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Slingbeats and MTN Presents: Naeto C

Slingbeats and MTN Presents: Naeto C

One of the biggest record labels in Zambia and MTN has partnered together to bring us NAETO C on December 2nd.

The concert will take place at Hollywood Club and the stage will be graced by our own Zambian artists.



EZM Magazine will be there to bring you all the exclusive updates.

The colonial Collection Fashion show 4th December

The colonial Collection Fashion show 4th December


House of Divinity from Botswana, will be showcasing their range of jewelry products on the 4th of December 2011. Sharing the stage with some of Zambia best and upcoming designers @ LIV Night Club and Restaurant.

Come enjoy music from Zambias best Maureen Lilanda, Scarlet, DeZert RoZe and ZONE FAM ( Other Designers include, Eccentric Couture House Ech, hauseofMay, ESNOKO, MUSH, CHUWI COUTURE, RAYMOND GREEN LSK, PRESH, SONDAZ)

Careful of the sex tapes and photos

Careful of the sex tapes and photos



Girls Watch Out:

 Never ALLOW your boyfriend today to pick a shot of your nakeness! When he become your EX tomorrow; he may upload it on facebook to disgrace you. If you have nude pictures of yourself on your phone on laptop, protect it or delete it. If he uses his phone or any other device to capture your nakeness unawares, remove the memory card and smash it until is completely destroyed because deleted items for flash drives are easily recoverable! A word to the Wise Girl

The secret behind bonding

The secret behind bonding


Bonding means connecting, not only feeling for the other person, but being attached to one another. every person needs bonding to flourish and grow, between mother and child, between husband and wife, between brothers and sisters, and between close friends. bonding is an affirmation, it gives one a sense of belonging, the feeling that “i matter”. it establishes trust, trust in oneself and trust in others. It instills confidence. Without bonding and nurturing we cannot realise and be ourselves.

Bonding is giving all of yourself, not just part, it is one emotion but all of them. Only then can bonding be constructive and everlasting.

An essential component of bonding is endurance, its ability to withstand challenges and setbacks. without endurance there is no chance to develop true bonding.

Bonding is eternal. it develops an everlasting union that lives forever through the perpetual fruit it bears.

 By: Chisenga Kunda







Here are three of my latest garments from my current collection called ‘SUN KISSED’ for this summer.

  They are fabulous pieces designed to clear simplicity and elegance with a couture finish to each of them and a golden glow in the fabric.

  They are  perfect outfits to wear to any elegant evening event this summer. 


 Clear Fabulosity!  Eccentric couture House, Creativity and Uniqueness at it’s Best!

Contact Numbers: +(26)0975421332

 Facebook page:  Eccentric couture House .

Chairperson Dundu Mudenda commends the Zambia National Service

Chairperson Dundu Mudenda commends the Zambia National Service



The Choma Stadium Participation Committee Chairperson Dundu Mudenda has commended the Zambia National Service (ZNS) who were awarded the contract to rehabilitee the dilapidated Independence stadium in the district for their quality and timely works. Mudenda disclosed that he was happy with the quality of work the ZNS were carrying out at the stadium.  He disclosed that constructions of the stadium drainage system, dress rooms, Toilets and playing turf were 90% done and were only remaining with the security wire and grand stand.

The Chairperson told EZM Magazine Sports reporter in Choma on Saturday after his Committee toured the stadium which has reached it final stage disclosed that it was gratifying to note that ZNS were putting in their best in spite of a few setbacks.

Mudenda disclosed that constructions works on the Bonanza Independence stadium were on course and were progressing on well. The Chairperson disclosed that the timely completion of the stadium was important as soccer fans in Choma and Southern province as a whole would want to start watching the MTN FAZ Premier matches in Choma.

Mudenda commended the Office of the District Commissioner, ZNS and other stakeholders for closely monitoring the project. He further added that since ZNS Green Eagles football club of Choma has escaped relegation to remain in the MTN FAZ Premier league, it  has given them courage to finish the stadium on time so that it can be ready for used next season. And Mudenda further implored the Choma Municipal council to release the K 20 Million which was given to the stadium under the Constituency development fund (CDF)  He disclosed that during a full council early this year had approved a total of K 60 Million of which only K 40 million was given to the stadium with a balance of K 20 million which has not be released. He urged the Choma Municipal council to release the money to stadium so that it could speed up the works before the rains


By: Norman Kapata

Meet: DJ H-Man

Meet: DJ H-Man

When meeting Harold a.k.a DJ H-Man for the first time one can notice that he is not only a handsome,
charismatic young man but also smart, talented and well mannered. EZM managed to get a quick
interview with this talented young DJ/producer


Harold: I have been doing music for a good 10 years. I started in school singing in an accapela group.
That was my first step on the music journey that I continue to take.

After school (2001-2002) I visited a music studio, Sling Beats. It was my first time being in a recording
studio. This inspired me to compose my own songs and eventually recorded my first song there.

Shortly after that I went to Russia and it was there that I taught myself how to play a guitar, use
computer software for producing and recording music, I also continued to horn my song writing skills.
During my first year I had set up my first make-shift studio, where people paid to record their music. This
connected me to the local Russian scene, eventually I had music collaborations with local acts which led
to invitations from local clubs. Other than that I actively took part in various functions organized by the

I did a collaboration with several artists titled The Voice of Liberation (a song against Racism), which
brought me a lot of local attention. The song made a big buzz and we got invited to play at clubs. A well
known local MC took note of me and introduced to some club managers, who in turn hired me as an
MC/Singer at a local club K2. Few months later I moved to another job at another club which was purely
a club for hip-hop music. Working at the new club, I proved myself resourceful, so I was also hired to DJ.
At first I would play the closing set (before club closes), this gave me an opportunity to learn how to use
the Disc-jockeying equipment. As I got better I began to play during the club’s prime time.

From here I decided to combine being a DJ, singer and producer. I added DJ to the name H-Man.


EZM: Where in Lusaka have you played as a DJ?

Harold: I played at Room-101 for a while, but mostly I have been DJ’ing at Events (alongside names such
as Rico Ricardo, Kaliwa(Hot fm), LBC(Qfm), MixMaster(Hone fm) and others)



EZM: What differentiates you from other local DJs?

Harold: Some of the stuff I play is customized (I make my version of a track), am fun (if people aren’t
having fun even am not having fun), I can adapt to the crowd and situation (adaptability being a very



Harold: Afro-pop, HipHop/RnB, South African House, European House. I’m a people’s DJ and I keep
music as versatile as I can.As a producer I go through phases but as a DJ I must be able to read the crowd.


Hobbies: swimming, playing guitar, Socializing, philosophizing, taking walks

Favorite food: Nshima with ifisashi and trotters, chicken and chips, chikanda, cheese

Plans for the near future: Complete University degree in law, Release 2nd solo albums, travel to Holland


By: Nachali Simukonda

EXCLUSIVE: Petita Mwanza on Swahili Fashion Week

EXCLUSIVE: Petita Mwanza on Swahili Fashion Week

A few weeks ago that the beautiful and first winner of Zambia’s Supermodel, Petita Mwanza announced publicly that she would no longer do national catwalks unless it was for charity,guess the model had been planning the exit for a while. She recently made her signature walk for the first time ever on the Swahili Fashion week and she looked amazing and also represented Zambia well. EZM Magazine caught up with an exclusive interview about the SFW.

EZM: What did u love and learn about the SFW?

Petita: Firstly I had an amazing time in Tanzania,the level of professionalism and organisation is up to par,the East africans have exiled because of the massive support they get from locals and government at  large which we lack as a country.

EZM: What was the hardest thing ?

Petita: The hardest part was the quick changes and not screwing up on stage, otherwise I enjoyed every moment I spent on the runway!I felt special.








EZM: The happiest moments?

Petita: I was blown away by the talent coming from Africa. I Enjoyed every minute on the runway and meeting new people from other African countries and finally havin to work with Jan Malan.








EZM: Which designer did you  love?

Petita:.Everyone  of the 50 designers had a unique touch to there work, I am particularly proud of the two Zambian designers, Charity Nyirongo and Towani Clark. Beautiful stuff. I am so honoured to have finally worked with Jan Malan and his team.


Dj Chali: Hone FM's finest

Dj Chali: Hone FM's finest

Name: Chali Laswel aka Dj Chali from Hone Fm.

D.O.B: 8th May 19-8something.

Schools attended: Lotus,Licef and Kabulonga Boys.

EZM : Tell us about your history and background

 DJ Chali: Straight after completing High School I started workng at a take away, I later on quit because I didn’t enjoy the job. In 2007, I joined the K-Smash academy at Hot fm,from then I started presenting Zed 6to6 part 3 with Dj Angel,for a couple of months. The academy was later dissolved when K-Smash left Hot Fm after a few differences. I later on went to join Hone Fm fan club, for about a year I never had an opportunity to be behind the mic. But, I kept constant contact with K-Smash, he told me that their was a new station opening (Joy Fm) I went there and I was given a first shift on test transmission. Guess what? The moment I sat on the deck, there was a power cut imagine? I told myself this is not were God wants me to be.

 I walked the Hone Fm corridors for 2 years without a shift. Somebody noticed me and invited me on their shift, thanx Master L.T I presented the Zed Xperience wit him for a year and I then finally got my own shift which came out second most listened to show in just 3 months. And increased the ratings of the station to 3rd ranked in Zambia, on that was towards the end of 2009. In december 2010, I was appointd head Dj for Hone Fm, of which am still serving upto now.



EZM Quick Questions;

EZM: Do you have any academic qualifications?

DJ Chali: I droped out of IT class to pursue my dream (music) I ended up being a Dj, but am going back to school to study Banking in February 2012.


EZM: What has been your greatest challenge?

DJ Chali: My greatest challenge is pressure from fans, Djs have a goal “Never lose a fan”, so in trying to be nice some take it the other way, but it’s all about discpline, imagine getting calls from 5-8 new people per day? It’s a bit stressful, but I set limits.


EZM: When do you come on radio?

DJ Chali: Tuesday to Thursday on a show called the “Late Night Xpress” from 21:00 to 00:00 and Fridays on the “Lunchbox” 12 to 15.


EZM: Worst thing that happend to you on air?

Dj Chali: Talking trash with a friend not knowing that the Mic was on. It was really bad.


EZM: Apart from deejaying what else do you do?

Dj Chali: I own a recording studio (Showlink Entertainment) which I’ve run since 2007, am the Producer and I worked with people like Bflow,Ruffkid,Slap Dee,Pjay,Lyricist,Choklet,Manas,J-Wander and many upcoming artstes.


By: Memory Kalima