our players,” he argued. “The people are happy, everything was ok. Obviously I am sorry for what’s happened, but I must accept it,” he said “I’m happy and our record in the last 15 games speaks for itself ,one of the best in Africa. I enjoyed working with this team. We contributed positively and We have worked very well. Nobody can discount this.”“I feel very happy because We worked with very good players and the staff. I want to stay happy and leave with fond memories of my time here. I hope we can close the contract properly.”Bonetti did say he has enjoyed his time in the country Zambia and thanked the Government and people for their support.“All the people I met, they are happy and friendly . We were very well received. I want to thank the people of Zambia for their hospitality.

By Kapata Norman