Colour your personalit​y statement

Colour your personalit​y statement


A person’s clothes are the best way to find out about their personality. You can tell if a person is TIMID and QUIET or NOISY and
ATTENTION SEEKING just by looking at what they are wearing. To choose the right colour means that this colour perfectly combines with your character and style of life! Before you choose your clothes colour for the day,think about how you want other people to interpret your personality.

RED= Symbolic of dominance,passion and sensuality. It is a colour
meant for bold and firm people who love to lead the world. If you want
to make a distinctive fashion statement,RED is the trick.

BLUE= Is seen as trust worthy,dependable and committed. It is a
fabulous shade that is the least”gender specific”colour that gives an
equal appeal to both men and women.

BLACK= The colour of darkness is undoubtedly the most popular colour
in fashion. A person wearing black suggests elegance,authority and

WHITE= This is a sign of virtue and can give you an extremely clean
appearance. It indicates simplicity and points towards a higher social

YELLOW= It conveys anxiety and alertness of the mind.

PINK= Usually suits to Romancers,people who need tenderness. This
colour emphasizes their wish to meet new people.

GREEN= Represents freshness,Relaxation and Calmness.This colour is for
persistent people,sometimes stubborn,accurate and critical but they
are always ready to give a helping hand.

BROWN= This is chosen by people who are looking for cosiness and the
feeling of safety. It conveys reliability and trust.


GREY= It is indicative of the fact that you are a balanced person in
life. It looks elegant and is considered to look brainy.

PURPLE= It signifies Royalty,Luxury,Sophistication and wealth.

Decide for yourself which type you are judging your personality traits!!


By Hellen Machiya




Just like adults,teenagers may endure stress too. Stress is a physical, mental or emotional strain.Inorder to amplify
the defination in relation to our topic;stress is how ones body responds towards changes usualy external changes.

Inspite most people only realise the existence of one sort of stress i.e Negative/Bad stress,there is another type which is opposite to the above mentioned.It is hypothetical to say that stress makes life interesting and challenging.
i)Positive Stress.
Positive stress is a type that helps individuals to stay alert and prepared, check the scenerio below.
Chichi is in an examination class and realises that in six months time, she will be writing her exams and will definatly have to pass inorder to proceed to the next grade.

From the above statement,we can derive the fact that chichi will have
to efficiently prepare and stay alert inorder to pass,wow!
We now see that the above scenerio is positively stressed.
ii)Negative Stress(Bad)
This stress abuses individuals and makes them hopeless
Check the scenerio below,
Foster has financial challenges and wants to make friends with rich people.
Do you think he will be confident enough to approach them?
Definatly he wont,but why?
This is because of the financial strains he is linked with hence this
will make him hopeless and will definatly under estimate himself.
What is a stressor?
A stressor is any factor that leads to stress or simply anything that
causes the body and mind to react in a certain way.
Examples of common stressors
-Changing schools
-School demands and frustrations
-Changes In the Body during Puberty
-Seperation/divorce of parents
-Family financial Problems
-Addresing a crowd
-winning an award etc
What determines stress to be either Bad Or Good?
Basically the nature of stress is determined by our emotions,thoughts
and beliefs about that particular scenerio.
When we perceive a situation as being challenging e.g a race,
Signals are sent to the brain and the mind manipulates the body to
respond favourably.Usualy
this results in faster heart and breathing rate and increased blood
flow to the muscles.Scientifically,this is under the influence of a
hormone known as Adrenaline.
When the individual senses that the pressure has ceased,the vice versa
takes place(heart and breathing rate gradualy reduces and blood flows
The mechanism happens without us realising.
Is Exess Stress Good(Stress overload)?
Too much stress may have a very negative impact on the health of the individual.
Common effects of stress overload;
-physical Illnes and
-poor relief techniques such as drug and alcohol use.
Signs Of Stress
-Fast heartbeat
-Lack Of concentration
-Drop in academic performance
-Skin Rashes.etc
Always be aware of yourself and the signs that illustrate stress to
avoid stress overload.
How To Hundle Stress
The way you hundle your stress matters to your health.Here are some
ways you can use to deal with stress;
-Find time to coo
l down and relax
-Therapeuticly visualise what you want to happen
-use pressure points to reduce headaches
-Read something inspirational or simply Pray
-Always be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished in life
-Find Friends that are helpfull
-Avoid being alone
-Exercise regulary
-Eat a Succulent Meal
-Avoid excess coffain Intake because it increases anxiety and agitation


Many people mighty be asking what Obesity really is.Well you need to worry nomore as it is sorted right here.Obesity is simply the term that is used to describe  body weight that is much greater than what is considered to be healthy.Are you Obese or you know somebody going through the same?If you are,then you have much higher amount of body fat than muscle mass and you could be heading down a path that could threaten your life,so its good that you are looking into how to deal with it and become health again.
Obesity is a very seriuos disease if left unattended to,can be so dangerous even leading to death.It is so unfortunate to see that it has become more popular nowadays especially among TEENS and children than it was decades ago.According to the research,it was discovered that the main reason to the rise in these cases was mainly due to how sedentary our lifestyles have become.That is the typical diet which includes alot of fast foods,processed foods,genetically modified foods i.e chicken etc and sugary foods.All this amounts  to putting on the weight and becoming more and more unhealthy.
There are some simple steps you can take to reduce your weight and bring your body back to health but it will take effort on your part and commitment to do so.Are you tired of been Obese?Then lets get started on the path back to health and fitness that your body deserves so that you can enjoy a healthy fun life.
Here are some of the straight forward steps you can take,starting from today according to Christine Immamshal;
Substitute water for carbonated drinks.Sodas are terrible for you in so many ways:they are high sugar content,they create an acidic environment in your body which makes it more susceptible to disease.
Exercise is critical for our bodies and we seem to be getting less and less of it as time goes by,especially the older we get so try to incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine.This will help you reduce the fat mass in your body.
Substitute fresh fruits for sugary snacks.Eat alot of salads with fresh vegetables,the more colourful the better.
Alot of people find it helpful to envision how they would like their body to look as it motivates them to keep working toward that goal.
Stress has become one of the cause of so many diseases and if not handled with care,can even lead to death.Many people eat for comfort and stress relief so try to find alternative ways such as medication to deal with stressful situations e.g relationship breakups.
When the above tips even though very few are followed,they can lead you to a more normal healthy and happy life. Deciding to do something about your Obesity takes dedication and patience.Remember you didnt become Obese overnight and neither are you going to look like a model overnight as you start your practice.Always remember that this is a matter of life and death and it should be taken so seriously not until your have regained your normal health and brought your weight in check.Stay well,and am looking forward to seeing you lose weight and start to feel great.


Men nowadays will agree with me that they look for a more beautiful, confident and self-esteemed girlfriend to be with.
Therefore, every woman or girl wants to be attractive, regardless of age. All women know exactly what am talking about. I am not sure If you have heard of this phrase, ”there are no ugly women, only lazy women.” Now what is the meaning of this phrase? Well, it simply means every woman can be attractive, as long as she is willing to put in the effort to doll up herself.
Of course, being attractive is not all about how you look on the outside. It is also about your internal attributes, especially how confident you are about yourself. Here are some of the things that may help you build your confidence  and beauty.
I know have said that being attractive is not all about your outer appearance. But lets face the facts. In general, people do judge the book by its covers. So at the very least, do try to put on some makeup to make yourself more presentable, especially in important occasions. By saying putting on make up, I dont mean to say you over do it. Try to find out the colour that best suits you from Beauticians in your local areas. By doing this, you will feel more confident knowing that you now look more attractive because of the make-up.
Perhaps you have heard of this saying, a woman most precious possession is her Wardrobe. Well, there is an element of truth in this statement. According to Susan Tang, an expert in Fashion  and Beauty said if you want to look more attractive, you simply cannot allow yourself to dress too shabbily. From time to time, you may want to shop to new clothing more and more convenient, you can even shop online.
As the saying goes, you are what you wear. Alot of people misunderstand themselves by wearing what does not suit them. Colours add beauty to our outlook and therefore one should know what best suit you.
There are certain Colours that may not look good on certain complexions. According to Specialists and Beauticians, very dark people look nice in deep colours like deep red or light blue while light people look nice in soft colours like peach, pink and yellow. Those who are in between (neither light nor dark) can get away with anything.
When we go in the Bible according to the book of 1st Peter 3:3-4 says,”Your beauty should not come from outward adornment,such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes .Instead it should be that of your inner self,the unfadind beauty of a gentle and quiet spirits which is of greatworth in Gods sight.Therefore lets always remember to embrace ourselves before JEHOVAH our might God.
Am looking forward to seeing you look more beautiful and confident.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Macky II The Legend!

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Macky II The Legend!

Mulaza Kaira popularly known as MackyII is one of Zambia’s leading Hip Hop sensation, he is at the moment doing very well. Macky II walked away with the radio 4 song of the year award for his song “Mummy” at last years Born n Bred awards.EZM caught up with the Kopala gangster in Northmead on one of his visits to Lusaka. Find out what he thinks about the Born & Bred awards and a lot more in an exclusive interview below.


EZM- In the latest song you have done with Exile you rapped about your
background and it seems like you have gone through a lot, tell us your
age, education and family background?

MK- I was born on 26th of October 1984, I have four siblings two
brothers and two sisters. I did my secondary education at Kabundi high
school in Chingola.



EZM- What are the challenges you have faced being an artist?

MK– Money and fame. When you love doing what you do, it then drives
you to do it for the money and at the end of the day you are not given
the respect that you deserve.

EZM- Looking back from the old Macky II to you now, in what way have
you grown and transformed as an artist?

MK- I do what I do for love I am more conscious to doing what is right.
And I have been receiving tremendous response of late.



EZM-  Umupondo, where and when did you start associating yourself with
this word?

MK- It came from the song I did, basically it talks about life, not
giving up during the struggles that I faced at the start of my career,
I am a soul survivor.



EZM-  You have three names, Dj Buga, Flavaboy, and Macky II, what is
the difference between the three?


MK- MackyII is a hardcore artist, Flavaboy is some sweet ladies man
and Dj Buga is a production name.

EZM- What genre do you belong to? Sometimes you sing, rap or produce,
when putting you in categorizes,where do you belong in?

MK– I belong to the hip hop genre. I produce,sing and rap too. Am
versatile like that.


EZM- 2011 started with beef with XYZ, has there always been that
subliminal beef between Slap Dee and yourself and how are you guys now?

MK- I make a song according to peoples needs, they(people) wanted me
to reply to Slap Dees’ song and I did. *Emukwai


EZM–  Chef 187, how does it feel having such a successful and talented
artist under your label who is also your brother?

MK- I am really proud, you have’nt heard nothing from him yet, he is
so talented watch out!!!

EZM– How do you manage to keep everything? Are there days you feel
like “I cannot do this”

MK- There is no privacy and  its hectic.


EZM– Which artist do you want to collaborate with whom you have not
worked with yet?

MK- Mr Veezy, Danny and  Jay-Z


EZM–  What has been your worst and best  memory in the industry

MK- Begging to take my music to radio stations and them not being
played, they just used to take up space in the radio stations and
getting dusty.

Best moment? Having to do what I have been wanting to do that is making music.



EZM–  What opinions do you have about the Born and Bred Awards?

MK– Results are not given according to peoples expectations, that’s why
they are lots of disappointments.


EZM–  Recently you have been in the headlines, not about your music
but copper theft. What really happened and how did this affect you as
a MAN and also as an artist?


MK– No comment.

EZM–  Will you ever move to Lusaka?


MK– Never!! It’s like moving Kitwe to Lusaka.

EZM– What does 2012 hold for Macky 2 and what should we expect?


MK– You should be on the lookout cause I am about to spit even harder
than before* emukwai

EZM– Will you be doing more songs in other languages?


MK- Most people think going international is about you singing in
English, but the thing is to improve in your music.

EZM-  Will you release an album any time soon?


MK- Not guilty will be in stores late January.

EZM- What differentiates you from the rest of the rappers in the industry?


MK– I am in my own lane, no competition whatsoever, I make joints
people dance to, I am original.

EZM– What do you have to say to the haters?
Who is leading the hip hop industry now and why?


MK– I wish my haters a healthy life so that they can see me succeed. I
am the one leading because I demand authority and I am attentive to
peoples choices.

Questions from fans.

What is the red buddha necklace? Are you a buddhist?

MK- No am not buddhist, I am a christian.

* Favourite meal?

MK- Nshima with beans kapenta and rape.

* In relationship or single?

MK – In a relationship

* Your fans want to know about your dress code, do you dress to meet up
the umupondo image or is your dresscode something that will change and
develop as you do?

MK- I dress depending on how I feel.

* Biggest fear?

MK- Death.

By Memory Kalima/ Vanessa Vivian Banda



P'Jay And Baby Jay Still Going Strong!

P'Jay And Baby Jay Still Going Strong!

Despite rumours and stories that had been published previous months, P’jay and Baby Jay are still together! They have just become private and less public about their relationship.

Baby Jay works as a presenter for Y-Zone Kitwe and she is currently in Lusaka visiting her Future, P’Jay. They have been touring Lusaka for a while now and sources that have seen them are saying they are happily together and look very much in love.


How to handle Temptation(part 1 of 3

How to handle Temptation(part 1 of 3

Matthew 4 vs 1-4

A Lot of people think when you become born again or baptized you’re no longer vulnerable to temptation. If temptation doesn’t come your way, then something is wrong.

In Matthew 3 vs 7, Jesus got baptized, the Spirit of the Lord decended on Him and a voice from Heaven said, ‘this is my Son, whom I love and am well pleased with.’
It was after his baptism that Had was lead into the desert by the Spirit of the Lord.
After fasting forty days and nights, He was hungry.
In this context, we need to understand that Jesus was vulnerable for he was hungry.
Look closely at what happens in verse 3 ; The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread”.
He didn’t have to ask him if he was hungry or not, he obviously watched Jesus during the fasting period. The time he was going to temp Jesus, he knew exactly what Jesus’ weakness at that particular time was ; hunger.

The devil didnt say, ‘you’re the son of God’, instead he mocks him by saying, ‘if you’re’. ‘if’ expresses condition, dought and a dare ; if you’re a man, go ahead and take up a second wife, if you’re a girl, get hooked with a man older than your father and so on.
The devil dared Jesus to show off His authority to prove He was who God said He was; His son.

You too might be in a situation that requires you to show people around you who the boss is, or you in need of something very important or dear to your life. Somebody will surely come your way and tell you to do all wrongs to get to your goal.
There’s a common saying; Use what you have to get what you want. That’s very true but it depends on how you apply it.
Jesus would have used His power as the son of God and turned stones to bread, instead He did not.

A stone(stones) is/are that challenge you’re in ; things that destruct you and may cause you to stumble.

Bread is something that satisfies you and is for ‘your’ stomach ; some thing that involves your personal need or selfish desire without considering God.

The devil was simply telling Jesus to turn His tough times to personal pleasure/fun.

Now, look at how Jesus answers (verse 4) ; Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”
He did not say am the son of God and you know its true, or am the son of God and hunger doesn’t know me, neither did he say who are you to tell me what to do? Instead he quotes Deuteronomy 8 vs 3 ; that’s the word from the mouth of God.

Nomatter how challenging/tough your situation may seem, focus on what Gods word (the Bible) says about you.
If the Bible says you are bright, go out there and shine. If it says failure is your portion, let it be so ; but as far as God is concern, failure is not your portion.

Don’t entertain the devil by asking him questions or telling him things from your head, instead speak the word of God to him. Instead of bragging of who you are, show him who you are by not bending Gods word for personal pleasure.

Hunger is a temporal situation in your life ; don’t eat the wrong bread to satisfy it, instead bring in Jesus Christ the Bread of Life.






Ø  A tidy woman – men love women who are naturally clean. Some clean hair, nails, toes, teeth and body would really make a man fall for you. To top up to that be a superwoman,try to observe the type of women your man fantasies about and be better than them,dress like a superstar if he envies superstars but learn to differentiate between looking extremely good and trashy. Don’t overdo it, too much of things like make-up spoil your look. There’s nothing a man would admire than a fine good looking lady.


Ø  A smart woman-every man wants a woman who has some brains up there. No man would want a woman he cannot share some kind of intelligent conversation with. you don’t have to be at his level of intelligence but you have to be smart enough to contribute positively to his life. Try to connect with his thinking or even better than him, but don’t be bossy as it turns men off.


Ø  An Understanding woman-men want a woman who can understand them even when they don’t understand themselves. They want a woman who can be there for them when good times and bad times come, not a seasonal doll that just appears in good times. They want someone they can cry to without being that woman, or try to be.


Ø  A hard working woman-men want you to be independent and not a dependent. They want you to be able to stand on your feet even without them just to assure them you are a strong person that can stand on her  feet. No man wants a woman who is in need of every little thing in life, someone that completely depends on him. He wants a woman that can help him with the bill sand other finances as well.


Ø  A woman that is not clingy-no man wants a jealous, clingy and desperate woman. Men want a self-confident woman who can give them some space to do whatever they want without being nosy.A woman that is too suspicious drives men away. Sometimes it’s good to just be there and watch him play, when he realizes his mistakes he will come around.Don’t go through his phone, pockets bedroom just to find faults because you will and you will just end up hurt. Be that special woman


By: Memory “Candyluv” Sankalimba