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Music chart: Top Songs Of The Week

Music chart: Top Songs Of The Week

1-Boza remix-Jay Rox ft Zone Fam & Salma

2-Nganaponena-Chef 187 & Pilato

3-Wilayivinyola-Ruff Kid


5-Item-Rich Boii attitude ft Exile

6- Nshimbila Ama Yo- Chef 187

7- Bosa Tumfwe – 2wo-1ne

8. Bangwele All-Stars Camstar ft All- Stars

9-  Mwalilowelela- Mampi

10- Twezi Don’t Compromise

11 – Bulamfuluma remix – Slap Dee ft All Stars



The most influential Zambian Women

The most influential Zambian Women

Happy International Women’s Day. EZM MAGAZINE has taken this opportunity to appreciate some of the most influential Zambian women. There’re more than these listed women who have helped, changed and influenced our society and culture and we honour them all. Here is our list of some of the most influential Zambian Women.


Betty Kaunda.










The first 1st lady of Zambia. She and her fellow women during the freedom fighting era were true fighters and women. They supported their men and encouraged them to fight harder for what we  have now come to call  Zambia.










Sylvia Masebo:


Hon. Masebo is one of the most hard working women in politics and she continues to work hard and represent women.


Dora Siliya:

You may say what you want about Hon.Silya, but she has held her position in the Zambian politics and worked hard to be where she is. Truly a hard working woman.

Nkandu Luo

is a consultant on Health and HIV/AIDS issues and Professor of Immunology at the School of Medicine of the University of Zambia on a part time and also a politician.

Princess Nakatindi Wina

 She is a former MP but also a princess of the Lozi people. An influential voice in politics and culture.

Cheftainess Nkhomeshya Mukamambo of the Soli people

 She is one of the very few chieftainess we have in Zambia and during the 2011 presidential elections, she led her people and stuck true to what she believed in and stood fod.

Margaret Mwanakatwe

 Is the CEO of Swiss Charge Bank.She was previously the Managing Director of Barclays Bank of Zambia Limited, there too the first female and the first Zambian to hold this position.

Dambisa Moyo:

 World famous economist who wrote the book “Dead Aid” and has been inspiring women around the globe to conquer the world with their knowledge

Esther Phiri

 Famous boxer and truly and inspiration for women in the sports world but everywhere. She has won multiple fights and belts.

Rachel Nachula

 Athlete who has competed in several international sports tournament to represent Zambia


 Singer and songwriter who has given and inspired young women to fulfill their dreams in the entertainment industry


 Dambisa might not have been in the music industry for a very long time but she is strongly active in women and childrens right. She always supports causes that will benefit women and children. She is making the most of her talent and fame and that is to give back. We salute

Sista D

One of the most talented singers who is also  woman and children’s rights activists. She educates through her music and reaches out to many.

Jane Osborne

 Fashion designer, signer, entrepreneur, this woman has inspired a lot of women with her mind


One of the first female singers to become big in the Zambian industry, she opened a lot of doors to other female singers.

Clare Shona

The fashion designer behind Ubuntu designs and has set her own trend and style in the Zambian fashion industry

Mwangala Luhila

The young talented fashion designer is inspiring and encouraging other young designers with her western meet Africa designs.

Cynthia Kanema and the ZSM winners:

Cynthia Kanema inspired and brought Zambia Next Super Model. This competition has given us four talented beautiful and hard working women who support women’s rights and do their best to give back. Petita Mwanza, Mubanga i, Akamandisa Imambao, Mulenga.

Chef Lillian Elidah

  Female chef  who has inspired a lot of women and also founded Exclusive Divas of Africa, an NGO for women and girls.

Lian Mwamba Nakazweh

One of the first make-up artists and stylist in Zambia. Have worked with famous photographers, models and public figures. She inspires and educates on how to best make the best of you

Stella Mutale Sata

This 18 year old just received her degree in finance and is one of the most hard working young women in Zambia.

Lulu Haangala

This mother, TV presenter and woman is truly one of a kind. She has made us proud with her show on Muvi TV which airs all over Africa and she does so much for children and women, yet she remains humble and grateful.

Mary Magambo


 ZNBC  TV presenter who is a beauty and talent to watch on TV.

The first place will be YOU! If you are a woman reading this, there have been a woman before you who has inspired, helped and encouraged you to be who  you are today. Most of the times it is your mother, but then it might be your teacher, maid, nanny, sister, friend, auntie, mentor, that famous singer, that successful business woman. YOU have the voice and mind, make the most of it. Life is a choice that you make and you can and should always choose to make the best of you and live this world a better place.

Happy women’s Day

Born and Bred Awards:The Worst and Best Dressed Female

Born and Bred Awards:The Worst and Best Dressed Female

Kay Figo at the Born and Bred Awards 2011. We love dress and color it really enhances and brings out her skin tone and makes her glow  but the necklace, earrings and the hair was a bit too much and everywhere. The make-up should have been toned down a bit.

Mampi at the Born and Bred Awards 2011. The dress, necklace, hair did not do any justice to her body.It hides her curves and distracts your attention. We must say that the make-up was good. We love the bright red lips.

Miss Hone winner 2011 at the Born and Bred. We’re trying to figure out if its a dress or skirt. We love the orange color, it really brings out her skin tone and color , but the shoes are a no no on a dress like that. The make-up was a bit too heavy but the hair looked fab!

Paul Ngozi’s daughter at the Born and Bred. We love the hair and simple yet sexy dress. The green fits her skin tone and the dress enhances her curves. The shoes should have been in gold or black. The silver shoes just destroys the dress.

Dambisa was the best dressed female at the Born and Bred. We love the chitenge combination with the trail. The hair, make-up was on point. That watch should have stayed at home but, it was the only thing that was a major no no.

2010 ZSM winner  Mubanga “Bangi” and the other presenters at the Born and Bred 2011. We love Bangi’s outfit. All black everything except for the red sole on the bottom of her shoes. It was simple and classy yet sexy. The other presenters could have done a bit more putting together their outfits.

ZSM first winner Petita Mwanza dress was too simple and plain. It showed off her assets but we have wanted to see more from this fierce and fashionista model. She has shown us so many better outfits in the past and we’re expecting another WOW factor.  The make-up is perfect and we love those earrings.

We really love the outfits that the presenters wore. It was unique and different though the design could have been different with each presenter. It looks somehow like a uniform.

EZM Music Chart:

EZM Music Chart:

This is the 1st week of EZM Music Chart after last year and we are excited about the progress the Zambian music is making and taking. Our charts are based from Zedbeats download website and his music channel where we analyse the video/song with the must viewers and download. This week  people still seem to be in the Chipolopolo celebration  mood because  all the Chipolopolo songs are topping our music chart this week.


  1. Macky II – Bikamo Umwela
  2. General Ozzy Ft Kabova Zambia bola
  3. Ruff Kid, Slap Dee Ft JK- Ba Zambia( Tule wina wina)
  4. T-Boy Mannual Book
  5. Mampi Mwalilowelela
  6. Mag44, Tio, Pompi & Chungu – Chipolopolo Africa
  7. 2wo-1ne – Vitumbuwa
  8. Mampi ft Slap Dee – Selecta
  9. B’flow ft JK & Exile- Chitemene System
  10. MK Macky II- Feeling, feeling



EZM Music Chart provided by http://www. Zedbeats.com



Clifford Mulenga's public apology

Clifford Mulenga's public apology
On February 2nd 2012, Clifford Mulenga realeased this public apology on his Facebook page. A few days ago, coach Renard Herve announced that as long as he is the coach of the Zambian National team, Clifford Mulenga will not be part of the team. Is it fair towards Clifford or Renard is right?
Scroll down to read the apology
I just want to say am very SORRY to my parents, my siblings, nieces, nephews, uncles, anuties, my friends, fans, suppoters, soccer lovers, the Zambia national team, my FRIENDS in the national team, my club Bloemfontein Celtic and my church. I have NO EXCUSE for what i did in Malambo leading to my expulsion from the Zambian team playing in the AFCON 2012. I didnt mean to cause you any shame, anger …OR disappoint. Am NOT looking for sympathy or a shoulder to cry on but all am asking of you is forgiveness. Am going through a tough period right now. Please dont insult me or judge me. Help me to forget what happened and move on and lets the support the team that remained to finish the tournament. GOD BLESS YOU ALL



One of the biggest divas, if not the biggest Zambian female singer has done a song with Hip-Hop king Slap Dee. If you have followed Zambian music these two used to have a musical feud but now have come together.

Check out the new song:


The TOP Five Artistes

The TOP Five Artistes

EZM Magazine carried out a survey on who the Top 5 biggest Zambian Artistes are; Believe me it was’nt easy compiling the list, we have so many talented Artistes who are doing it big, but we only needed five(5). The Artistes are rated according to the number of votes we recieved. Does your favourite Artiste hold a spot on our Top 5 list?? Read on to find out:


 # 5 :MAMPI



This diva came on the music scene with the hit song Maloza, Mampi is doing massively she has earned herself international recognition, we at EZM are so proud of the Diva. She is with no doubt the true defination of a diva hustler. She hustled her way to the top and did’nt let any one bring her down because she knows exactly why she’s in the game.



#4 Pjay “The Future” and Chef

The #4 spot is being shared by Pjay and Chef.


 Has the voice to die for, he has’nt been in the game for a longtime but he is doing amazing things, when he features in a song best believe the song becomes a HIT instantly.











 On the other hand has brought a different touch to Hiphop, I am a huge fan of his music “Tutu” been my personal favourite. And did you know that Chef is MarkII’ Brother?











#3 SLAP Dee

 Claim to fame “So che” this song did wonders for him, it saw him climb the ladder of success. Slap dee won an award last year at the Born and Bred awards for his song Nichigwile we would’nt be surprised to see him scope another award this year he has some great videos to his name.










This group came on the scene with a Baaaaaang!! I can still feel it. With hit songs like; Shaka Zulu on ’em, Ndine Chikali, Man dem and etc to their name they are headed to the top for sure. Their style is unique and has so much creativity to it, they have brought a different feel to hiphop. They are doing something which we have never seen before.



#1 MARKII Aka Dj Buga


This dude can not only Flow he can sing too, that some talent right there. His handwork has made him the Peoples’ favourite, his music is so diverse it keeps you on the edge. I am eager to know what hes going to sing about next:-). MarkII’ music is making rounds everywhere. We wish Umupondo MarkII all the best in his music career.


By: Memory Kalima

On set of Mampis and JKs new music video

On set of Mampis and JKs new music video

Mampi has been spotted in South Africa together with the legendary JK filming her music video. The song is said to be called “Mwebailowelela”  and we see a lot of colourful outfits and one of the themes seems to be belly dancing.


Check out the pics below