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Best and worst dressed males

Best and worst dressed males

Your best dressed local hunks;




Kalumba Chikonde a.k.a K-Smash has been in the game for over 10 years and he’s sure not
to let the young generation overthrow him. Those sexy “Fresh-to-death” t-shirts make him
stand out and his knee-weakening husky voice comes as a consolation!!









Jordan Katembula a.k.a JK has a unique up to date style that keeps getting more and more
glamorous with time. There is no doubt in our minds that he is a fashion trend setter.








Trevor Siyandi a.k.a T.K.


The Romaside Music producer expands his creativity all the
way down to his fashion taste. He puts the melodies of color together and comes up with





Chisenga Katongo a.k.a Crisis a.k.a Mr Swagger

The ‘pioneer’ of modern Zambian Hip-hop
dresses to make a statement and definitely knows how to command attention. Nominated
for a number of awards, we await him unleashing more Swag.








Mainza Chipenzi

charming check, soothing voice check, height check, sizzling hot
double-check!! Though not very active in the music business at the moment, his youthful-
grown man style makes most ladies forget he is married. He shares this slot with CQ a.k.a
Muzukulu who possesses similar characteristics and happens to be married too.







Your worst dressed male celebs;



Marky II definitely is “Umupondo”.

 He has managed to win the hearts of many of us with
his music but his style ain’t as lethal as his punchlines. Trying too hard to be unique may
sometimes cause a little misunderstanding between you and your fashion sense.







Master Chimbala

The successful director of the hit reality show “READY FOR MARRIAGE”
knows how grab our attention to the telly but those shirts might as well be thrown in the
recycle bin. We understand the whole African vibe but it’s being done all wrong. Sir, you
have just been fined.








 has the voice and the talent and is best known for his hit song ‘KAMALASHA’…well
let’s just say, the song best fits his fashion sense.









 General Kanene


  He has had some controversal hit songs but his style is nothing but controversal. Really need to work on his clothes, the hair and oh well the whole shi-bang. It does not go.






Careful what you decide to wear when you step out the scene…everyone is watching and
assessing your sense of style regardless of how much you don’t care. As a celebrity appearance
really does matter!!

Make your konection today: LS Konect a Zambian Social network

Make your konection today: LS Konect a Zambian Social network

Make your konection today: LS Konect a Zambian Social network

Communication in the modern world has been made easier with the advancement of technology
and the introduction of social networks and networking. As a committed and dedicated fan of social
networks and networking it is good to finally have a local social network of high quality that was created
by our very own local talent. The new social network LS Konect was started recently and is having an
increase in the number of users daily. One would ask, “what is LS Konect all about?”



LS Konect is a social network app designed to help you connect with friends, through chat, sms and
message exchange. It is powered by LS Kreation, a multimedia production and logistics company that
has been in operation since February 2011.



Again one would ask what makes it different from facebook, myspace, vkontakte, live journal and
other network sites that come to mind. The answer is simple; “LS Konect will be a combination of the
current favorites in the social networking pool, it will not only aid in getting in touch with your long lost
friends but also with business professionals, buy goods, download music, and market yourself as an
individual”. I mean, where else would you get to tell the developers what you think should be added
to the site. After registering it a few days ago, I must say I was very impressed. Of course it is still in the
development phase but the future is looking bright for the site/app.



To the masterminds behind it all I can say is job well done!

To register visit www.lskonect.com

LS Konect “life starts with a connection…”


By: Nachali Simukonda