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Roberto releases new song: Salaula




Roberto is Back this time with a super Afrocentric tune from Zambia sang in
Nyanja, Bemba and English called Salaula, Salaula means Second hand
material or clothing

The song talks about how everyone disapproves of a relationship between a
couple stating that the partner is a second hand material and he/she isn’t
good enough, and in return the other partner starts to state the qualities
that the friends and onlookers publicly disapproved, and showers the
disapproved partner with blessings.

Where is KB going? The answer is here!

Where is KB going? The answer is here!

Killa Beats aka KB is traveling to West Africa for the first time since he came to Zambia as a very young boy. He is originally Guinean and his real names are Yayha Kaba. Last night he held a send off party that will celebrate this farewell to the West Africa.

He will be back and K-Army still remains!! He is just going there to visit family and friends.




Meet DJ Pizi, a Zambian born Johannesburg based DJ. He is  representing the mother land with a countless number of shows at local clubs in Roodeport, Gauteng namely Stones and Riverdeck as well as private house parties. He is also an Internet DJ with about 1000 plays and 100 downloads online.

Age and Background: 20 Born 6 Nov 1991. Matriculated at Metropolitan in 2007


The reason why he is a DJ, he says:

  I’ve always had a passion for selecting music at family parties as well as house parties with friends and it picked up from there. I’ve been disk jockeying for 7 years now

“EZM”  What are your future plans?

  DJ PIZI: Future plans: To be economist by day and Zambia’s biggest DJ by night


On his attributes, he adds:

 I can describe myself as a well spoken, articulate and professional DJ and clear voice, excellent communication skills and a good sense of timing and co-ordination. Am able to stay calm under pressure, work under strict deadlines


“EZM” Who do you wish to work with?

  DJ PIZI:  Am not looking to work with anyone specific. Am instead looking for a new and challenging disc jockey position, one which will make best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my development.


“EZM” Who is your favorite artist?

DJ PIZI:  My favourite artist is Rick Ross


You can download his music on these links




PRIDO Talks About His Music

PRIDO Talks About His Music

Pride was featured on Zed Music Criteria Arena to talk about his music and career.


UK based Zambian rapper Prince Miti aka Prido last weekend gave Z.M.C.A  an exclusive about what he’s been up to and how he is getting on in the hip hop circles in the United Kingom.

Prido says that he’s working on a mixtape called Lost Scrolls, he says that the mixtape is dedicated to his fans for their support and will also show the growth he’s had as an artist from the period he started making music.

Rather than talk about girls, money and alcohol, Prido told Z.M.C.A that the  mix tape will talk about the Human purpose on earth, beliefs as it is going to be a  very deep mix tape . Apart from the news about his upcoming mixtape, Prido also told us that he is hoping to work with a few local artists from the UK and Zambia by the end of the year and that his music  Video “2011” which you can find on YouTube charted in the Top 20 last month on a Local UK TV music channel.

For Prido’s  latest music. Go to www.youtube.com/pridotv  and facebook.com/prido or follow him on twitter  @Pridoz

Source: Zed Music Criteria Arena

Meet: DJ H-Man

Meet: DJ H-Man

When meeting Harold a.k.a DJ H-Man for the first time one can notice that he is not only a handsome,
charismatic young man but also smart, talented and well mannered. EZM managed to get a quick
interview with this talented young DJ/producer


Harold: I have been doing music for a good 10 years. I started in school singing in an accapela group.
That was my first step on the music journey that I continue to take.

After school (2001-2002) I visited a music studio, Sling Beats. It was my first time being in a recording
studio. This inspired me to compose my own songs and eventually recorded my first song there.

Shortly after that I went to Russia and it was there that I taught myself how to play a guitar, use
computer software for producing and recording music, I also continued to horn my song writing skills.
During my first year I had set up my first make-shift studio, where people paid to record their music. This
connected me to the local Russian scene, eventually I had music collaborations with local acts which led
to invitations from local clubs. Other than that I actively took part in various functions organized by the

I did a collaboration with several artists titled The Voice of Liberation (a song against Racism), which
brought me a lot of local attention. The song made a big buzz and we got invited to play at clubs. A well
known local MC took note of me and introduced to some club managers, who in turn hired me as an
MC/Singer at a local club K2. Few months later I moved to another job at another club which was purely
a club for hip-hop music. Working at the new club, I proved myself resourceful, so I was also hired to DJ.
At first I would play the closing set (before club closes), this gave me an opportunity to learn how to use
the Disc-jockeying equipment. As I got better I began to play during the club’s prime time.

From here I decided to combine being a DJ, singer and producer. I added DJ to the name H-Man.


EZM: Where in Lusaka have you played as a DJ?

Harold: I played at Room-101 for a while, but mostly I have been DJ’ing at Events (alongside names such
as Rico Ricardo, Kaliwa(Hot fm), LBC(Qfm), MixMaster(Hone fm) and others)



EZM: What differentiates you from other local DJs?

Harold: Some of the stuff I play is customized (I make my version of a track), am fun (if people aren’t
having fun even am not having fun), I can adapt to the crowd and situation (adaptability being a very



Harold: Afro-pop, HipHop/RnB, South African House, European House. I’m a people’s DJ and I keep
music as versatile as I can.As a producer I go through phases but as a DJ I must be able to read the crowd.


Hobbies: swimming, playing guitar, Socializing, philosophizing, taking walks

Favorite food: Nshima with ifisashi and trotters, chicken and chips, chikanda, cheese

Plans for the near future: Complete University degree in law, Release 2nd solo albums, travel to Holland


By: Nachali Simukonda

Dj Chali: Hone FM's finest

Dj Chali: Hone FM's finest

Name: Chali Laswel aka Dj Chali from Hone Fm.

D.O.B: 8th May 19-8something.

Schools attended: Lotus,Licef and Kabulonga Boys.

EZM : Tell us about your history and background

 DJ Chali: Straight after completing High School I started workng at a take away, I later on quit because I didn’t enjoy the job. In 2007, I joined the K-Smash academy at Hot fm,from then I started presenting Zed 6to6 part 3 with Dj Angel,for a couple of months. The academy was later dissolved when K-Smash left Hot Fm after a few differences. I later on went to join Hone Fm fan club, for about a year I never had an opportunity to be behind the mic. But, I kept constant contact with K-Smash, he told me that their was a new station opening (Joy Fm) I went there and I was given a first shift on test transmission. Guess what? The moment I sat on the deck, there was a power cut imagine? I told myself this is not were God wants me to be.

 I walked the Hone Fm corridors for 2 years without a shift. Somebody noticed me and invited me on their shift, thanx Master L.T I presented the Zed Xperience wit him for a year and I then finally got my own shift which came out second most listened to show in just 3 months. And increased the ratings of the station to 3rd ranked in Zambia, on lyricsafrica.com that was towards the end of 2009. In december 2010, I was appointd head Dj for Hone Fm, of which am still serving upto now.



EZM Quick Questions;

EZM: Do you have any academic qualifications?

DJ Chali: I droped out of IT class to pursue my dream (music) I ended up being a Dj, but am going back to school to study Banking in February 2012.


EZM: What has been your greatest challenge?

DJ Chali: My greatest challenge is pressure from fans, Djs have a goal “Never lose a fan”, so in trying to be nice some take it the other way, but it’s all about discpline, imagine getting calls from 5-8 new people per day? It’s a bit stressful, but I set limits.


EZM: When do you come on radio?

DJ Chali: Tuesday to Thursday on a show called the “Late Night Xpress” from 21:00 to 00:00 and Fridays on the “Lunchbox” 12 to 15.


EZM: Worst thing that happend to you on air?

Dj Chali: Talking trash with a friend not knowing that the Mic was on. It was really bad.


EZM: Apart from deejaying what else do you do?

Dj Chali: I own a recording studio (Showlink Entertainment) which I’ve run since 2007, am the Producer and I worked with people like Bflow,Ruffkid,Slap Dee,Pjay,Lyricist,Choklet,Manas,J-Wander and many upcoming artstes.


By: Memory Kalima

DJ Stretch releases a public statement.

DJ Stretch releases a public statement.

 These past few weeks have been hard and extremely tiring for former QFM Nkandu Kataya, aka Dj Stretch, also now the former manager for XYZ. Most people do not know what really happened behind close doors with the XYZ Management, but DJ Stretch was a major backbone for XYZ, he took on the role as a manager for XYZ ,Slapdee and other artists in the XYZ click. He did the best that he could have done and was there in the ups and highs of XYZ. When people found out that he left XYZ,many felt like he was breaking the life time commitment but if things are not working and life has changed you also have to move on. This is exactly what Stretch did. None of us where there to know what happened but people should not judge one sided.  Says  sources close to both Stretch and XYZ Management


Here is a release that Dj Stretch released about his state of life on his Facebook Page.


I would like the world to know a couple of things.

I’m going through what feels like a thousand kinds of hell. I suffer from some kind of mental problem which I think is depression. I’m not taking anything for it.

Until a few days ago I was a very heavy drinker. I also have an 11 year history with an assortment of drugs.

I had a very serious self-destructive moment last Friday and I made a total fool of myself in front of my family and friends. I apologize to anyone who had to witness that side of me.

I’m in a very very dark place at the moment and I would like a few simple things:

1. I would like to be left alone.

2. I would like not to be judged, condemned or talked about carelessly

3. I would like to thank the people who have understood me and supported me this past weekend. Everyone else can eat a dick

Thank you


We are wishing the best to DJ Stretch and hopefully he will get his life back on track and continue doing what he loves and does best.


The TOP Five Artistes

The TOP Five Artistes

EZM Magazine carried out a survey on who the Top 5 biggest Zambian Artistes are; Believe me it was’nt easy compiling the list, we have so many talented Artistes who are doing it big, but we only needed five(5). The Artistes are rated according to the number of votes we recieved. Does your favourite Artiste hold a spot on our Top 5 list?? Read on to find out:


 # 5 :MAMPI



This diva came on the music scene with the hit song Maloza, Mampi is doing massively she has earned herself international recognition, we at EZM are so proud of the Diva. She is with no doubt the true defination of a diva hustler. She hustled her way to the top and did’nt let any one bring her down because she knows exactly why she’s in the game.



#4 Pjay “The Future” and Chef

The #4 spot is being shared by Pjay and Chef.


 Has the voice to die for, he has’nt been in the game for a longtime but he is doing amazing things, when he features in a song best believe the song becomes a HIT instantly.











 On the other hand has brought a different touch to Hiphop, I am a huge fan of his music “Tutu” been my personal favourite. And did you know that Chef is MarkII’ Brother?











#3 SLAP Dee

 Claim to fame “So che” this song did wonders for him, it saw him climb the ladder of success. Slap dee won an award last year at the Born and Bred awards for his song Nichigwile we would’nt be surprised to see him scope another award this year he has some great videos to his name.










This group came on the scene with a Baaaaaang!! I can still feel it. With hit songs like; Shaka Zulu on ’em, Ndine Chikali, Man dem and etc to their name they are headed to the top for sure. Their style is unique and has so much creativity to it, they have brought a different feel to hiphop. They are doing something which we have never seen before.



#1 MARKII Aka Dj Buga


This dude can not only Flow he can sing too, that some talent right there. His handwork has made him the Peoples’ favourite, his music is so diverse it keeps you on the edge. I am eager to know what hes going to sing about next:-). MarkII’ music is making rounds everywhere. We wish Umupondo MarkII all the best in his music career.


By: Memory Kalima

Franciar: More than just a pretty face

Franciar: More than just a pretty face

Franciar is the new girl in the music industry that is both beautiful and talented. She does not take off her clothes to gain popularity but with a beauty like hers even when she has clothes on she is still called the “Sex symbol” EZM Magazine had an interview with the diva and we wanted to find out what was underneath all of the beauty and what talent, goals and aspirations the singer and rapper has for her future and career.


“EZM” Who is Franciar?

“Franciar” I started singing at the  age of six, I am 19 years of age and I  was born in a family of 8 and  I am the last born. I completed school in 2008 at Matero girl’s secondary school.


“EZM”    When did you start singing?

“Franciar”  I joined the industry last year December with umutokofyompo. 


“EZM”     Which Zambian artists inspired you?

“Franciar “ Mampi has always been a big inspiration to me and I have been inspired by her music and influenced me to pursue my music career.


“EZM”  Your first hit was mixture of Rap and singing, are you a singer or a rapper?

 “Franciar”  I am both a singer and a rapper but am more on the singing side.


“EZM” What are the challenges you have faced as a female artists?

 “Franciar”  Being a Zambian female artist has brought different kinds of challenges which I can’t manage to spot out all but mainly it is getting used to live a different kind of lifestyle as an artist.  It’s so hard because once when you become a public figure and everything you do is spotted out which makes life more difficult for me.  Though am getting used to be talked about every signal day both positively and negatively and that is why Mampi inspires me. The way she manages to overcome all the negativities talked about her. I  am still learning how to overcome them.


 “EZM” You have not released any video yet, why the wait?

“Franciar”  I haven’t done any videos yet because school kept me so held up which why I only realized two tracks but am working on it.


“EZM” Your brother, Flexville Marley is also is an artist, how is it having two members in the family?

“Franciar”     It’s very good and interesting and fun to be working in the same industry with my brother  at least it makes a whole lot more easier and he always got my back in all angles n challenges  because we  face them together.


“EZM” What are your views on the Zambian Hip Hop?

“Franciar”   Zed hip-hop is slowing improving and getting there but Zone Fam is already taking the number 1 spot.


“EZM” You worked at Slum Dunk Records, or you are with Ben Blazer?

 “Franciar” I was working with Blazer then, but am now working with Zone Fam (Slamdunk records)


“EZM” Any competition between you and Nana?

Franciar” Lol there’s completely no competition between Nana and I.  She’s my girl we are good friends.


“EZM” What do female MC’s need to do to step up their game?

“Franciar”    My view with female MC’s is for them to be real and avoid faking it. Just have your own style and swag, so that you can be unique.


“EZM” What should we expect from you in 2012 and any plans of making an album?

“Franciar” In 2012 expect tighter hits from me and definitely my album is yet to come out just a little patience because my aim is to go worldwide with my music.


“EZM”   What do you have to say to all the young girls and women who look up to you?

“Franciar” Girls looking up to me, first of all I would like to appreciate their love and support in my music and I would advise you to take your talent seriously if you feel u can sing, rap, dance, act or any other talent, go for it because you never know what God has planned for you in future, use of it. If I can do it and live my dream today, then why can’t you?


“EZM” How do you handle the “Inswa Fever” The men flocking you?

“Franciar” For the inswa fever lol 🙂 I always set my boundaries to all sorts of friendships with these kind of guys I have my limits to how I relate with them and just how I carry myself around them,

“Question from an EZM reader ”  How Many songs have you done?

“Franciar” So far I have only released 2 songs umutokofyomp produced by Jay Oh Be at Blazer studio n dymandy produced by Jay Roxa at Slam dunk. I have recorded 13 tracks which are yet to be released.


“EZM”  Last words to your fans and those reading ?

 “Franciar” To my fans I say thank you so much for your unconditional love and support without you I would not have been where I am today and where am still heading to. I pray to God that you would still believe in me so that I may prosper, thank you very much.