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Press Release

Press Release







Dear readers,

Starting from May, 2012 EZM Magazine will undergo some major changes to the content we choose to publish. Our content will be more focused on issues relevant to a middle aged audience. What they would want to know and how we can contribute to their lives for the better in entertainment, education, life and living.

We would also like to announce the launch of the “Z.C Teen and Youth magazine”. Z.C a daughter magazine of EZM is compiled by young, talented and ambitious teen editors seeking to educate, entertain and become a voice for teenagers and young adults in Zambia.

Most of our readers ask when we’ll start publishing. Well, we want to make a magazine that will be of high quality and this means taking a bit of time to ensure everything goes smoothly. In the meantime, both magazines will be online but we’re working everyday to make sure that when we launch the first printed hard copy of both magazines, it will be a memorable magazine that we can and will be proud of ten years down the line. We hope to roll out hard copies of both magazines in a few months.

My co-workers and I, want to thank you and we hope that you continue visiting the new EZM Magazine and also The “Z.C Teen and Youth Magazine”.

Once more, I thank everyone who has read the magazine on our website and fanned our Facebook over the last one year- It has been with great pleasure and honour to contribute to the Zambian society and culture. We have stood true to our EZM Magazine morals and ways, “To provide educating, entertaining, exclusive articles to our readers.”

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Sincerely, CEO


Lillian Elidah Daka-Mumba

Gospel Corner: How To Handle Temptation 2 of 3

Gospel Corner: How To Handle Temptation 2 of 3


(Matthew 4 vs 5-7)

“Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple.” (Matthew 4:5).

If you think Church is the last place Satan will tempt you from, am very sorry ; you are wrong.
Infact, its that one place he makes people boast, pride and despair.
In Matthew 4 vs 5, Jesus was taken to the HOLY CITY ; Satan surely walks up to the holy of hollies if he has to in order for him to get what he wants.
Its at the highest point of the temple that Jesus was taken. You may be a church elder, youth leader, praise team lead singer or any other minister of any sort. The more people you have looking up to you, the more the devil will want you to fall so you can bring a one third with you; when the devil was exiled in heaven, he brought a one third with him.

This time, Jesus was taken to his comfort zone ; Holy City.
And Satan with his ‘if theory’ once more ;

“If you are the Son of God”, he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written: “‘He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.'” (Matthew 4:6).

Satan is using scripture from Psalms 91 vs 11 and 12 to push Jesus to trust and rely on The Father for protection.
Some one can be able to quote the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, speak words of great encouragement and faith yet their Heart is filled with enmity for God.
Enough people misquote the scriptures for personal interest, selfishness and alike. One of the most common but misquoted scriptures is Matthew 7 vs 1, ‘Judge not that ye be not judged’, alot of people find this to be a loophole to not speaking out when something is not right saying ‘am not judgemental’. Look up 1Cor 2 vs 5 and understand this better.

In verse 7, Jesus resists the misquote not with urguement or saying, ‘whatever I ask of the Father is given unto me’, but with another quote from Deutronomy 6 vs 16 ; Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.'” (Matthew 4:7).

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.(Hebrews 4:12).
The word of God is a weapon; it can be used for or against you.
Its very dangerous to close your Bible and forget when you don’t understand something. Go and talk to your church elders, pastors, youth leaders or any other minister of the word for clarity. He who asks is ignorant for a while, but he who keeps quite is ignorant forever.
Dont hesitate, approuch someone everytime you have have trouble with understanding.


By: MayJAH

The Beyonce Diet ( Lemonade Diet)

The Beyonce Diet ( Lemonade Diet)

Many people want to know how to lose weight on The Lemonade Diet, and if it is even possible or if the diet is just a fad.


What is the Lemonade Diet?


The Lemonade Diet, also known as the Master Cleanse, has been around for many years. It was first explained in a book that was published in 1976, but has gained popularity in recent years because of a new book on the subject published in 2004.

The diet has also gained popularity as stories of celebrities using it to lose weight have circulated on the Internet and in magazines. Celebrities from Beyonce Knowles to Robin Quivers have credited the Lemonade Diet with helping them lose weight.

The Lemonade Diet is more accurately a fast, because you aren’t really eating anything when you are on the diet. It is meant to help cleanse the body of toxins, and allow the user to lose weight at the same time.

The diet involves drinking a sort of lemonade made with lemons, purified water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The drink is consumed throughout the day, and laxative tea is taken in the evenings.

Most people follow the Lemonade Diet for about 10 days, though some use the diet for as many as 40 days.

How to Lose Weight on the Lemonade Diet

When the diets is followed strictly, there’s really no question as to how to lose weight on the lemonade diet. You simply won’t be getting enough calories to not lose weight if you stay on this diet for several days.

This diet is tough on the digestive system and you will see a big increase in bowel movements during the cleanse, which is really what this “diet” was intended to be. It’s not really meant to be used as a diet, and any weight loss that happens while on it will probably be erased quickly thereafter.

That’s because once you start eating again your body will think that it has to prepare for another starvation cycle (which is what going on a fast is) and you’ll quickly gain back what weight you lost, and maybe more, unless you make a real effort to follow a healthy diet to maintain that weight loss.

The Lemonade Diet is not a long-term solution for weight loss. While it can help you to lose a few pounds temporarily, as any diet that involves not eating would, it’s not a permanent solution.

It’s a much better idea to think about the Lemonade Diet under its other name, Master Cleanse Diet, because the real idea behind the diet is cleaning impurities from the body, not losing weight.


The Master Cleanse is a detoxification process, which means that it aims to get toxins and other unsavory things out of the body. Those who regularly do detoxification like the Master Cleanse say that they feel more energetic and think more clearly after the process than they did before.

The only trouble is, it takes a lot of work for the body to eliminate the bad things that have been accumulating in it for so long. There are many cleansing or detoxification symptoms that you may experience, including:

  • Hunger or food cravings
  • Irritability
  • Tiredness
  • Aches and pains
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Hot or burning bowel movements
  • Headaches

Those who are experienced with detoxification describe these symptoms as signs that you are eliminating significant toxins from your body and say that it is likely you will feel much better then next day after having these symptoms.

If you are trying to figure out how to lose weight on the Lemonade Diet and you aren’t really interested in the detoxification effects, you might want to consider if a different diet plan is better for you, since losing weight on this kind of plan is difficult and usually not long-lasting. If you want to lose a lot of weight and keep it off permanently, this diet is probably not the best choice for you.





1. Clean your make up brushes every two weeks to remove bacteria and residue. If you

don’t, you just keep re-applying the filthy junk to your face!


2. Use a face primer before applying foundation to your skin. This minimizes the

formation of large pores and wrinkles.


3. Always use clean face towels for your face and body. Dirty towels promote bacteria

and germs that can cause acne.


4. Having greasy hair can be a factor in having oily skin which leads to blackheads.


5. Feed your face! Avocados contain vitamins A and C that can help slow the signs of

aging. A facial mask of honey and lemon enhances skin glow.


Now you have it! Get to work on these 5 easy D.I.Ys!


By: Kafula Mutale

Why Never To Date Married Men

Why Never To Date Married Men

Dating married men has become a trend that most of our college ladies use in order to get the basic needs they cannot afford to get by themselves. This is degrading to society and it is the reason why many marriages are not working out right now. EZM thought it could be wise to educate the ladies on why they shouldn’t date married men in order to help them see with reason and not engage in such.

-Just like he started cheating on his wife after seeing you, he will do the same to you immediately he sees a new face fresher than you. The reason he cheats on his wife is because he wants some fresh experience and so what makes you special? Try to complain about it and he will dump you right there without second thoughts and think of how embarrassing it can be when he tells you to stop complaining because you are not his wife, Ouch!

-Most ladies have the wrong misconception that all married men are rich, just because your friend is dating a rich married man doesn’t guarantee you the same.Entering an adulterous affair with aim of gaining is wrong because you will end up more depressed that you were before, he will just use you and dump you. Some of these men cannot even provide for their own families, how sure can you be that he will provide for you. They may pretend to be rich at first but after seeing your nakedness, they will just walk away without giving you anything. If You try to ask they will ask  you if you are a prostitute to ask for money each time they have sex with you.

-Unwanted luggage’s also come hand in hand with married men, not only are there diseases that are deadly, but also think about the implications of unwanted pregnancies.Why should you bring on earth a child you did not legitimately get, you will torture the innocent child’s mind and you will not even manage to fend for both you and the baby. People in society will look down on you and the one who impregnated you. A female mostly suffers for such acts, and not only this, imagine you are in class and someone comes to pull you hair out because you are dating her husband. It really destroys your image.

-Dating a married man means you are breaking a home, his marital home. Think about the woman that cries each day and night for her husband to just look at her for once.Every night she cannot sleep because she is waiting for her husband to get home safely when all the time his with you. You will even create hatred in his children’s hearts because no child wants to see his mother suffering. It’s good to realize that you are a woman and one day you will get married, what if your husband starts doing the same to you?  Life gives you back exactly what you throw at it and so just think of how you would feel in that situation.

-If you are ever dating married men and go to all sorts of places with them then chances are high that you will lose out on your right suitors. It may look as though guys at your level don’t notice such but word spreads like bush fire and so you cannot cover up. Immediately they know this, they will lose interest in you and will give you cold shoulders. They consider you used material and since no man wants a used product, you will probably end up alone and depressed with time. You may have all the attention at some point but time flies and you might even failing to choose who you want and go for big-buyers but when you finally get tired of playing, no man you would want will be there to love you.

-As long as the person you are dating has a wife, you will always be a second option for him instead of being someone else’s  first option. You will always be the girl he calls when his wife refuses to give him some. No matter how hard you try, you can never be his number one because the first cut is the deepest.


By: Memory “CandyLuv” Sankalimba



Love-making is defined as the copulation of two individuals normally a man and a woman to express their strong emotions towards each other, in such cases the two are willing to endure the pleasures and pain brought by sexual intercourse, Sex on the other hand  is having sexual intercourse just for mare  pleasure. Most people don’t know the difference between sex and love-making and so to help you realize the difference between such, EZM magazine has decided to help you recognize them by listing them down.

·        You can only make love to one person no matter how many people you have sex with,no matter how many times you mess around with different people, there is always that special person that moves you sexually and makes you feel fulfilled sexual wise. This person gives you good thoughts whenever you think of the things you do together and it makes you want to do it over and over again with them, they are more like a sexual appetizer.


·        Sex does not necessarily mean you are in love with someone, it can just be to ease yourself, please someone, or serve as a trade where you agree to be friends with benefits.


·        Love-making requires the two individuals involved to fully give in with all their emotions without holding back and don’t feel restricted to trying out what they want. If you make love to someone, you won’t feel embarrassed of what your partner would feel because you can trust them with your body. Love-making requires special timing and a comfortable place like a bedroom in order to cater both individual needs.


·        Sex can be done anywhere regardless of place or time, it can be in cars, bushes,toilets and so on, it is also mostly done within a short phrase of time.


·        Love–making takes great interest in knowing whether your partner is enjoying or comfortable and it is mostly done with special care not to hate the other, sex on the other hand  does not take time to study what the other person is feeling or to analyze the mood of the person.It is mostly done to satisfy the initiator and mostly selfish in that it is sometimes one sided.


·        Love-making ignites special and sweet memories of the person even when you are not together, you will have a strong attraction to the other person because they mean so much to you and this teaches you to appreciate and value your partner.


·        Sex does have to bring about good memories and you can do it with anyone at any place. It can just be done because you are bored, stressed, form of exercise or just to learn more about your sexuality and how far you can go sexual wise.


·        Most sexual relationships end up miserable for the people involved unless if it was just a contract or form of trade. Otherwise most people who have sexual encounters in the name of a fling end up in tragic situations in that one of the two falls in love with the other or starts to feel more than just a fling and hence jealousy and insecurity starts to creep up. Love making draws people close and connects them emotionally as some kind of attachment.

So-which one are you having, pleasure or commitment?

By: Memory “Candyluv” Sankalimba


How to handle Temptation(part 1 of 3

How to handle Temptation(part 1 of 3

Matthew 4 vs 1-4

A Lot of people think when you become born again or baptized you’re no longer vulnerable to temptation. If temptation doesn’t come your way, then something is wrong.

In Matthew 3 vs 7, Jesus got baptized, the Spirit of the Lord decended on Him and a voice from Heaven said, ‘this is my Son, whom I love and am well pleased with.’
It was after his baptism that Had was lead into the desert by the Spirit of the Lord.
After fasting forty days and nights, He was hungry.
In this context, we need to understand that Jesus was vulnerable for he was hungry.
Look closely at what happens in verse 3 ; The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread”.
He didn’t have to ask him if he was hungry or not, he obviously watched Jesus during the fasting period. The time he was going to temp Jesus, he knew exactly what Jesus’ weakness at that particular time was ; hunger.

The devil didnt say, ‘you’re the son of God’, instead he mocks him by saying, ‘if you’re’. ‘if’ expresses condition, dought and a dare ; if you’re a man, go ahead and take up a second wife, if you’re a girl, get hooked with a man older than your father and so on.
The devil dared Jesus to show off His authority to prove He was who God said He was; His son.

You too might be in a situation that requires you to show people around you who the boss is, or you in need of something very important or dear to your life. Somebody will surely come your way and tell you to do all wrongs to get to your goal.
There’s a common saying; Use what you have to get what you want. That’s very true but it depends on how you apply it.
Jesus would have used His power as the son of God and turned stones to bread, instead He did not.

A stone(stones) is/are that challenge you’re in ; things that destruct you and may cause you to stumble.

Bread is something that satisfies you and is for ‘your’ stomach ; some thing that involves your personal need or selfish desire without considering God.

The devil was simply telling Jesus to turn His tough times to personal pleasure/fun.

Now, look at how Jesus answers (verse 4) ; Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”
He did not say am the son of God and you know its true, or am the son of God and hunger doesn’t know me, neither did he say who are you to tell me what to do? Instead he quotes Deuteronomy 8 vs 3 ; that’s the word from the mouth of God.

Nomatter how challenging/tough your situation may seem, focus on what Gods word (the Bible) says about you.
If the Bible says you are bright, go out there and shine. If it says failure is your portion, let it be so ; but as far as God is concern, failure is not your portion.

Don’t entertain the devil by asking him questions or telling him things from your head, instead speak the word of God to him. Instead of bragging of who you are, show him who you are by not bending Gods word for personal pleasure.

Hunger is a temporal situation in your life ; don’t eat the wrong bread to satisfy it, instead bring in Jesus Christ the Bread of Life.






Ø  A tidy woman – men love women who are naturally clean. Some clean hair, nails, toes, teeth and body would really make a man fall for you. To top up to that be a superwoman,try to observe the type of women your man fantasies about and be better than them,dress like a superstar if he envies superstars but learn to differentiate between looking extremely good and trashy. Don’t overdo it, too much of things like make-up spoil your look. There’s nothing a man would admire than a fine good looking lady.


Ø  A smart woman-every man wants a woman who has some brains up there. No man would want a woman he cannot share some kind of intelligent conversation with. you don’t have to be at his level of intelligence but you have to be smart enough to contribute positively to his life. Try to connect with his thinking or even better than him, but don’t be bossy as it turns men off.


Ø  An Understanding woman-men want a woman who can understand them even when they don’t understand themselves. They want a woman who can be there for them when good times and bad times come, not a seasonal doll that just appears in good times. They want someone they can cry to without being that woman, or try to be.


Ø  A hard working woman-men want you to be independent and not a dependent. They want you to be able to stand on your feet even without them just to assure them you are a strong person that can stand on her  feet. No man wants a woman who is in need of every little thing in life, someone that completely depends on him. He wants a woman that can help him with the bill sand other finances as well.


Ø  A woman that is not clingy-no man wants a jealous, clingy and desperate woman. Men want a self-confident woman who can give them some space to do whatever they want without being nosy.A woman that is too suspicious drives men away. Sometimes it’s good to just be there and watch him play, when he realizes his mistakes he will come around.Don’t go through his phone, pockets bedroom just to find faults because you will and you will just end up hurt. Be that special woman


By: Memory “Candyluv” Sankalimba




It’s important that everyone drinks a good amount of water every day to stay hydrated. However if you are in the process of losing weight, you should drink even more. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so it is quite obvious that we need a very high daily water intake. Water helps to transport nutrients throughout our body and it also helps our cells determine how they are going to use the helpful nutrients. If you don’t drink enough water every day, your body may not be receiving the full benefit from the nutrients contained in your food. Water can also be helpful with curbing your appetite if you drink a full glass before during and after your meals.








So there you go again, thinking you have found you true love then suddenly, BOOM! Mr.Right turns sour. Yeah talking of heartbreaks, it hurts and most of us havebeen there. Never trade your happiness for anyone. Make sure you know what isthere for you and what you believe in. never beg for someone that doesn’t love you but just wants to use you. Whenever you have a breakup, learn to be happy,this means that you are one step ahead to meeting your perfect match. Well he doesn’t have to be perfect but at least he is worth you and your time. Here aresome steps to help you get over heartbreak.


 Concentrate on their bad side – the more you concentrate on someone’s bad side makes youeven wonder why you stayed with them in the first place. It helps you think about how tolerant you are and somehow you will notice that you were being abused in the relationship. It somehow makes you hurt yourself for not dumping them earlier. It enlightens you about what type of relationship and partner you want in your next affair and it makes you stand better chances in relationships later. Think of all the bad things like their annoying snoring, forgetting your birthday, bad sexual habits. Once you think of such, trust me you will never want to get back to them.


 Flirt with someone you like – yeah it’s crazy, though it seems crazy, it does work.Immediately you start flirting with someone, a quarter of your time is occupied thereby reducing your time of thinking about them. The more you chat and text your flirtment, the more you realize you are over your ungrateful ex. The key is to do all that makes you happy and comfortable. Flirting helps you discover a side of yourself you never knew.


Occupy your mind with positive thoughts – if there is something that you couldn’t do because of your ex, then this is the time to do it. If it’s watching movies,make sure you watch all you can. Make sure you go for it, baking, shopping, swimming,and hunging out. Don’t entertain negative thoughts, tell yourself positive things and hung around people who give you a positive atmosphere. This can be agood time to explore your talents and work on your talents.


 Talk about it with someone- though at this phrase you will prefer keeping to yourself,it’s always best to talk to someone you trust about what you are going throughand what you think.


Remembernot to let your state get the best out of you, you still have a long way ahead.


By: Memory “Candyluv” Sankalimba