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This Friday the first ever Zambian weekly entertainment newspaper will see the streets and shops of Lusaka. EZM Magazine had an exclusive interview with chief-editor Terence Miselo,former journalist from The Post Zambia

“EZM” What will Entertainment Weekly be publishing?

“Terence Miselo” Entertainment Weekly will have a focus on the Zambian entertainment in parliament, sports, politics and of course the entertainment industry. We’ll focus on celebrities, mainly our Zambian celebrities. We want to make people know that yes in Zambia we do have celebrities and we have to support that. They entertain us, they make us laugh, they inspire us to know that whilst not all dreams are achievable but with determination and perseverance you can and will achieve.



“EZM” Tell us more about the first printed issue coming out this Friday

“Terence Miselo” This issue and like most of our upcoming weekly issues will be about honouring, remembering and focusing on entertainment. We want to introduce the lifestyle of having a broad knowledge of the  entertainment industry in Zambia. This is something that even youths and teens can read and afford.



“EZM” Where does Entertainment Weekly get the information from?

“Terence Miselo” We’re a newspaper, we have very reliable sources and information. Our readers should just expect to have the best within entertainment every week.



“EZM” Does Entertainment Weekly have paparazzi?

“Terence Miselo” You can not really call them Paparazzi, but we do have a photographer whose job is to find out what is happening and having the correct news in motion pictures.



“EZM” What can the readers expect in the newspaper?

“Terence Miselo” We always have  an exclusive interview with someone that the people want to know more about. We’ll have reviews on certain events and projects. One of the things that we really want to give our readers is “Living Legends” This section of the newspaper is to appreciate and honour people who have made a difference in our society and culture. It is very important that people get to know what and how they have contributed whilst they are alive.



“EZM” Who will be in the news paper this week?

“Terence Miselo” We have one of the leading divas in the music industry covering, an exclusive interview with Pilato and on “Living Legends”, we will be looking at Exile and what he has meant to the entertainment and music industry.



“EZM” Where can people buy the newspaper and how much ?

“Terence Miselo” The first printed edition will be sold on the streets of Lusaka and after we will start selling nation wide. The price is very reasonable and everyone can afford.



There you have it ladies and gentleman.EZM Magazine will always be giving the weekly  exclusive information and interviews that Weekly Entertainment newspaper will be printing out. Make sure that you get yourself a copy this Friday in Lusaka and read EZM Magazine



*The picture shown has nothing to do with the newspaper.


BLACK BLAZER: A must have

BLACK BLAZER: A must have

A black blazer is a must own. It is fun and easy to pair up. It can give a simple but sophisticated look as well. Best of all it can be worn on just about anything and for every style.

You can have it on a pair of short shorts, some rocker leather pants/leggings,  a cute dress and a pair of good jeans.


 Look at some of the celebrities who have rocked this fashionable must have.

By Nancy Chola Chali/ Iconimage Consultancy 


Sports: Christopher Katongo the new face of Pepsi Zambia

Sports: Christopher Katongo the new face of Pepsi Zambia


The Chipolopolo players are enjoying alot of success and now endorsement deals. Goalkeeper ”You can’t see me” Kennedy Mweene signed his endorsement deal with Bonnita  and now  our captain Christopher Katongo signed on a one year  contract for Pepsi Zambia.


Pepsi Group chief executive officer Shankar Krishnan said:

Katongo’s leadership qualities and hunger for success would resonate well with the brand. Krishnan said this during the signing-in ceremony in Lusaka on Friday.


Here is what Christopher Katongo said on the signing ceremony.

“I am humbled and honoured with the signing of the contract to carry the face of the brand. Out of all the good players in the national team, they picked me out, I will not disappoint the company because discipline is one of my major principles,” said Katongo, who features for Chinese side Henan Jienye.


He, however, could not disclose the amount Katongo would be getting, but we are sure that it will be beeeeeg money.


Source: Daily Mail




EZM Music Chart:

EZM Music Chart:

This is the 1st week of EZM Music Chart after last year and we are excited about the progress the Zambian music is making and taking. Our charts are based from Zedbeats download website and his music channel where we analyse the video/song with the must viewers and download. This week  people still seem to be in the Chipolopolo celebration  mood because  all the Chipolopolo songs are topping our music chart this week.


  1. Macky II – Bikamo Umwela
  2. General Ozzy Ft Kabova Zambia bola
  3. Ruff Kid, Slap Dee Ft JK- Ba Zambia( Tule wina wina)
  4. T-Boy Mannual Book
  5. Mampi Mwalilowelela
  6. Mag44, Tio, Pompi & Chungu – Chipolopolo Africa
  7. 2wo-1ne – Vitumbuwa
  8. Mampi ft Slap Dee – Selecta
  9. B’flow ft JK & Exile- Chitemene System
  10. MK Macky II- Feeling, feeling



EZM Music Chart provided by http://www.



God's time is the best time

God's time is the best time

God is the Lord of patience and time.


Often we want our lives to go accordingly to what we need and want but we only think of the present and not about the future or even if we do think of the future, we do not know all of the ways, steps, people and situations that will take us there but the Lord knows. Before the He take you before He take you to where you need to be, you need to learn and learning is something that we as human beings naturally do not want to do because, we think that with our past experiences and teachings, they are sufficient enough for us to know what is right or wrong. When God wants you to take another route in your life, or remove the people whom He knows are not the best for you to  walk beside you he will do ANYTHING to remove you from that situation by taking you through heartaches, trying times just because He cares for you, not that He wants to hurt you. Our Lord is the same Lord today. Tomorrow and forever, therefor He can bring you to something temporary but if that is not the right time or right thing He will remove and you have to pray for patience to say:


”Lord, I do not know what you’re trying to tell me, but at your time, I’ll get to know”


You need to be patient in the Lord.Pray for guidance and wisdom in everything that you’ll do. This will open up your eyes, heart and soul to take in His ways that he has for you and your life.Take a time to look back at what you have been through, the people that have left your life and look around you now. What has changed? Did you not manage to get through that horrible divorce? Get over the death of your loved one? Manage to become SOMEBODY in life? Got through that heartbreak? You did it by your will to listen and seek God but also having faith that He will never forsake or leave you.


Every blessing ignored becomes a curse –paulo Coelho

and sometimes God speak to us about life, the ways he want you to take, the people you should have but if you do not have God in your life, believe in Him and live by his righteous ways, you will drift from Him and seek wisdom and answer all by yourself that  can resolve to every blessing that he gives in your life, you ignore it because you have put yourself in a situation where God used to speak to you and you did not listen and that curse becomes a circle of another curse. You will soon lose confidence in yourself and  start thinking, since I have come this far, this is what the Lord wanted to be, but most of the times it is not. This can be proven by people who in their lives thought that they made the best decision and got temporary satisfaction by it, but later on that decision turned out to be not God’s decision and the moment they seek God, he removes them from that decision to begin their life with his decision .


When you speak, walk and talk with God, he guides you to exactly what you need in life, you just have to be open to receive his word and live by it, no matter how hard it is, trust in the Lord

Sports: Katongo supports Renards decision to discipline Clifford Mulenga

Sports: Katongo supports Renards decision to discipline Clifford Mulenga


Zambia National Soccer Team Captain Christopher Katongo has called on soccer funs to respect Chipolopolo Boys coach Herve Renard’s decision to expel Clifford Mulenga from the team. Katongo said the coach has every right to punish a player who is indiscipline so as to instil discipline in the team.

The national team Captain statedthat there is no need for Zambians to be upset with Renard as he did not come upwith the decision to send Mulenga home alone.

“The decision was arrived at bythe Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) officials and the nationalteam,” Katongo said.

Katongo disclosed that it was the agreements of the entire team to exhibit discipline at the tournament adding that there is no need to blame the coach.

“We were actually speaking in our local language as a team that we should exhibit a high level of discipline atthe tournament so that other teams could emulate us. Renard could not hear whatwe were saying,” he said.


Katongo said he was surprised that some of the players decided to do the opposite of what they discussed earlier.

And when asked what he could have done by one of the callers from Mansa if he were in Renard’s shoes, Katongo said he is a Christian and would have forgiven Mulenga.

“If I was in Renard ‘s shoes, I was going to forgive Mulenga because God also forgives our sins daily but I being the Captain of the team I led by example and exhibited some discipline both inside and outside the pitch,” Katongo said.


Clifford Mulenga is said to have apologies to the football fraternity but it looks like his forgiveness letter has fallenon deaf ears




Christopher Katongo also took time to:


Zambia National soccer team captain Christopher Katongo has commended Zambians for their support to the national team during and after the AFCON tournament.

Katongo said Zambians should maintainthe same spirit they showed the team adding that they are known to be apeaceful and loving nation.He has further called on Zambians tosupport the team for the next three to four years so that it goes to the worldcup.

And Football Association of Zambia (FAZ)communications officer Eric Mwanza disclosed that trophy will be taken roundthe whole provincial centres across the country so that people could have afeel of the trophy.Mwanza said team captain Katongotogether with other FAZ officials will take the trophy to all the provincial centres.




In other news:


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has warned that it will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against individuals and erringmembers who bring the name of the sport in disrepute. The warning comes in the wake of recent media reports were some socceradministrators have been issuing incessant attacks on Youth and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili following his counsel to delegates to the 2012 FAZ Annual General Meeting next month.

FAZ Communications Manager, Erick Mwanza has described press reports asregrettable, unfair and inimical to the country’s desire to continue nurturingand building blocks of national development for the good of the game. Mr. Mwanza observed that it has become fashionable amongst some of the membersto become vocal whenever the time for FAZ AGM approached. This was in response to media reports attributed to Nkhosi Warriors Football Club chairperson Keith Mwewa and Kabwe Warriors Club chairperson Andrew Kamangain which the two attacked Sports Minister, Chishimba Kambwili.

Mr. Mwanza urged FAZ members to be alive to regulations and rules governingtheir conduct as well as the policy of non engagement with the public and government through the medium of the press under any circumstance. He stated that the association is calling upon all its members to continueholding hands and work towards the greater unity of the game and aspire formore success. Mr. Mwanza said the association would use existing channels of communication and appropriate judicial bodies to deal with the two erring members whose conductcan bring the name of the Association into ridicule and disrepute.


By Norman Kapata

Politics: Nelson Mandela is in a satisfactory condition

Politics: Nelson Mandela is in a satisfactory condition

The former South African president Nelson Mandela was  hospitalized with stomach ailment but now the presidency of South Africa has issued another statement regarding his progress and condition


President Jacob Zuma wishes to advise that former President Nelson Mandela is in a satisfactory condition in hospital and is comfortable.
The former president was admitted to hospital this morning, 25 February 2012 for a planned procedure to investigate the causes of a long-standing abdominal complaint.
“Madiba is fine and fully conscious and the doctors are satisfied with his condition, which they say is consistent with his age. He was in good health before admission in hospital but doctors felt the complaint needed a thorough investigation. He underwent a diagnostic procedure as part of his ongoing medical management. We are happy that he is not in any danger and thank the doctors for their hard work and professionalism.
He is receiving good medical care and is expected to be discharged from hospital either tomorrow or Monday,” President Zuma said.
Members of the public can send messages to Madiba through President Zuma to
We reiterate the request for the privacy of Madiba and his family to be respected.
Enquiries: Mac Maharaj on 079 879 3203 or /
Sorce: The Presidency Pretoria



Politics: Zambians not pleased with Ban-Ki Moon's gay rights in Zambia

Politics: Zambians not pleased with Ban-Ki Moon's gay rights in Zambia

Accordingly to Tumfweko the:

The Call by visiting UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon for countries to recognize and respect homosexuality has been opposed by organisations and individuals in the country.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia -EFZ- says homosexuality is against Zambia’s traditional customs and religious beliefs.

EFZ Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza has told ZNBC News in an interview that homosexuality should not be entertained in Zambia because it contradicts local cultures.

And some residents in Livingstone have condemned calls for homosexuality to be recognized in the country saying the act is despicable and dehumanizing.

Dilan Nyendwa says homosexuality is inhuman and should never be regarded as a human right.

Akusensio Mvula has told ZNBC News that Zambia as a Christian Nation must condemn advocates of gay rights.

And Hillcrest Seventh Day Adventist church Administration Elder Cleverson Mweemba even quoted scripture from the Bible against the homosexuality and has called on Christians to draw closer to God saying the end is near.

During his meeting with former President Kenneth Kaunda, Visiting UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called for countries to recognize and respect homosexuality.




How to keep a good woman happy and loved

How to keep a good woman happy and loved

As men, we always want to believe that women can with stand everything and anything but a woman does reach a breaking point and when you have lost a good woman, to find the next good woman will take a while. A woman is one of the most complex beings on this earth and we can’t blame them for being so complex because they have to endure being daughters, mothers, sisters and guardians and the way society treats them is not the best and they have built this wall around them that they say something else but really mean something else to not appear weak or misleading in our eyes. Women they truly keep us grounded and stable.


Here are some of the advices that EZM Magazine have given for you to practise on how to cater for her better.


Attention: Women are more likely to cheat because of the lack of attention that their partner is giving them and will seek it in other men. When she is talking, try to listen as much as possible and pay as much detail as you possibly can. It is the small things that she will say that she will want you to remember and pay attention to. When she says something, always repeat the word, she will know that you are listening.


Encouragement: Any man want a woman is who independent, secure and strong in her belief but the world does and will not always give her this chance to showcase her talents or be herself. You can always encourage your woman by telling her how strong she is, why you are with her and she is as strong as the most powerful African queen that there has been.


Presents: Women love to be surprised and taken away. If you have a woman who loves music and art, write her a poem, buy her the CD of her favorite musician and if she is into sports, get her something that will encourage her to love the sport and also perform the sport. Women love gifts and presents, you will never go wrong on this one.


TLC: The 2nd thing a woman really wants is some love and affection. You have to take a bit extra time to cuddle her,hug her, kiss her and hold her in your arms. No matter how big, small, position a woman will get in life, she only wants to be held in the arms of her man who will ensure her that she is safe and she is where she is supposed to be.


I love you: These three words should be constantly said and acted upon. A woman will need to hear you tell her that YOU love her and you should show it in your actions. Once in a while, during that Monday morning or Friday night, text her or call her to say that ” I love you”


With these small steps and knowledge that you now have, we hope that it will help you in your relationship