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Why Never To Date Married Men

Why Never To Date Married Men

Dating married men has become a trend that most of our college ladies use in order to get the basic needs they cannot afford to get by themselves. This is degrading to society and it is the reason why many marriages are not working out right now. EZM thought it could be wise to educate the ladies on why they shouldn’t date married men in order to help them see with reason and not engage in such.

-Just like he started cheating on his wife after seeing you, he will do the same to you immediately he sees a new face fresher than you. The reason he cheats on his wife is because he wants some fresh experience and so what makes you special? Try to complain about it and he will dump you right there without second thoughts and think of how embarrassing it can be when he tells you to stop complaining because you are not his wife, Ouch!

-Most ladies have the wrong misconception that all married men are rich, just because your friend is dating a rich married man doesn’t guarantee you the same.Entering an adulterous affair with aim of gaining is wrong because you will end up more depressed that you were before, he will just use you and dump you. Some of these men cannot even provide for their own families, how sure can you be that he will provide for you. They may pretend to be rich at first but after seeing your nakedness, they will just walk away without giving you anything. If You try to ask they will ask  you if you are a prostitute to ask for money each time they have sex with you.

-Unwanted luggage’s also come hand in hand with married men, not only are there diseases that are deadly, but also think about the implications of unwanted pregnancies.Why should you bring on earth a child you did not legitimately get, you will torture the innocent child’s mind and you will not even manage to fend for both you and the baby. People in society will look down on you and the one who impregnated you. A female mostly suffers for such acts, and not only this, imagine you are in class and someone comes to pull you hair out because you are dating her husband. It really destroys your image.

-Dating a married man means you are breaking a home, his marital home. Think about the woman that cries each day and night for her husband to just look at her for once.Every night she cannot sleep because she is waiting for her husband to get home safely when all the time his with you. You will even create hatred in his children’s hearts because no child wants to see his mother suffering. It’s good to realize that you are a woman and one day you will get married, what if your husband starts doing the same to you?  Life gives you back exactly what you throw at it and so just think of how you would feel in that situation.

-If you are ever dating married men and go to all sorts of places with them then chances are high that you will lose out on your right suitors. It may look as though guys at your level don’t notice such but word spreads like bush fire and so you cannot cover up. Immediately they know this, they will lose interest in you and will give you cold shoulders. They consider you used material and since no man wants a used product, you will probably end up alone and depressed with time. You may have all the attention at some point but time flies and you might even failing to choose who you want and go for big-buyers but when you finally get tired of playing, no man you would want will be there to love you.

-As long as the person you are dating has a wife, you will always be a second option for him instead of being someone else’s  first option. You will always be the girl he calls when his wife refuses to give him some. No matter how hard you try, you can never be his number one because the first cut is the deepest.


By: Memory “CandyLuv” Sankalimba