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Roberto releases new song: Salaula




Roberto is Back this time with a super Afrocentric tune from Zambia sang in
Nyanja, Bemba and English called Salaula, Salaula means Second hand
material or clothing

The song talks about how everyone disapproves of a relationship between a
couple stating that the partner is a second hand material and he/she isn’t
good enough, and in return the other partner starts to state the qualities
that the friends and onlookers publicly disapproved, and showers the
disapproved partner with blessings.






General Ozzy is set to launch his latest single from his upcoming album. According to an affiliate artist, the single “No way” features Zeus from Botswana and is produced by Ben Blazer.

The single drops this Friday on all major radio stations in Botswana and Zambia. Apart from unleashing his new song this week, Ozzy is also doing some shows across Botswana.

Source: ZMCA



Singer, Roberto has refused rumours doing the rounds that he was involved in a car crush and died. Roberto made his statement via his twitter  and this is what he had to say: “There’s a story going round that I died in a road accident, WRONG!!! Its someone else guys. May the person who died RIP”.

 Source: Zed Music Criteria Arena

Exclusive Roberto

Exclusive Roberto

Music Producer, Artiste, DJ and Boyfriend .*smiles* Yes Ladies Roberto is already taken, tough luck.

 Robert Banda popularly  known as Roberto is one of  Zambia’s’ talented and successful Producer,Artiste and DJ of our time, with hit songs like; Chawama, Ilove you more, Save our love, Nikutasha omg!! I Could go on and on. He has proved to the Zambian people that the sky is not the limit but the stepping stone to greater heights and that you can be whatever you want, you don’t have to limit yourself to one thing. Let’s do this!

“Another Beat Made by Roberto”


“EZM” Family background?

Roberto  :Well my family is my backbone as we have been through ups and
downs, just recently lost my Dad so still trying to get back to terms,
but we are all very close.


“EZM” You are a Dj,Musician and Producer how do you manage your time?
Roberto: I gotta tell you its really not the easiest of things to do,
on top of everything I get up to I still need to find time to be with
my girlfriend so its quite hectic for me, but I try to divide my
schedule and hence at times I am straight to the point when some one
calls me or is trying to inquire something for every hour I spend just
chatting is an hour lost but I do have some time for myself on certain
days, sunday mainly.lol.

“EZM”  How you rate the Music industry? And  we heading the right direction?
Roberto: The Zambian Music honestly speaking has reached its peak and
what is remaining now is just consistency and better management for us
to take over the African market, for Zambian music rocks no doubt, and
we are on the right path.


“EZM” what’s the inspiration behind Brathahood?
Roberto: BrathaHood was brought about by Ozzy it was one of those days
when we were listening to an album by the Dogg Pind and we thought why
not come up with a name for our team for we had a lot of people that
felt we destined for greatness so we came up with that name in 1997.


“EZM”  What feel have you brought forth as a producer?
Roberto: I noticed one thing about every producer and that was a
personal identity in music and I thought I bring forth a feel of my
own, which has a heavybass presence and heavy beats such that when you
slot a Cd in your car the music should just be mind blowing.



“EZM”  Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with production wise?

Roberto: Wow I have worked with several artists, to mention just a
few, Tommy D, Ozzy,Samba, Manas, Kb, Ruff Kid and many other others
but its always great working with these guys.



“EZM”  At a certain point producers tend to start using the same beat
for different songs which is kinda boring, what causes that?
Roberto: Lol I know what you mean, I have one simple answer for that,
its simply lack of creativity,and others are just scared of trying out
a new sound, music is universal so be universal try something new,
take for instance my song Save Our Love, it has no drum pattern what
so ever yet it was still appealing so its like that, you introduce
something new people will want to hear it, so long as its good music.


“EZM”~ What makes you different/unique?

Roberto: I feel I always want to be a trendsetter and not a trend
follower. I like to put myself in an other producers shoe where when
they hear something I make,they will be like WOW!! How did you do
that? or how did you think about that? So I try to be different and I
always want to try something different always.

“EZM” What’s your trade-mark?

Roberto: ANOTHER BEAT MADE BY ROBERTO!!!  That’s what I use on every
song I make, if the song is done by an artist from BrathaHood Music. I
now add Ozzys voice that says ITS A BRATHAHOOD THANG. So mainly
those are the trademarks and just my style of music I guess that can
also be seen as a trademark.

“EZM”  What does the future hold for you?

Roberto:  I dont want to erase Gods plan and write my own,but I try to
perfect what God has blessed me with and make the best out of that, so
I can only say I want to do my best and words will not make that
happen but my actions will.

EZM”  Which artist would you love to work with?

Roberto:  At the present moment, I am at a point where I have people
who know who Roberto is and now its about keeping everyone’s feet
tapping and head bouncing so collaborations are a must, right now am
seeing a future Roberto song Feat a Micheal Jackson Voice or 2pac.
Once I get that done I’ll be the happiest man.lol.

“EZM”  How has your Brother Ozzy influenced your music career?

Roberto : To tell you the truth if it wasnt for him I probably would’nt
be doing music.lol. He was always singing when we walking and it would
irritate me to bits that I joined in his singing. He kept singing
saying,”while am walking someone who might want to sponsor may hear
me” and I hated it but it inspired me in a way and now we doing it for
our Country its a blessing.



“EZM”  Which Zambian Music producer is doing it for you at the moment?

Roberto :Right now I think Tazz has got some pretty cool sounds and I
like that. At the moment he is impressing me with his works.



“EZM”  Where do we see you as a Dj, Producer and Artist 3years from today?
Roberto:  “ Well well well!!! *LOL* 3 years I think I will be answering
your question at the MTV awards when I win and saying remember what
you asked me in 2011 *LOL*, but I certainly want to take my music to
greater heights. As at the moment things are going great and I want to
make sure things even go further so expect the best out of Roberto
every year to come.