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The Beyonce Diet ( Lemonade Diet)

The Beyonce Diet ( Lemonade Diet)

Many people want to know how to lose weight on The Lemonade Diet, and if it is even possible or if the diet is just a fad.


What is the Lemonade Diet?


The Lemonade Diet, also known as the Master Cleanse, has been around for many years. It was first explained in a book that was published in 1976, but has gained popularity in recent years because of a new book on the subject published in 2004.

The diet has also gained popularity as stories of celebrities using it to lose weight have circulated on the Internet and in magazines. Celebrities from Beyonce Knowles to Robin Quivers have credited the Lemonade Diet with helping them lose weight.

The Lemonade Diet is more accurately a fast, because you aren’t really eating anything when you are on the diet. It is meant to help cleanse the body of toxins, and allow the user to lose weight at the same time.

The diet involves drinking a sort of lemonade made with lemons, purified water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. The drink is consumed throughout the day, and laxative tea is taken in the evenings.

Most people follow the Lemonade Diet for about 10 days, though some use the diet for as many as 40 days.

How to Lose Weight on the Lemonade Diet

When the diets is followed strictly, there’s really no question as to how to lose weight on the lemonade diet. You simply won’t be getting enough calories to not lose weight if you stay on this diet for several days.

This diet is tough on the digestive system and you will see a big increase in bowel movements during the cleanse, which is really what this “diet” was intended to be. It’s not really meant to be used as a diet, and any weight loss that happens while on it will probably be erased quickly thereafter.

That’s because once you start eating again your body will think that it has to prepare for another starvation cycle (which is what going on a fast is) and you’ll quickly gain back what weight you lost, and maybe more, unless you make a real effort to follow a healthy diet to maintain that weight loss.

The Lemonade Diet is not a long-term solution for weight loss. While it can help you to lose a few pounds temporarily, as any diet that involves not eating would, it’s not a permanent solution.

It’s a much better idea to think about the Lemonade Diet under its other name, Master Cleanse Diet, because the real idea behind the diet is cleaning impurities from the body, not losing weight.


The Master Cleanse is a detoxification process, which means that it aims to get toxins and other unsavory things out of the body. Those who regularly do detoxification like the Master Cleanse say that they feel more energetic and think more clearly after the process than they did before.

The only trouble is, it takes a lot of work for the body to eliminate the bad things that have been accumulating in it for so long. There are many cleansing or detoxification symptoms that you may experience, including:

  • Hunger or food cravings
  • Irritability
  • Tiredness
  • Aches and pains
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Hot or burning bowel movements
  • Headaches

Those who are experienced with detoxification describe these symptoms as signs that you are eliminating significant toxins from your body and say that it is likely you will feel much better then next day after having these symptoms.

If you are trying to figure out how to lose weight on the Lemonade Diet and you aren’t really interested in the detoxification effects, you might want to consider if a different diet plan is better for you, since losing weight on this kind of plan is difficult and usually not long-lasting. If you want to lose a lot of weight and keep it off permanently, this diet is probably not the best choice for you.





Just like adults,teenagers may endure stress too. Stress is a physical, mental or emotional strain.Inorder to amplify
the defination in relation to our topic;stress is how ones body responds towards changes usualy external changes.

Inspite most people only realise the existence of one sort of stress i.e Negative/Bad stress,there is another type which is opposite to the above mentioned.It is hypothetical to say that stress makes life interesting and challenging.
i)Positive Stress.
Positive stress is a type that helps individuals to stay alert and prepared, check the scenerio below.
Chichi is in an examination class and realises that in six months time, she will be writing her exams and will definatly have to pass inorder to proceed to the next grade.

From the above statement,we can derive the fact that chichi will have
to efficiently prepare and stay alert inorder to pass,wow!
We now see that the above scenerio is positively stressed.
ii)Negative Stress(Bad)
This stress abuses individuals and makes them hopeless
Check the scenerio below,
Foster has financial challenges and wants to make friends with rich people.
Do you think he will be confident enough to approach them?
Definatly he wont,but why?
This is because of the financial strains he is linked with hence this
will make him hopeless and will definatly under estimate himself.
What is a stressor?
A stressor is any factor that leads to stress or simply anything that
causes the body and mind to react in a certain way.
Examples of common stressors
-Changing schools
-School demands and frustrations
-Changes In the Body during Puberty
-Seperation/divorce of parents
-Family financial Problems
-Addresing a crowd
-winning an award etc
What determines stress to be either Bad Or Good?
Basically the nature of stress is determined by our emotions,thoughts
and beliefs about that particular scenerio.
When we perceive a situation as being challenging e.g a race,
Signals are sent to the brain and the mind manipulates the body to
respond favourably.Usualy
this results in faster heart and breathing rate and increased blood
flow to the muscles.Scientifically,this is under the influence of a
hormone known as Adrenaline.
When the individual senses that the pressure has ceased,the vice versa
takes place(heart and breathing rate gradualy reduces and blood flows
The mechanism happens without us realising.
Is Exess Stress Good(Stress overload)?
Too much stress may have a very negative impact on the health of the individual.
Common effects of stress overload;
-physical Illnes and
-poor relief techniques such as drug and alcohol use.
Signs Of Stress
-Fast heartbeat
-Lack Of concentration
-Drop in academic performance
-Skin Rashes.etc
Always be aware of yourself and the signs that illustrate stress to
avoid stress overload.
How To Hundle Stress
The way you hundle your stress matters to your health.Here are some
ways you can use to deal with stress;
-Find time to coo
l down and relax
-Therapeuticly visualise what you want to happen
-use pressure points to reduce headaches
-Read something inspirational or simply Pray
-Always be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished in life
-Find Friends that are helpfull
-Avoid being alone
-Exercise regulary
-Eat a Succulent Meal
-Avoid excess coffain Intake because it increases anxiety and agitation

Avoid these foods and lose weight

Avoid these foods and lose weight


Chef Lillian Elidah and her trainer are working together on a project called  JOBA Fitness and Health and EZM Magazine supports this project and we’ll be giving you features and tips from the project.

Working out and excerising without changing your diet is as bad as saying you drink the same amount of water as your alcohol content. It will not work. To have a successful diet and healthy living, you need to combine a healthy diet and excerise program.   Here are some of the easier tips that you can use.


  1. Reduce consumption of fried foods,
  2. Processed meats and meat products e.g sausage rolls,
  3. Reduce mayonnaise dressings,cakes,biscuits and crisps –
  4. Swap to low fat dairy products –
  5. Choose lean cuts of meat and trim all visible fat –
  6. Reduce consumption of hard vegetable fats and margarines,pastries,cakes and biscuits.


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