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1. Clean your make up brushes every two weeks to remove bacteria and residue. If you

don’t, you just keep re-applying the filthy junk to your face!


2. Use a face primer before applying foundation to your skin. This minimizes the

formation of large pores and wrinkles.


3. Always use clean face towels for your face and body. Dirty towels promote bacteria

and germs that can cause acne.


4. Having greasy hair can be a factor in having oily skin which leads to blackheads.


5. Feed your face! Avocados contain vitamins A and C that can help slow the signs of

aging. A facial mask of honey and lemon enhances skin glow.


Now you have it! Get to work on these 5 easy D.I.Ys!


By: Kafula Mutale


Gwen Mwaka : Multi-talented make-up artist

Gwen Mwaka : Multi-talented make-up artist

Meet Gwen a multi-talented young woman! She fiercely rocks the marketing sector,talented with floral and decor and passionate about MAKE-UP!  I had an amazing time getting to know this woman and believe you will too!


“I believe make-up gives the first statement and speaks much louder than your actual words”


EZM: Who is Gwen?

GWEN:  My full names are Gwen Mwaka Mulenga Machiya. Born in 1982 in the month of October. I am happily married and blessed with a handsome son(2 yrs). I am a marketer by profession and being a make-up artist is just out of passion and interest.


EZM:  Why did you decide to join the MAKE-UP industry?

GWEN:  I decided to join this industry because it is not so much talked about in Zambia and I thought with my profession I would market the business well and penetrate the market.



EZM: Who or what inspires you?

GWEN: I Am inspired by people who appreciate what I do.



EZM:  Who are your greatest competitors?

GWEN: I can’t really say I have competitors because we all differ in the way we do things. AM GOOD AT WHAT I DO


EZM: What are some of the Challenges you face in the industry?

GWEN: The challenge I face is acquiring quality cosmetics. Every Time I want cosmetics it has to be from South Africa because they are reasonable and of good quality.



EZM: What has been your greatest achievement thus far?

GWEN: O.M.G! The time I was awarded a contract to do Make-up for the first Zamtel advert. I didn’t realize my work was appreciated to that level.



EZM: Using 5 words describe your Make-up Style.



EZM: Finally Gwen,what advice would you give to those that wish to join you in the industry?

GWEN:  It begins with you,Put your mind to it and give it a try!!


By: Hellen Machiya