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Roberto releases new song: Salaula




Roberto is Back this time with a super Afrocentric tune from Zambia sang in
Nyanja, Bemba and English called Salaula, Salaula means Second hand
material or clothing

The song talks about how everyone disapproves of a relationship between a
couple stating that the partner is a second hand material and he/she isn’t
good enough, and in return the other partner starts to state the qualities
that the friends and onlookers publicly disapproved, and showers the
disapproved partner with blessings.



With female artists and new ones,she has done a lozi song with SABOI SHATEL its called MAMELA meaning listen/be careful or mvela.Her role models are JANE OSBOURNE,LILLY T and HERSELF.                Her future plans are starting community charity works and she wants to study music so she can be […]