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The Zambian Entertainment Awards

The Zambian Entertainment Awards


Three major media companies have come together to introduce to you what we have decided to call  The Zambian Entertainment Awards”.

EZM Magazine, Zedbeats and Zambezi Radio online will be giving you the first ever Zambian Entertainment Awards and the catch for this year will be that they will be online.We have started the preparations and everything is being in full set and should be aired in December.

“We have so much talent in Zambia that should not only be based on music but also on the whole entire entertainment industry and this exactly what The ZEA will be doing every year. We want to give all our readers, the listeners, customers and also the public figures within the entertainment to know that their talent is appreciated and recogonized. We have all kinds of categories, everything from best song- best photographer, best reporter. This is the first step to something big”. – Spokes person for EZM Magazine