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Thugga from Zone Fam new single

Thugga from Zone Fam new single

Thugga who is a member of the popular rap group Zone Fam just dropped his single called “Girl” Whilst Jay Roxa, has his new song, Boza out already and last week Zone Fam’s manager and also artist ,The Holstar dropped his single ft Teck-Zilla. The Past, Future and Present.

We wonder how they keep the competition mutual and avoid fights but they do support eachother’s work and guess thats what make him so dominantly popular and good

The TOP Five Artistes

The TOP Five Artistes

EZM Magazine carried out a survey on who the Top 5 biggest Zambian Artistes are; Believe me it was’nt easy compiling the list, we have so many talented Artistes who are doing it big, but we only needed five(5). The Artistes are rated according to the number of votes we recieved. Does your favourite Artiste hold a spot on our Top 5 list?? Read on to find out:


 # 5 :MAMPI



This diva came on the music scene with the hit song Maloza, Mampi is doing massively she has earned herself international recognition, we at EZM are so proud of the Diva. She is with no doubt the true defination of a diva hustler. She hustled her way to the top and did’nt let any one bring her down because she knows exactly why she’s in the game.



#4 Pjay “The Future” and Chef

The #4 spot is being shared by Pjay and Chef.


 Has the voice to die for, he has’nt been in the game for a longtime but he is doing amazing things, when he features in a song best believe the song becomes a HIT instantly.











 On the other hand has brought a different touch to Hiphop, I am a huge fan of his music “Tutu” been my personal favourite. And did you know that Chef is MarkII’ Brother?











#3 SLAP Dee

 Claim to fame “So che” this song did wonders for him, it saw him climb the ladder of success. Slap dee won an award last year at the Born and Bred awards for his song Nichigwile we would’nt be surprised to see him scope another award this year he has some great videos to his name.










This group came on the scene with a Baaaaaang!! I can still feel it. With hit songs like; Shaka Zulu on ’em, Ndine Chikali, Man dem and etc to their name they are headed to the top for sure. Their style is unique and has so much creativity to it, they have brought a different feel to hiphop. They are doing something which we have never seen before.



#1 MARKII Aka Dj Buga


This dude can not only Flow he can sing too, that some talent right there. His handwork has made him the Peoples’ favourite, his music is so diverse it keeps you on the edge. I am eager to know what hes going to sing about next:-). MarkII’ music is making rounds everywhere. We wish Umupondo MarkII all the best in his music career.


By: Memory Kalima

Supernatural Zambian Woman: Elaka Gondwe

Supernatural Zambian Woman: Elaka Gondwe

 Elaka Gondwe is a very talented woman, multi-talented and well very creative and hardworking. This woman has been the brains behind so many  projects and has helped to put Zambian beauty, talent, entertainment and music on the map for the world to see. EZM Magazine had an exclusive  interview with the diva to see what is behind this talent.

 “I am a Zambian born singer, songwriter, that happens to be an actress, part-time model,
designer, and philanthropist, to put it simply I like to consider myself to be the entrepreneur
for the 21st century. I own a BEFFTA Award winning and recently nominated again, branding,
marketing and promotions company Called Effycom Productions, where I offer an array of
services from artist management, events promotions and company branding just to name a
few; I also own a now 5 time BEFFTA nominated beauty pageant called Queen Of Zambia UK ,
I own a clothing line called ElHry clothing and at present as well as singing and song writing
under my artist name “Elaka” I also co-manage Zone Fam based in Zambia and two other UK
based artists Ivy-May and Aliman; in addition, I am a branding and marketing consultant for Just
Bounce Records UK and honoured to be a BEFFTA Awards panel member for the 2011 Awards.
My main love has always been music though, it has always been my dream to be able to write
and perform my music and simply share my creativity with the rest of the world.”




EZM”  Are you married, engaged or still an independent single woman?

“Elaka”  I am still an independent single woman.


“EZM”  Bad habits?…

“Elaka”  hhhmmm I can talk for the whole world lol, I am extremely talkative.


“EZM” Which business man do you look up to?

“Elaka” Richard Branson: I have such great admiration for him because I love his business ethic, I have
admired him since I was 15 years old when virgin was just starting out. He has managed to
build an empire not because he is a ruthless business person, but he embraces change in his
businesses to suit the consumers, a skill and outlook to running businesses that I would like to
bring to Zambia hopefully soon.


“EZM”    You have been in many international fashion design and beauty pageants. How has your
experience been and what have you achieved from that? Do you think Zambia has a good
shot on the international scene?



“Elaka”    Well firstly correction, I have actually never participated in a beauty pageant, I have modeled
for independent designers and in music videos for artists such as Sway and 2face, Beula Hill
and the Alley Cat Dogs all here in the UK. The experiences were all amazing and I find them
very humbling and educating. I have learned to be even more open minded when it comes
to the entertainment industry, you have to have thick skin and even more so you have to be
extremely focused because there is more to the industry than what people perceive it to be,
so I have loved learning how the business side of it all works. Zambia has a great shot on the
international scene, and like everything else in the entertainment industry, discipline, focus and
hard work are key, we have a lot of beautiful talented models and designers in Zambia we justhave to support each other more and put ourselves out there more and you will see what great
achievement we can have from that.


“EZM”  Do you have any other talents besides you being a fashion-oriented model?

“Elaka”   My talents as stated earlier are rather diverse. I am pretty much what you would call every
connotation of the word “artist” I love everything to do with the arts, so as well as designing
clothes, singing and acting; I dance, I draw and paint as a hobby, I am teaching myself to play
the guitar and piano at present, I used to be a makeup artist and I do graphic design.


“EZM”  What’s your take on governments’ minimal (or none at all) involvement and support
for the fashion industry in Zambia? Are you doing any thing about it or have you simply
considered it as a dead end?

“Elaka”    I think a traditional government like Zambia’s needs to be approached in a different angle in
order to get them involved or support the fashion industry. My strategy thus far is through my
pageant Queen Of Zambia UK. I am currently supported by the Zambian high commission due
to the fact that my aim with the pageant is to get Zambians abroad to get back in touch with
their Zambian heritage, and promote tourism to Zambia. The government in any country will
not be of support towards anything that they perceive will not have a positive impact to the
country’s infrastructure. If they are presented with a pitch that shows how the country can
benefit from their support of individuals involved in fashion industry, then you are likely to get
a positive result.


“EZM” Why did you choose to be in the entertainment sector? Was it that “mullah”, fame,

“Elaka” For me its purely passion, the money is a motivator too, the fame is a catch 22 because it brings
you the “mullah” but takes away your privacy at the best of times. I am a creative individual and
it is only natural that I would lean towards the entertainment industry.


“EZM”  Every entrepreneur has to give back to the society. How have you helped the community
from your many, many skills?

 “Elaka” I am working through my beauty pageant to give back to the community, Queen Of Zambia UK
supports the Flip Flop foundation based in Zambia, we are on a plight to increase awareness
about the charity and we shall be having ongoing fundraisers in aid of the Flip Flop foundation.
I have a few other projects in mind that I am currently taking research on and I shall reveal all
when all is finalised.


“EZM”  A Fashion and Design Institution (School) in Zambia. Has it crossed your mind to push for
one? If so, how is that going?

“Elaka”   That has actually not crossed my mind, but it would be something to look into definitely. As I
am musically influenced first, one of my projects is expanding Effycom Productions to Zambia
so that people in the industry can be better educated in the business side of the entertainment
industry, so this will include fashion as well. I would like to educate Zambians on how best
to make a descent living out of the entertainment industry, not just in Zambia but on an
international scale, because as we all know Zambia is not a highly populated country so in order
to make more money the individuals in the industry need to find ways of spreading their wings

across the borders to get more people to acknowledge their talent, so as to establish ongoing
long term income from their work.


“EZM”  What three things don’t people know about you?

Elaka” I am a mum and my son is my whole world, I am a complete geek just without the glasses( I
taught myself how to use a computer at age 11), I was a skinny tomboy growing up, yep I was.


“EZM”  What has been the best and worst thing about your entire career so far?

“Elaka”   The best thing was finally having my music out this year, I spent years performing my material
without releasing it and even if two people listen to it, for me what matters is that someone
heard my music and liked it. The worst would have to be coming across dodgy individuals, but
I turn that into a positive as it is a learning curve for me and has helped me get to where I am


“EZM” You are a role model to many youths, especially upcoming female artists, models and
fashion designers in Zambia. What advice can you give to them?






“Elaka”   Us women are a powerful force of nature, if you have a dream and it is genuinely what you
want out of life and what makes you happy. Pursue you it and persevere, the road is never easy
especially for women, but you have to remember to work hard, push yourself, do your research
so you can see what others that are pursuing the same dream are doing. Most importantly do
not give up, believe in yourself and never compromise your self dignity for anyone, the industry
is brutal so be wise in your choices, and as hard as I might have described it to be, if its what
you want out of life you will love every step of the journey an that includes the hardships.



“EZM” Finally, dream car…Beamer, Benz or Bentley?

“Elaka”  All the above haha, I love cars I am like a guy when it comes to cars, BMW is my first love of a
car, Jaguar follows a close second and the Bugatti comes third, I could go on, but I would fill up
the whole page and some lol.




We Took A Step Away From Fashion To Shine A Light On Elaka And Effycom Productions.



“EZM” This year has been a big year for you musically, what has happened?







“Elaka”   I am first off an extremely proud Zambian, I love my country to bits and would like the whole
world to know about that. I recently released my promo single titled “I Can’t Let You Go” which
I am pleased Zambians have taken a liking to as my market for that song was meant to be
European, but I figured I would give it a try on the Zambian scene and so far it has been played
on Radio Phoenix, Zambezi Online, Zambezi FM and in South Africa on Planet Radio. It makes
me proud and humbled to know that Zambians and other Africans are open to different styles
of music such as mine. My debut single titled “My Africa” which I sing in English and Nyanja,
with a reggae Spanish feel to it and sampled from the drop leaf rhythm, will be released very




“EZM” What else are you working on? 


“Elaka”  I will be having a mini documentary of my work which will be airing on Zambian TV soon. It is
basically footage of the journey I am in as an entrepreneur and shows me working with my
artists, on my music, designing the clothes and the beauty pageant. The Zambian audience
will also get the chance to watch the Queen Of Zambia UK show taking place on the 29th of October.

With the recent announcement of the BEFFTA Awards nominees, things are getting more hectic


“EZM” Tell us more about the BEFFTA Awards

“Elaka” . Effycom Productions received yet another nomination
under “Best Event Promoter” Queen Of Zambia UK received 3 nominations under “Best
Current Beauty Queen” for Victoria Mtonga, the current title holder, “Best Pageant Director”
and “Best Beauty Pageant” the record label I help brand and market, Just Bounce Records
artists called DEM TWO received 3 nominations under “Best UK Act” and “Best Afro Caribbean
UK Act” and The Real Mr Smith (one half of DEM TWO) “Best Producer“.



“EZM” Tell us about being the co-manager for Zone Fam

 “Elaka” Last but not least for those not aware, Effycom Productions are the international management
and agent for Zone Fam so anything involving gigs, press, etc outside of Zambia, it is my
responsibility to put into place for Zone Fam. So it was fantastic securing the Big Brother gig
for the guys and off the back of that gave them the recognition they needed that secured them
the nomination for the Channel “O” VMA’s, under “Most Gifted Newcomer” for the “Shaka
Zulu On Em” video; and now they have been nominated for a BEFFTA Award under “Best
International Act” another accolade to add to their CV.



“EZM” Shout out?!

Please look out for voting at www.beffta.com. To conclude, I am very proud of the guys and
all the people I work with, Duncan Sodala of Slam Dunk Records my business partner on the
Zone Fam project and Flavia Mbazima my pageant trainer for Queen Of Zambia UK. I could go
on and on about what else I have been up to with Effycom Productions but I would be taking
up your page space, so I would politely ask that everyone keep showing support and checking
www.effycomproductions.co.uk, www.elaka.co.uk and www.queenofzambiauk.co.uk for
regular updates.




Thank you very much EZM for this wonderful opportunity, I love your magazine and what you
are doing in promoting the Zambian entertainment scene.

We love you too Elaka, we love you too!!


By: Kafula Mutale

EZM Music Chart: Zone Fam still leading the charts

EZM Music Chart: Zone Fam still leading the charts

We are coming close to the end of the year and a alot of artists are now bringing out their hits and videos for the years Born and Bred Awards to mention a few.

Zone Fam have been extremely impressive this year with their hit songs and videos and still are leading the charts with their major hits, “Mbama” Ndine Chikali” Shaka Zulu on Em”.  This has even earned them a nomination spot with this years Channel O’s awards which will take part in November and not to mention the release of their first studio album ” Foreign Exchange” . Slapdee has also been impressive this year and diva Kay who has proven to be one of the best females the industry has had has also taken the radio waves and TVs by storm.

1. Zone Fam

2. Slapdee



5. JK

6. P’jay

7. Macky ll

8. Mampi

9. T-Sean

10. Dandy Krazy


In collaboration with Zed Beats and Zambezi Radio.

Franciar: More than just a pretty face

Franciar: More than just a pretty face

Franciar is the new girl in the music industry that is both beautiful and talented. She does not take off her clothes to gain popularity but with a beauty like hers even when she has clothes on she is still called the “Sex symbol” EZM Magazine had an interview with the diva and we wanted to find out what was underneath all of the beauty and what talent, goals and aspirations the singer and rapper has for her future and career.


“EZM” Who is Franciar?

“Franciar” I started singing at the  age of six, I am 19 years of age and I  was born in a family of 8 and  I am the last born. I completed school in 2008 at Matero girl’s secondary school.


“EZM”    When did you start singing?

“Franciar”  I joined the industry last year December with umutokofyompo. 


“EZM”     Which Zambian artists inspired you?

“Franciar “ Mampi has always been a big inspiration to me and I have been inspired by her music and influenced me to pursue my music career.


“EZM”  Your first hit was mixture of Rap and singing, are you a singer or a rapper?

 “Franciar”  I am both a singer and a rapper but am more on the singing side.


“EZM” What are the challenges you have faced as a female artists?

 “Franciar”  Being a Zambian female artist has brought different kinds of challenges which I can’t manage to spot out all but mainly it is getting used to live a different kind of lifestyle as an artist.  It’s so hard because once when you become a public figure and everything you do is spotted out which makes life more difficult for me.  Though am getting used to be talked about every signal day both positively and negatively and that is why Mampi inspires me. The way she manages to overcome all the negativities talked about her. I  am still learning how to overcome them.


 “EZM” You have not released any video yet, why the wait?

“Franciar”  I haven’t done any videos yet because school kept me so held up which why I only realized two tracks but am working on it.


“EZM” Your brother, Flexville Marley is also is an artist, how is it having two members in the family?

“Franciar”     It’s very good and interesting and fun to be working in the same industry with my brother  at least it makes a whole lot more easier and he always got my back in all angles n challenges  because we  face them together.


“EZM” What are your views on the Zambian Hip Hop?

“Franciar”   Zed hip-hop is slowing improving and getting there but Zone Fam is already taking the number 1 spot.


“EZM” You worked at Slum Dunk Records, or you are with Ben Blazer?

 “Franciar” I was working with Blazer then, but am now working with Zone Fam (Slamdunk records)


“EZM” Any competition between you and Nana?

Franciar” Lol there’s completely no competition between Nana and I.  She’s my girl we are good friends.


“EZM” What do female MC’s need to do to step up their game?

“Franciar”    My view with female MC’s is for them to be real and avoid faking it. Just have your own style and swag, so that you can be unique.


“EZM” What should we expect from you in 2012 and any plans of making an album?

“Franciar” In 2012 expect tighter hits from me and definitely my album is yet to come out just a little patience because my aim is to go worldwide with my music.


“EZM”   What do you have to say to all the young girls and women who look up to you?

“Franciar” Girls looking up to me, first of all I would like to appreciate their love and support in my music and I would advise you to take your talent seriously if you feel u can sing, rap, dance, act or any other talent, go for it because you never know what God has planned for you in future, use of it. If I can do it and live my dream today, then why can’t you?


“EZM” How do you handle the “Inswa Fever” The men flocking you?

“Franciar” For the inswa fever lol 🙂 I always set my boundaries to all sorts of friendships with these kind of guys I have my limits to how I relate with them and just how I carry myself around them,

“Question from an EZM reader ”  How Many songs have you done?

“Franciar” So far I have only released 2 songs umutokofyomp produced by Jay Oh Be at Blazer studio n dymandy produced by Jay Roxa at Slam dunk. I have recorded 13 tracks which are yet to be released.


“EZM”  Last words to your fans and those reading ?

 “Franciar” To my fans I say thank you so much for your unconditional love and support without you I would not have been where I am today and where am still heading to. I pray to God that you would still believe in me so that I may prosper, thank you very much.

The Legendary Jr. Tiye- P

The Legendary Jr. Tiye- P

We have been hearing new music on our CD players at the EZM Magazine offices and undeniably Tiye -P has gotten our ears to the top. We wanted to find out more with this renovating new artists who recently got signed to a new management but has been in the game industry for a while and is now back, better and ready to show his place in the industry. We had so much fun interviewing Tiye-P and also we asked the questions you our readers have asked and wanted to know.


“EZM”   Where does Tiye-P stand in the hip hop industry?

 “T-P”    Every time I look at me in da mirror, I see me first. That is where I stand in da game first!

“EZM”    What is different with you?

“T-P”   A lot z changed and a lot z still changing about me, I am different from da others because I am me.

“EZM” You used to sing with Macky II before, now you are with another management, what happened?

“T-P” I cannot say anything about me and alpha entertainment or Macky II. I have my own reasons and I have no beef or anything negative to say about Macky II or Alpha entertainment only as an artist it is important to progress and keep moving forward.
“EZM” Who’s leading the industry game?

“T-P” I can’t say someone is leading the game, we are all playing our roll in taking Zed Hip Hop to another level.
“EZM” What are the challenges you have faced as a rapper?

“T-P”    There a lot of challenges that comes with being a rapper and wanting to be an artist in our Zambian culture and society. There have been times where friends and family have given up and left because they thing rapping and music is a waste of time. It is a whole lot to mention but my passion keeps me going.
“EZM” What was your inspiration?

“T-P” I have always loved music and a lot of people have inspired me, both locally and internationally.
“EZM” Where will you be in 3-5 years?

“T-P”   I will be very far. I am working with a new management now and I have done new songs which will start doing promos soon and some are already playing on the radio and soon I will start shooting videos for the songs. I will be as far as I possibly can be and hardworking and progress is what I am all about!
“EZM” Which song is playing on your player now?

 “T-P” Ama chicky song and my swagga, they got everything and they show my diversity.


“EZM” What is Tiye –P’s uniqueness?

“T-P”  I am me, Tiye – P! Like I said, I understand that people will always have something to say about someone but my uniqueness will never stop no matter what they will say.


“EZM” People have been saying that are you are trying to sound like Roxa from Zone Fam?

“T-P” I want to clear it now and for always. I respect and I think Roxa have mad talent in what he does but he and I are totally different talents and artists and NO I am not trying to imitate him.
“EZM” Which artists have impressed you a lot?

“T-P” Afunika, macky2, Slapdee, new kid on da block T-sean and Zone Fam. The list is long.

“EZM” When is your album coming out?

“T.P” I am in the studio working on my mix tape just to give something for my fans and later on start working on my album.
“EZM” Your new songs are out now, what’s different with them?

“T-P” My new songs are different from my old ones and there is a new swag, new feel and definitely also a new Tiye –P on it and everyone who have heard the songs playing will tell you like wise. I have grown as an artist and I have put my growth into music.  Look out for Tiye –P and be the judge.

“EZM” Kopala or Lsk swag?

 “T-P”  I rep Copperbelt because I was born and grew up there but that does not mean that I hate Lusaka.  I got mad love for Lusaka and being with a new management has widened my views and perspectives into working with different artists, song writers producers. Do expect to hear me work with a lot of different people


  “EZM”  Thank you for your interview

   “T-P” Big up to EZM and thank you. Le gooo! Tiye P- The legendary Jr.


ZONE FAM: Shaka Zulu on EM!

ZONE FAM: Shaka Zulu on EM!

This group has just reached another level of Swagg! Zone Fam has been around the industry for a while but it is now that their hard is truly starting to show off and getting credit for it. They started this year and gave us ” Shaka Zulu on em” Ndine chikali” and now “Mbama” to top it all up, they have been nominated for “Best newcomer video” at this years channel O Video Music Awards and EZM Magazine just had to interview and start off the September hip hop Issue with “Ba kali

” We consider ourselves Zambian and African Ambassadors”


“EZM”Which rapper influenced you  guys the most both internationally and nationally.
“ZONE FAM” Internationally one of the most influential Rappers to us is Jay-Z; Locally we inspire each other.
“EZM”What was the hardest to step out in the Zambian Hip Hop Industry?
“ZONE FAM” Well a few years back Hip Hop was not widely excepted but we kept at it and the hard work is finally paying off!
“EZM” Zone Fam first started rapping in English then now you have switched up to Nyanglish, what was the cause for this?
“ZONE FAM” To appeal to a wider market both at home and abroad, we want everyone to have a feel of what we are trying to put across in our music.
“EZM” Hip Hop beef? Is it natural if you are rapper that beef is always there and how do y’all handle the beef.
“ZONE FAM” Beef has been a part of Hip Hop from the inception, but a lot of rappers get it twisted as to what is lyrical beef and what is personal. Rappers should never go the route of making beef personal. Otherwise as a crew we do not condone beefing all the time cause it can be detrimental to an industry still in it’s infancy like the Zambian one.

“We have our differences but our passion for the music and drive to aim for the top keeps us going.”

“EZM” What is Zone Fam’s place in the Hip Hop industry now?
“ZONE FAME”We believe we are leaders of note in the Game that should be taken as an example of where hard work and pure talent can get you. What we plan to do is stay as an ever growing fixture of colossal potential.

EZM” Are you KOPALA or BERG?
“ZONE FAM” Non of the above…we consider ourselves Zambian and African Ambassadors.
“EZM” Are Zambian rappers rich?
“ZONE FAM” Define Rich? Are Zambian Rappers comfortable enough to make a living out of Rap,not yet! Are the Artists getting love and are rich with a healthy fan base…yes!

“EZM” Where is Hip Hop heading to now, according to Zone Fam?
“ZONE FAM” Hip Hop has a bright future in Zambia and as Zone Fam we plan to be active in all facets of Zambian Hip Hop now and in the years to come.
“EZM” How do y’all work together without fighting or without going your separate ways like some other artists HIP HOP groups we know?
“ZONE FAM” We have our differences but our passion for the music and drive to aim for the top keeps us going.
“EZM”What is your message to your fans and listeners?
ZONE FAM” Lookout for our Debut album “The Business (Foreign Exchange) – We shall announce its release date soon.
“EZM” WHERE IS ZONE FAM headed to?
“ZONE FAM” All the way to the Top, Grammys Baby!
“EZM” Who is lyrically running Zambian Hip Hop now apart from ZONE FAM?
“ZONE FAM” There are a lot of Dope Lyricists and Spitters out there, but rule number one in Hip Hop is blow your own horn the loudest and it is safe to say we are the best!
“EZM”Words to the other rappers, fans and AFRICA?
“ZONE FAMLet’s keep the movement growing, African Hip Hop is now getting noticed overseas…so lets show them how it’s done in the Mother-Land.

Vote for Zone Fam and C.R.I.$.I.$

Vote for Zone Fam and C.R.I.$.I.$

Zone Fam and C.R.I.$.I$ aka Mr Swagger have both been nominated for this years2011 Channel O awards.

EZM Magazine congratulates CRISIS and Zone Fam for both their nomination and truly shows that Zambian Music in particular Hip Hop is going to places and Hard work do pay off!

Here is how to vote CRISIS and Zone Fam

Zone Fam is nominated in the category “Best new comer” and here is the link to vote for Zone Fam.

SMS 3E to +27 83 920 8406



Mr Swagger is nominated for Best Southern African Video and here is the link to vote to C.R.I.$.I$

SMS 11D to +27 83 920 8406


Zone Fam Shaka Zulu on em


We loving that Zone Fam is mixing about 3-4 languages in this song.  Shaka Zulu on em, catchy phrase, great video, nice concept. Well coordinated and of course well dressed.

Best punchline “Follow footsteps of African bravehearts, R.I.P Mama Mirriam Makeba”

Shaka Zulu on em for real!