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DJ Stretch releases a public statement.

DJ Stretch releases a public statement.

 These past few weeks have been hard and extremely tiring for former QFM Nkandu Kataya, aka Dj Stretch, also now the former manager for XYZ. Most people do not know what really happened behind close doors with the XYZ Management, but DJ Stretch was a major backbone for XYZ, he took on the role as a manager for XYZ ,Slapdee and other artists in the XYZ click. He did the best that he could have done and was there in the ups and highs of XYZ. When people found out that he left XYZ,many felt like he was breaking the life time commitment but if things are not working and life has changed you also have to move on. This is exactly what Stretch did. None of us where there to know what happened but people should not judge one sided.  Says  sources close to both Stretch and XYZ Management


Here is a release that Dj Stretch released about his state of life on his Facebook Page.


I would like the world to know a couple of things.

I’m going through what feels like a thousand kinds of hell. I suffer from some kind of mental problem which I think is depression. I’m not taking anything for it.

Until a few days ago I was a very heavy drinker. I also have an 11 year history with an assortment of drugs.

I had a very serious self-destructive moment last Friday and I made a total fool of myself in front of my family and friends. I apologize to anyone who had to witness that side of me.

I’m in a very very dark place at the moment and I would like a few simple things:

1. I would like to be left alone.

2. I would like not to be judged, condemned or talked about carelessly

3. I would like to thank the people who have understood me and supported me this past weekend. Everyone else can eat a dick

Thank you


We are wishing the best to DJ Stretch and hopefully he will get his life back on track and continue doing what he loves and does best.




One of the biggest divas, if not the biggest Zambian female singer has done a song with Hip-Hop king Slap Dee. If you have followed Zambian music these two used to have a musical feud but now have come together.

Check out the new song:


The TOP Five Artistes

The TOP Five Artistes

EZM Magazine carried out a survey on who the Top 5 biggest Zambian Artistes are; Believe me it was’nt easy compiling the list, we have so many talented Artistes who are doing it big, but we only needed five(5). The Artistes are rated according to the number of votes we recieved. Does your favourite Artiste hold a spot on our Top 5 list?? Read on to find out:


 # 5 :MAMPI



This diva came on the music scene with the hit song Maloza, Mampi is doing massively she has earned herself international recognition, we at EZM are so proud of the Diva. She is with no doubt the true defination of a diva hustler. She hustled her way to the top and did’nt let any one bring her down because she knows exactly why she’s in the game.



#4 Pjay “The Future” and Chef

The #4 spot is being shared by Pjay and Chef.


 Has the voice to die for, he has’nt been in the game for a longtime but he is doing amazing things, when he features in a song best believe the song becomes a HIT instantly.











 On the other hand has brought a different touch to Hiphop, I am a huge fan of his music “Tutu” been my personal favourite. And did you know that Chef is MarkII’ Brother?











#3 SLAP Dee

 Claim to fame “So che” this song did wonders for him, it saw him climb the ladder of success. Slap dee won an award last year at the Born and Bred awards for his song Nichigwile we would’nt be surprised to see him scope another award this year he has some great videos to his name.










This group came on the scene with a Baaaaaang!! I can still feel it. With hit songs like; Shaka Zulu on ’em, Ndine Chikali, Man dem and etc to their name they are headed to the top for sure. Their style is unique and has so much creativity to it, they have brought a different feel to hiphop. They are doing something which we have never seen before.



#1 MARKII Aka Dj Buga


This dude can not only Flow he can sing too, that some talent right there. His handwork has made him the Peoples’ favourite, his music is so diverse it keeps you on the edge. I am eager to know what hes going to sing about next:-). MarkII’ music is making rounds everywhere. We wish Umupondo MarkII all the best in his music career.


By: Memory Kalima

Pompi: The African Noble Eagle

Pompi: The African Noble Eagle

Pompi is one of the most talented and God fearing artists in the music industry. He has had hit songs after hit songs. He has been internationall nominated, done music with some of the big names in the Zambian Music and Africa. Now Pompi is a born again and doing gospel music. EZM Magazine took moment to find out what is in this talented and smart man.



“EZM”  background,name,  age, education, family.

“Pompi”  Chaka Nyathando, 24 years old, Honors in computer science, 3
sisters only boy, family of 4

“EZM”  When did you start doing music?

“Pompi”  When I was 10 years old.







“EZM”  Where does Pompi come from and what does it mean?

“Pompi”  It came from a dream i had and I later adopted the name. lol made
up a few stories before that becauseI i did want to seem “MYSTICAL” but
yeah that is the true story.


“EZM” Who inspired you to start doing music?

“Pompi” Its a god given talent that i was called for so its more like I was
made for it than a decision i made.


“EZM” What was the most challenging about breaking into music

“Pompi”  The stereotype attached to it.


“EZM” You moved to S.A for a while, what was the reason and how did this influence your career?

“Pompi” It gave me a stage that gave me the confidence to think that even
though I may be Zambian I can perform and win the hearts of anybody
because music is a universal language. It also taught me to not
compromise on quality and dont let were you are from be an excuse.


“EZM”  What can you say about todays Hip Hop industry in Zambia?

“Pompi”  Its come a long way and its good to see. Have to commend people
like Crisis for paving a way for many other artists. Only after such
people come out do others get the confidence to do the same and look
at Hiphop as a marketable product.




“EZM”  As an artist what kept you going through the hard times and challenges of your musical career

“Pompi” Confidence in my talent beyond what peoples opinions wer and having
a good group of friends who always had my back.


“EZM”  We have to congratulate you for your Honors computer sciene. how hard was it being a student and an artist at the same time?

“Pompi”  Was not too hectic, I dont consider music as a job. For me its as
natural as breathing.


“EZM”  You have now switched to being a gospel rapper what happened that made you decide this transition?

“Pompi”  When I understood that this talent is not my own. Music has power
and defines our generation, as an artist u have the ability to destroy
them or build them. The music industry is full of filth that i have
seen with my own eyes. I dont want to be a part of it.


” EZM” What should we expect from the *gospel” Pompi?

“Pompi “ Good Music


“EZM” Where will you be in 5 years from now?

” Pompi”  A light shining over the whole world through Lotahouse and its artists.







EZM”  Whats is the biggest difference between a gospel rapper and your average rapper?

“Pompi”  Just as a correction I am not a rapper but a musician or an artist.
Rapping is just what I have popularly known for so far. To make the
explanation very simple, Gospel is music to edify people and not steal
good ethics and morals from them but bring them closer to gods love
and love for one another.


“EZM” How have your fans been towards this new genre that you have chosen?

“Pompi” They have been fantastic! Lots of encouragement from them.


“EZM”  What does Lotahouse do?

“Pompi”  Nurtures and manages raw, UNIQUE, talent


“EZM” What has been your most happiest and memorable moment in your career?

“Pompi”  When I got born again last year November.


“EZM”  What do you have to say to your fans?



Never allow anyone to define you! You then become unique. Find
Gods will in your life. All are made for a purpose and your talents
will bring you before kings.

EZM Music Chart: Zone Fam still leading the charts

EZM Music Chart: Zone Fam still leading the charts

We are coming close to the end of the year and a alot of artists are now bringing out their hits and videos for the years Born and Bred Awards to mention a few.

Zone Fam have been extremely impressive this year with their hit songs and videos and still are leading the charts with their major hits, “Mbama” Ndine Chikali” Shaka Zulu on Em”.  This has even earned them a nomination spot with this years Channel O’s awards which will take part in November and not to mention the release of their first studio album ” Foreign Exchange” . Slapdee has also been impressive this year and diva Kay who has proven to be one of the best females the industry has had has also taken the radio waves and TVs by storm.

1. Zone Fam

2. Slapdee



5. JK

6. P’jay

7. Macky ll

8. Mampi

9. T-Sean

10. Dandy Krazy


In collaboration with Zed Beats and Zambezi Radio.



On saturday the 1st of october all roads lead to Longridge Junction in
Chilanga for the Zed Experience 8th anniversary party. The event was a
 success, there was a huge turnout of people, the organisers Dj
Showstar and Master LT had put in much effort in ensuring that all
went well and it sure did go well.

We saw young talented rappers show case their skills on stage, it was
awesome to watch the young talents. The crowd cheered,chanted,danced
and rapped along with the young talents. Which was really good.
Some of the artistes who graced the show are;
Dalisoul,Brisky,Shipanzi,Alpha Romeo,Nana,Slap dee,T-Boy,Chika and 1

The crowd went wild when Nana stepped on the stage to perform her hit
number Kaduda,her dancing skills made the fans to go even more wild.

Slap dee had fans following him to his car as he left the stage, it
was really amazing to see how fans love and support the artistes.

By: Memory Kalima

CRISIS aka Mr Swagger: The legendary

CRISIS aka Mr Swagger: The legendary

    Fellow rappers should keep doing their thing and understand that this is not a game for sissy’s. You gotta be a man and learn to stand on your own.


Crisis aka Mr Swagger real name Chisenga Katongo has been in the hip hop industry for over a decade and for each year that goes by he builds his empire. He has held true to his fans, music and turned his music into a a business. He has been nominated and won several international awards and no doubt that he is one of the kings of Hip Hop that define it by success, fans and progress. We interviewed Mr Swagger to find out more about him and his hip hop throne.



 “EZM”    Crisis, you have been in the game for a long time, you are one of the pioneers of Zambian Hip Hop, what has kept you still on top of your game til today?

“CRISIS”  What has kept me on top of my game is, in my opinion the fact that, what I do is not out of the fact that I want to be like another rapper or make a name. I believe it’s because, this is one of the many gifts that God’s given me.


“EZM”   You have always rapped in English, why did you not to choose in Bemba or Nyanja?

“CRISIS” I rap in English because, first of all, that is Zambia’s first language. With that said, it simply means that you can use any Zambian language that you wish to but, you will always have to bear in mind that English is very instrumental in our society. There are also a few things that I discovered that I cannot discuss here.


“EZM”   What has changed in the game since you started?

“CRISIS”  The industry itself has changed in a major way. People seem to be taking music a little more serious and, we have more people  in the game now. Although, the sad part is finding the Pot of Gold is only meant for a few so, you’ll find that people get in the game and then realize that they have to deal with real life once the lights go out. The music industry is a game of Chess and Puzzle Pieces.
“EZM”    Whats the problem with the younger rappers today?

“CRISIS”  I wouldn’t really say that  younger rappers have a problem as such. I just think that, it takes a while and a lot of experience to learn the ropes. Some of them get to learn ways in which they can get ahead and some just don’t get it.  I’ve had to cut certain rappers out of my circle because of failure to present themselves professionally at work. At the end of the day, we call it the rap game but this is ‘The Music Business.’ Structures that do not fit in, will have to be taken down.   
“EZM” Who is running the Zambian Hip Hop?

“CRISIS” That question would be best answered by looking at track records, achievements and how that has impacted Zed Hip-Hop and the country as a whole.


 “EZM” Who was your inspiration?

“CRISIS”  I made a pact with God when I was young, and he has not failed me. Also, among the musicians, Dr. Dre has always been. This is because,of all musicians in the world, he’s the only one that I think has a mind like mine. He’s very unpredictable and loves to develop new talent while being in a position of power. His characteristics remind me of myself.

 “EZM” You have performed in a lot of places, which one has been your memorable?

“CRISIS” My most memorable moment was when I shared the stage with Akon and Sean Paul. I was in front of about 48000 people and the crowd started booing me when I got on stage because the show started late. It was supposed to begin at 12 noon and only started about 21 HRS. They threw empty cans onto the stage as I was performing my first song and then, they suddenly seemed to get into the music. By the time I was performing ‘The Fire Inside’ which was my second song, the crowd went crazy and they started reaching out trying to get a hand shake from me. It was a great feeling being able to turn around an angry crowd. By the time I finished, the whole stadium was saying my name. It was a good example of the power of one. Also because, Soosh Matix was with me on stage. He was always very supportive of my activity and, I’ve felt a great loss that he is nolonger with us.


“EZM” You were “beefing” with XYZ, and Slapdee, how are things now?

“CRISIS”  Things are good.


“EZM”  Diamond chain? what does it represent in todays Hip Hop industry?

“CRISIS” Originality and a never dying Hunger.
“EZM” C  Vin 2 Clothing line? true or false?

 “CRIRIS”   C Vin 2 is one of the brands owned by my company Diamond Chain Services


“EZM”  Whats the future for Zambian Hip Hop?

“CRISIS” She’s got a great future and, she’s definitely going to be successful and good looking. (smiles)


“EZM”  How does it feel being nominated for the best southern african video music award?

“CRISIS”  Being placed in a category where I have to compete, representing the Southern region is no joke. It’s an honor in itself. It feels good and reflects the impact my music is making on the African continent.
“EZM” Who is running the Hip Hop industry now?

“CRISIS”  The illuminati. Ha, ha!! Just Joking. I would say the American market continues to dominate this industry. It wont be long before Africa starts to get a piece of the pie. We all just need to be a little more informed about the key factors and players that matter most.


“EZM”  What is CRISIS place in the industry?
“CRISIS” Hip-Hop is like a club or party that everybody wants to get into and, the VIP Room is reserved for me. That’s the best way I can define it.
“EZM”  What should we expect from you?

“CRISIS” Only God knows. I never know what to expect of myself. I’ve surprised myself a lot and this has been happening for many years. All I know that greater things are yet to come while I appreciate and count all my current and past blessings.


“EZM”  Last words to your fans and fellow rappers?

“CRISIS”   Thanks to all my fans for the great support.Fellow rappers should keep doing their thing and understand that this is not a game for sissy’s. You gotta be a man and learn to stand on your own.


 EZM Magazine would like to congratulate you on your Channel O nomination, hope you win

“CRISIS”   Thank you



LloyDee has been in the Hip Hop industry for a while now. He is also one of the artists who is under XYZ and has made a name for himself as they call him “Badboy”. He is very talented in what he does, and being a “Badboy” does not live up to his private and personal life as when EZM sat down with him, seen him work, he is a very polite gentleman with the ambition and also God fearing. We wanted to find out what is in store for this Badboy and what we should expect and here is what LloyDee had to say.


“EZM” Background

Lloyd ‘LLOY Dee’ Chirwa,

 Ngoni by tribe.

 Born and bred in Lusaka.

24 years.  

Born on 28th February.  


“EZM” When did you start rapping?

“LloyDee”I attended my primary at hillside basic within Lusaka, then secondary at Chikankata boarding school in southern province. Started rapping in high school and more inspiration came from SLAP Dee who by then was my senior in high school.

“EZM” Who was your inspiration?

“LloyDee” Besides him I get my inspiration from every MC in the Game, My Fans and above all GOD because he is the greatest Artist ever.

“EZM” When did you sign with XYZ and how was it working with XYZ?

“LloyDee” XYZ signed me in 2008 and working with them has been the best experience of my life.

“EZM” What has been the hardest challenge in the Hip Hop Industry?

“LloyDee”Being a hip hop artist means a lot to people around you, so people’s expectations are some of the challenges.

“EZM” Who is leading the hip hop industry now?

“LloyDee” Click wise XYZ is leading and on a personal base I think it’s kind of hard to point 4 now.Apart from that, hip hop in Zambia is now reaching its climax, lots of MC’s are coming up so competition bring about challenges, but I still manage to have a spot in Game.

“EZM” What has changed about hip-hop since 5 years ago?

 “LloyDee”Sensitive nouns were not welcome then but now freedom of expression and also lots wants to do hip hop.

“EZM” What is Lloyd Dees impact on the game

 “LloyDee”I have impacted the game in so many ways, Dress code, the way other talk  now is because of my music ,walking and also my change to do music with the Fear of GOD has changed life’s of my true fans.

“EZM”What has XYZ meant to the Hip Hop industry?

 “LloyDee” XYZ for past good number of years has been hip hop itself.

“EZM” Whats the future of Hip Hop and Lloyd Dees future in it.

“LloyDee” I Am now doing good music which will last so is me, also I produce my own videos which is a bigger thing. School is important, I am a MASSCOM student at UNZA which makes me fit nicely in society.

“EZM” Whats your word to upcoming rappers?

“LloyDee” Work harder and do good music, NO beefs your talent will never seize .GOD BLESS all of you.



Mubby Roux: Real G

Mubby Roux: Real G

Mubby Roux is most famous for his songs, Tyola Musana, Ndine chikali, and now he is back and taking the hip hop game to another level. EZM Magazine wanted to find out what his thoughts are on the rap industry, how he will change the game and what we should expect from Roux, as he calls himself, The Real G.


“EZM” Tell us about your age, background.

“M.R” I am 20 plus 7 years old, I come from a humble background in a family of three, I am the youngest and we are all guys.  I completed my senior High School in the year of 2004; I have worked with Multi choice Zambia and GTV as a software technician. And not forgetting my music career that I started at a young age of 13.  That’s just a brief statement about me. You are yet to know more.   


 “EZM” When did you start rapping?

  “M.R” Ever since day one

 “EZM” Who was your inspiration?

M.R”  Keith Murray 

“EZM” When did you sign with XYZ?

“M.R”  I’ve always been XYZ. From the very start, but I just got serious with my Rap career   2 Years Ago I’ve just been underground.

“EZM” How was working with XYZ?

“M.R”  It has been fine and inspiring, and am still with XYZ up to date

“EZM” Are you XYZ or you are independent?

“M.R”  I am XYZ and I am also doing my independent Music career.

“EZM” What has been the hardest challenge in the Hip Hop Industry?

“M.R” So far so good and I’ve been doing my best when it’s said and done.

“EZM” Who is leading the hip hop industry now?

“M.R” I can say XYZ and Zone Farm are doing it for me.

“EZM” What has changed about hip-hop since 5 years ago?

“M.R”  A lot has changed, Hip Hop has brought so much creativity in terms of new kind of beats and there is punch line flow now, coz you can’t do a verse without punch line nowadays. 


“EZM” Accordingly to you, who is your current Zambian rap artist?

“M.R” I envy myself but I listen to them all.

“EZM” What is Mubby Roux’s Dees impact on the game?

“M.R”  I am the impact and I am taking this Rap Game to the next level because I am the only of my kind.  

“EZM” What has XYZ meant to the Hip Hop industry?

“M.R”  It is Hip Hop it’s self on the Zed Rhythmic Mic flow  

“EZM” What’s the future of Hip Hop and Mubby Roux future in it?

“M.R”  Expect more from me because I am the future.


“EZM” What’s your word to upcoming rappers?

 “M.R”  I would urge them to maintain focus, believe in themselves and stay away from trouble like I do.

Sutu: The First Lady

Sutu: The First Lady

Sutu may have been out of the music industry for a while but her impact on the music industry has been inspiring and also opened ways and doors for so many other female artists. Sutu became famous when she was signed to XYZ and she immediately got caught up in the drama that Slapdee and Mampi had at the time, but yet this did not stop her from showing us her talent in hit songs such as ” Universal charger Kamba Che” and Portable. EZM caught up with Sutu to find out more on what she has been doing and what we should expect from her but also her say on today’s Hip Hop

 I had gone on break from the music scene because of my personal life. I went through a rough patch and really my fame was not going to help me heal.




 “EZM” You were one of the first Female rappers if not the first how did this have an impact on you?

“SUTU” I would not say I was the first because before me were Queen Sheba and a few others. I am more of a singer than a rapper so it is impact on me was people expected me to be gangster and not soft. It is something I did to prove that I can.

“EZM” What really happened to you and your music?

“SUTU” I had gone on break from the music scene because of my personal life. I went through a rough patch and really my fame was not going to help me heal. Right now am back in the studio to record a full album and so far so good.

“EZM” How was it working with XYZ?

“SUTU” XYZ to me is family. You can never say you no longer belong to a family. We are still together just that recently I have focused mainly on my 2nd love which is acting, so I am the actress in XYZ.
“EZM” Since you came in the game; you have seen a lot of young rap females emerge, what’s your intake?

“SUTU” Some rap females that emerge are good others are terrible but I  would say big up for trying, I know it’s not easy.

Setting an example is hard but I did what I had to and I hope someone perfects it.

“EZM” All these young females talk about sex, money and men, was it like this for you then?

“SUTU” Sex, men, love and money, I have talked about them if that I s what sells why not? Of course that is not what life is about but we in this to make a living at the end of the day so what sells goes. I would not encourage bad language as we do our music because it’s our reputation at stake.

“EZM” Who is at the top of the Hip Hop game in the industry now?

“SUTU” In the hip hop game its hard to tell because this song will sound good and the other better. But of course I have a few names that come to mind e.g.  Slap Dee, J.O.B. Zone Fam, Pompi,e.t.c.

EZM” Where is the hip hop game headed to?

 “SUTU” We are definitely hitting the international market no doubt, as soon as the beef ends!

“EZM” You have set ways for other female artists to emerge, how do you feel about this?

 “SUTU” LOL setting an example is hard but I did what I had to and I hope someone perfects it.

EZM” Where is the hip hop game headed to?

 “SUTU” We are definitely hitting the international market no doubt, as soon as the beef ends!

“EZM” You have set ways for other female artists to emerge, how do you feel about this?

 “SUTU” LOL setting an example is hard but I did what I had to and I hope someone perfects it.

“EZM” What is Sutu’s future in the music Industry?


“SUTU” Sutu is a multi-talented lady (blowing my own trumpet huh!) like I said earlier am in the studio working with different producers and different genres. But also doing my acting it’s hectic.

“EZM” Are there too many rappers and artists now and especially women?

“SUTU” There are not many of us but I hope to see where we can work together as women to lift each other. The guys are collaborating but I have not heard of a duet with just females on a track it is