Press Release

Press Release







Dear readers,

Starting from May, 2012 EZM Magazine will undergo some major changes to the content we choose to publish. Our content will be more focused on issues relevant to a middle aged audience. What they would want to know and how we can contribute to their lives for the better in entertainment, education, life and living.

We would also like to announce the launch of the “Z.C Teen and Youth magazine”. Z.C a daughter magazine of EZM is compiled by young, talented and ambitious teen editors seeking to educate, entertain and become a voice for teenagers and young adults in Zambia.

Most of our readers ask when we’ll start publishing. Well, we want to make a magazine that will be of high quality and this means taking a bit of time to ensure everything goes smoothly. In the meantime, both magazines will be online but we’re working everyday to make sure that when we launch the first printed hard copy of both magazines, it will be a memorable magazine that we can and will be proud of ten years down the line. We hope to roll out hard copies of both magazines in a few months.

My co-workers and I, want to thank you and we hope that you continue visiting the new EZM Magazine and also The “Z.C Teen and Youth Magazine”.

Once more, I thank everyone who has read the magazine on our website and fanned our Facebook over the last one year- It has been with great pleasure and honour to contribute to the Zambian society and culture. We have stood true to our EZM Magazine morals and ways, “To provide educating, entertaining, exclusive articles to our readers.”

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Sincerely, CEO


Lillian Elidah Daka-Mumba

Mix match, keep it African and real.




Old fashion trends are slowly finding their way back to being the latest fashion and so are african fabric outfits.

Skinny jeans, leggings (tights), belts, faded jeans, frailed blouses, laced outfits, over-sized clothes (and the 70’s list goes on) are currently hot and back on the fashion scene with a little bit of a modern touch.

Traditional outfits that were fading out are gradually coming back to life again and are being considered to be the ‘in’ thing for all those that are proudly african and wish to preserve our african culture.


Mixing african fabric with modern fabric is steady becoming very popular and is proving to be trendy thereby making such an outfit a 2011 must wear.

A simple ‘chitenge’ dress with a modern trendy belt give the outfit an all new look altogether. It is simply the best way to look glamorous and at the same time display our african pride.

By: Mutale Kafula