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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Macky II The Legend!

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Macky II The Legend!

Mulaza Kaira popularly known as MackyII is one of Zambia’s leading Hip Hop sensation, he is at the moment doing very well. Macky II walked away with the radio 4 song of the year award for his song “Mummy” at last years Born n Bred awards.EZM caught up with the Kopala gangster in Northmead on one of his visits to Lusaka. Find out what he thinks about the Born & Bred awards and a lot more in an exclusive interview below.


EZM- In the latest song you have done with Exile you rapped about your
background and it seems like you have gone through a lot, tell us your
age, education and family background?

MK- I was born on 26th of October 1984, I have four siblings two
brothers and two sisters. I did my secondary education at Kabundi high
school in Chingola.



EZM- What are the challenges you have faced being an artist?

MK– Money and fame. When you love doing what you do, it then drives
you to do it for the money and at the end of the day you are not given
the respect that you deserve.

EZM- Looking back from the old Macky II to you now, in what way have
you grown and transformed as an artist?

MK- I do what I do for love I am more conscious to doing what is right.
And I have been receiving tremendous response of late.



EZM-  Umupondo, where and when did you start associating yourself with
this word?

MK- It came from the song I did, basically it talks about life, not
giving up during the struggles that I faced at the start of my career,
I am a soul survivor.



EZM-  You have three names, Dj Buga, Flavaboy, and Macky II, what is
the difference between the three?


MK- MackyII is a hardcore artist, Flavaboy is some sweet ladies man
and Dj Buga is a production name.

EZM- What genre do you belong to? Sometimes you sing, rap or produce,
when putting you in categorizes,where do you belong in?

MK– I belong to the hip hop genre. I produce,sing and rap too. Am
versatile like that.


EZM- 2011 started with beef with XYZ, has there always been that
subliminal beef between Slap Dee and yourself and how are you guys now?

MK- I make a song according to peoples needs, they(people) wanted me
to reply to Slap Dees’ song and I did. *Emukwai


EZM–  Chef 187, how does it feel having such a successful and talented
artist under your label who is also your brother?

MK- I am really proud, you have’nt heard nothing from him yet, he is
so talented watch out!!!

EZM– How do you manage to keep everything? Are there days you feel
like “I cannot do this”

MK- There is no privacy and  its hectic.


EZM– Which artist do you want to collaborate with whom you have not
worked with yet?

MK- Mr Veezy, Danny and  Jay-Z


EZM–  What has been your worst and best  memory in the industry

MK- Begging to take my music to radio stations and them not being
played, they just used to take up space in the radio stations and
getting dusty.

Best moment? Having to do what I have been wanting to do that is making music.



EZM–  What opinions do you have about the Born and Bred Awards?

MK– Results are not given according to peoples expectations, that’s why
they are lots of disappointments.


EZM–  Recently you have been in the headlines, not about your music
but copper theft. What really happened and how did this affect you as
a MAN and also as an artist?


MK– No comment.

EZM–  Will you ever move to Lusaka?


MK– Never!! It’s like moving Kitwe to Lusaka.

EZM– What does 2012 hold for Macky 2 and what should we expect?


MK– You should be on the lookout cause I am about to spit even harder
than before* emukwai

EZM– Will you be doing more songs in other languages?


MK- Most people think going international is about you singing in
English, but the thing is to improve in your music.

EZM-  Will you release an album any time soon?


MK- Not guilty will be in stores late January.

EZM- What differentiates you from the rest of the rappers in the industry?


MK– I am in my own lane, no competition whatsoever, I make joints
people dance to, I am original.

EZM– What do you have to say to the haters?
Who is leading the hip hop industry now and why?


MK– I wish my haters a healthy life so that they can see me succeed. I
am the one leading because I demand authority and I am attentive to
peoples choices.

Questions from fans.

What is the red buddha necklace? Are you a buddhist?

MK- No am not buddhist, I am a christian.

* Favourite meal?

MK- Nshima with beans kapenta and rape.

* In relationship or single?

MK – In a relationship

* Your fans want to know about your dress code, do you dress to meet up
the umupondo image or is your dresscode something that will change and
develop as you do?

MK- I dress depending on how I feel.

* Biggest fear?

MK- Death.

By Memory Kalima/ Vanessa Vivian Banda




On set of Mcgyver Music video with ABC, Ruff Kid and Slap Dee

On set of Mcgyver Music video with ABC, Ruff Kid and Slap Dee



FIND Mcgyver and win 1 million Kwacha

FIND Mcgyver and win 1 million Kwacha


Video music director and labe owner  from Equalize who recently shot the music video of ABC ft Slap Dee, a new Hip Hop duo is offering k1,000,000 to who can find Mcgyver in the soon to be released music video

He says :

ABC Video Competition Find the hidden code in the NEW A.B.C-(Alpha Beta Class) Video and win ZMK 1 Million… send your answers and contact details … abc-mcgyvavideo@lskreation.com and




Go to this Facebook page and stand a chance to win http://www.facebook.com/pages/Find-MCgyva/290272994388912



Chef and Slap Dee collabo Confirmed?

Chef and Slap Dee collabo Confirmed?

During the weekend we posted that Slap Dee and Chef 187 will be releasing a song together next month and it has apparently been confirmed by Chef himself. He was said to be on radio Flava FM talking about the possible collaboration with the XYZ leader and he confirmed the partnership and also mentioned that it will be released next month for everyone to hear.


This is one song we are looking forward to hear. Who do you think will kill the song?  Chef or Slap Dee?


Slap Dee and Chef 187 Collabo

Slap Dee and Chef 187 Collabo



One of the hottest rappers currently in the industry Chef is rumoured to be doing a collaboration with Slap Dee.

Zed Music Criteria Arena reports:

There  is talk going around social media and radio that local hip hop heavyweight Slap D and Kopala’s Chef 187 have recorded a track together. Slap Dee fans have been posting on Slap Dee’s facebook page to get a confirmation from Slap Dee or  concerning the rumoured collaboration but Slap has not responded to any of the posts.

Source: Z.M.C.A, http://www.facebook.com/ZedMusicCriticArena

Who is your favorite XYZ Member

Who is your favorite XYZ Member


Music chart: Top Songs Of The Week

Music chart: Top Songs Of The Week

1-Boza remix-Jay Rox ft Zone Fam & Salma

2-Nganaponena-Chef 187 & Pilato

3-Wilayivinyola-Ruff Kid


5-Item-Rich Boii attitude ft Exile

6- Nshimbila Ama Yo- Chef 187

7- Bosa Tumfwe – 2wo-1ne

8. Bangwele All-Stars Camstar ft All- Stars

9-  Mwalilowelela- Mampi

10- Twezi Don’t Compromise

11 – Bulamfuluma remix – Slap Dee ft All Stars